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100% puke7

BotB 2.0

*** This article currently works as a Construct_Manifest!!

Well -- it's been a long time coming!! The goal is to gut and rebuild this web app before Winter Chip 3. ...and good luck to us!??!?!

At present BotB is a very rigid program. BotB is extremely low on modularity and scalability. Most page generation is done inline straight to the browser rather than abstractly in the upper regions of system load. Primarily, both the use of OOP and teh DataBase should be revamped from scratch.

BotB Places { first covering the NAVI menu options ... }

The home page needs an overhaul. Should display recent events such as current compos, recent posts and comments, etc...

ummm... duh...

Stays the same. Still needing, of course, the opening form that allows pplz to set what they want to hear (i.e. remixes or chips, winners only, all, etc.)

--- the actual finite places and their purposes ---

The new forum title/name.

or 'top tens' dunno... a way to search for BotBrs?!?!

To replace the 'arena' showing/making-searchable all compos.

All incoming objects are handled by the depository's forms.

Yer looking at it!! ;D Functions missing -- image uploading and contents outline top-right box with links.

Displays compo resluts.

BotB Objects { very general scaffoldings }

BotBr - This will be a replacement for Playa (which is currently `user` in the DB). This class should be able to be called without loading a record. Loading a record should be by BotBr `id` rather than BotBr `name` and thus all BotBr attributed objects should have their relationships identified as such.

Compo - A competition. Needs definable stages.

Bit - All samples are an example of a Bit. Bits are used in some compos as objects for manipulation in order to create Entries.

Entry - All final submissions to a compo.

Format - A loose definition for an Entry format including filesize limitations.

Extension - File extensions.

Format_2_Extension - Attributing the union of Format(s) to Extention(s).

MP3 - Every audio Bit/Entry shall have it's browser accessible MP3 counterpart if the Bit/Entry is not already an MP3 itself.

Points - Made seprate but attributed to BotBr class.

Other objects such as Posts/Comments will most likely stay the same.

Other Points of BotB Interest

Whulp... not to worried about this just yet....

Not even sure where to start with this. But if BotB attains true flexibility then a BotBr of admin status should be able to build their own type of compo.

Where to Stuff Your BotB 2.0 Ideas
Get them to puke7 so he can add it to the already overwhelming text file of to-do items! =x