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  1. Admin Abilities
  2. List of Admins
An Admin is a BotBr who has shown themselves to care about the community and site's wellbeing, and is therefore trusted with certain additional abilities that can assist in keeping BotB running smoothly.

Admin Abilities

These abilities include:
- Hosting an OHB of any format, regardless of badge progress.
- Tallying votes/closing OHBs when the battle host is unable (or forgets) to do so.
- Replacing MP3 renders for entries.
- Applying and removing Ailments as necessary.
- Moderating comment threads by hiding individual posts, closing threads to further comments, or hiding entire threads.
- Making announcements directly to the BotB IRCBot and Twitter account, which also pings puke7's phone in case of emergency.
- Embedding videos into the top of the BotB homepage (primarily used for synclistens/major battle result streams).
- Being granted Op status in the #botb irc channel and Leftenant status on the BotB discord.

List of Admins

- aclone
- aji
- anewuser
- argarak
- athaudia
- blank
- Chip Champion
- hanna
- Heosphoros
- innominate
- Jangler
- Kulor
- lilly
- miau
- mirageofher
- null1024
- OminPigeonMaster
- puke7 / Baron Knoxburry
- rainwarrior
- Savestate
- setrodox
- Sinc-X
- sleeparrow
- Strobe
- TristEndo
- ui
- Warlord
- xterm
- zabutom

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