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With level 12 and up your Bonus Magic Power enables you to assign categories to Lyceum articles. Take this job serious as it helps the Lyceum from cluttering and easier to maintain.


The following categories exist:

Battle Formats
Article title should have "(format)" at the end and be listed in Format. Use Template: article on format

Battle Types
Articles discussing the matter of OHB and Majors

BotB Help
Articles to help you out on BotB itself. Help pages on composing etcetera should go in the respective tool-article. I made the request for a tutorial category (n00b, 20150310)

BotB Terminology
Articles regaring our lingo

BotBr Classes
Info on the different types of BotBers, see BotBr Classes

Articles on hardware consoles. article title should have '(console)' at the end. Use Template: article on console.

Construct Manifest
Article describing new ideas for BotB, see Construct Manifest

Effects Commands
Articles that list effect command lists for specific tracker ("families"). Article should also be listed in the List of Effects Commands.

File Formats
Article describing secific file formats. Article should try to mention all tools being able to create the file format and could try to mention all the tools being able to play back. Or at least the most common tools. Article title should be the filename extention e.g. '.it' without '(format)'

Helper Tools
Article describing tools that are used making music but are no trackers themselves, like format converters. Use Template: article on tool.

Sound Chips
Article describing a specific sound chip. Article title should have "(sounchip)" at the end.
Consoles having the chip implemented should be listed (and preferrably mention the specific tools in the console article as emulators for tools are most likely based on the console and not directly the chip). Use Template: article on console or Template: article on tool.

This Website
Article discribing things specifically for this website like its history and such.

Articles on trackers; OS to run on should be mentioned in the article. Article title should NOT have '(tracker)' at the end. Use Template: article on tool. Article should also be listed in the List of Trackers.

In the end, no article should be uncategorizde. If you see an article here and can't think of a categorie, it probably can be merged with another article or should be deleted (and tagged 'XXX to be deleted')

XXX to be deleted
The article should be deleted because it is redundant (e.g. there already exists a page with a slighly different name on the same subject or you merged two pages). Until deletion, put a reference to the correct page, so links in referring articles can be updated.

In case a tool/tracker/helper software runs on DOS.

In case a tool/tracker/helper software runs on Linux.

In case a tool/tracker/helper software runs on MacOS.

In case a tool/tracker/helper software runs on Windows. Imho, category should be renamed to Windows as it implies 64-bit windows distributions too (n00b, 20150310)

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- Template: article on format
- BotBr Classes
- Template: article on console
- Construct Manifest
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- Template: article on tool
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