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An aura is a color given to a BotBr based on how they vote on entries. This color is visible on every profile and comment. It also outlines a BotBr's profile image; if the profile image has transparency then the aura color is visible as the background.

How it Works

Aura color is determined by using a points system and a formula. There are three types of points: light points, ack points, and dark points. Light points are given for voting above average, ack points are given for voting around the average, and dark points are given for voting below average. All n00bs start with one of each. Once any of the three types of points reach 512, all aura points are halved and truncated. Multiple Aura points can be earned in a single vote, depending on the spread between the average vote and the BotBr's vote. Voter strength does not influence this spread.

The formula is used to obtain X and Y coordinates in the image on the right; the colors at these coordinates become the user's aura.

The formula is as follows:
scale = 256 / (light_pnts + dark_pnts);
x = light_pnts * scale;
y = (light_pnts + dark_pnts - ack_pnts) * scale;
if (y<1) y = 1;

In addition to colors, you may also see BotBrs with a heart (
) or a skull (
) as their aura. These mean that a BotBr tends to vote further away from the average than most; the heart is for above average and the skull is for below average.

Alternate Auras

Alternate Aura pictures that were never used.

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