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  1. Earning Boons
  2. Spending Boons
Boons are the BotB currency system, exchangeable for goods and services from both BotB and its BotBrs.

There are 100 nubs in a boon.
b1 = 100n

Boons can also be notated as:
b741.52 (741 boons and 52 nubs)

Here are the current exchange rates for the boon:
b1 = 532.44 USD
b1 = 683.70 CAD
b1 = 452.65 EUR
b1 = 396.72 GBP
b1 = 58,835 JPY

...except these values are all MADE UP! (although in proportion). You cannot actually exchange boons for real money, unfortunately (if we could, everyone here would probably be millionaires).
However, there is one valid exchange rate: b1 = 19,583 Dingle Biscuits.

Earning Boons

BotB awards boons to BotBrs when their submitted content gets viewed/played/donloaded by other BotBrs. The more a BotBr contributes to BotB, the higher their income will become.

Bonus for Entry donloads/plays/views
BotB pays out royalties for BotBr content every time an Entry is donloaded.

payout = (25 + half of donloader's INF) nubs:
Guest plays = 25n
BotBr with 36 INF donloads = 43n

Bonus for Battle Hostings
See Hostist (class) for more info

Also sometimes BotBrs who are in love with you might give you some boon gifts ;) ;) ;)

Spending Boons

- BULLETINS cost b25 and are displayed on the BotB front page.
- PALETTES cost b10 to create.
- NEW LYCEUM ARTICLES cost b33 to create.
- An AVATAR CHANGE costs the size of the new avatar (in kb) in boons.
- BITS IN DETROIT/ANN ARBOR cost b0 for the first one, +b7 for every subsequent sample (i.e.: 8th bit costs b63, which would mean you spent a total of b245 on submitting 8 bits)
- BEGASTING A COMPO requires a deposit of many boons (b750), but if at least 3 people participate, you will get the deposit back :)
- Bumping a thread (Level 13+) costs your level number of boons.
- You can donate boons to other BotBrs via the link on their profile.

Clans should be able to purchase boons via donations.
However, gain of boons via donations should have a set limit per designated amount of time (every 3 months, 6 months or a year). That way no clan will be able to accumulate more boons due to one member having an excessive amount of real money.
Everyone should have the same opportunities to gain boons!

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