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BotB, shorthand for Battle of the Bits, is the site you're on right now. It was created back in 2005 by puke7 as a way to host 25 Samples 48 Hours-Battles and has grown a lot since then. It offers digital art competitions with an RPG feel in the form of battles. Register to become a BotBr, level up, and unlock more features.

To learn more about this site, check out the articles 1 I Registered-Now what and Home Bunk.


Before the site was initially created, blank and puke7 were hosting a compo called "Ann Arbor International Electronic Music Composition Competition" (A2IEmc2) in May 2003. It was held locally in the former 555 spot in the technology center/perf net.

The second compo was 6 months later in November of 2003. Originally planned to be at the 555 newer headquarters in Ypsi, hence the name Ypsi-Arbor International Electronic Music Composition Competition.
Unfortunately, due to a flyering incident invovling Spaghetti the clown, the 555 had to cancel all events.
The YAIEMC2 was moved to the basement of blank's neighbors on third street.

The third Compo was held at the Blind Pig in may of 2004. Again called the A2IEMC2, the current magazine reporter called it the Battle of the Bits. The name stuck. The compo was a huge sucess with 33 entries and over 200 people in attendance.

# To be continued

BotB 1.0

The early days of BotB! Take a look at how the website looked like back in 2005!

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BotB 2.0

A complete rewrite of BotB made in 2009.
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