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Badges appear on a BotBr's profile page and next to their name on their comments. There are different types of Badges. First, we have status badges, which indicates a certain rank a BotBr has on the site. Second, we have Format Badges, which allow to host OHBs.

Status Badges

Level 17 or higher.

Level 27 or higher.

Better behave when you see these guys!

...really running the show! Admins starve without.

Format Badges

A BotBr's unlocked formats.

Unlocking a Format Badge
When a BotBr has submitted seven or more entries in any given format with a score of 20 or higher, they will unlock a format badge. With it, the BotBr can host an OHB in the format of the badge. BotBrs can only host OHBs in the formats that they have badges of. Mighty BotBrs with seven or more badges in total as well as Admins and Ascended BotBrs can host an OHB with any format regardless of having a badge for the format.
2HBs and 4HBs have different hosting requirements, you can read in detail about it on the subpages or here.

Upgrading Format Badges
Format badges can also be upgraded to bronze, silver, and gold with continued submissions in a format. Bronze badges are earned if a BotBr scores 20 or higher in 28 entries of that format, silver badges are earned if a BotBr scores 20 or higher in 56 entries of that format, and gold badges are earned if a BotBr scores 20 or higher in 98 entries of that format.

Format Completionists

A monument for everyone who completed a format thus far, that they reached the GOLDEN status for the specific badge!
(Badges ordered by format name, BotBr ordered by name!)

- aji
- Baron Knoxburry
- mootbooxle
- OminPigeonMaster
- Sinc-X

- miau
- Strobe
- ui

- goluigi
- kfaraday
- LittleTheremin
- null1024

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