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Ann Arbor (Major Battle series)


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Ann Arbor is a traditional BotB major battle that occured annually until 2010. The rules follow the 25 Samples 48 Hours battle type where entrants must create a song using only the given samples.

Previous Battles

There have been nine Ann Arbor battles so far (though the first three are missing from the site because they were hosted elsewhere):

Ann Arbor IX in 2010
Ann Arbor VIII in 2009
Ann Arbor VII in 2008
Ann Arbor VI in 2007
Ann Arbor V in 2006
Ann Arbor IV in 2005
aaiemcc in May 2004, not on BotB
yaemcc in Nov 2003, not on BotB
aaemcc in May 2002, not on BotB

The first three battles

Ann Arbor started as an experiment. The first compo was in May 2002 called Ann Arbor Int'l Electronic Music Composition Competition and was held in the former 555 spot in the technology center/perf net.

The second compo was over a year later in November of 2003. Originally planned to be at the 555 newer headquarters in Ypsi, hence the name Ypsi-Arbor Int'l Electronic Music Composition Competition.
Unfortunately, due to a flyering incident invovling Spaghetti the clown, the 555 had to cancel all events.
The YAIEMC2 was moved to the basement of blank's neighbors on third street. This is now considered Ann Arbor 2.

The third Compo was held at the Blind Pig in may of 2004. Again called the A2IEMC2, the current magazine reporter called it the Battle of the Bits. The compo was a huge sucess with 33 entries and over 200 people in attendance.

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