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BoobieSqueezer is a tool to optimize the XM headers for smaller output, as most
XM Savers saves bloated an unneccessary data in these headers
this is a good tool to get the real effective size of an .XM module.

It was mainly coded for small .XM Compo modules, such as 1kb or 4kb compo
tracks, but can be used for larger 32kb tracks as well.

It works pretty much the same way as Impulse Tracker's sample only mode,
where it will strip off the instrument data.

Some people (in fact many IT composers) have complained that this
is cheating, (funny how the IT composers think that when they already have superior built-in compression for IT files).

BoobieSqueezer adheres XM Standards and all outputted modules
will be replayed by a normal XM compatible player, NO external re-player needed.

Why not load an BoobieSqueezed(tm) XM file into Fast Tracker II
and see if it works? You might be amazed!, because it does!



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Quick set up

Boobie Squeezer Download

Version: 1.3a FINAL
Code: Strobe
Updated: 1 July 2007

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Expert tricks

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BoobieSqueezer is teh finished!!!!!!!!

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