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Sometimes, no explanation is worth a thousand words.

Anyway, if you're using BotB these days and/or hanging out at the IRC/discord you might come across random "56"s now and then and you might wonder whats the point with it.
Well, here's a very long and detailed explanation on why we use 56: just because.


There's literally no deeper backstory behind it. It all started when BotBr TrippleP replied to some tweet back in 2016 simply with "56" for no reason. It quickly became an inside joke to answer 56 when you have nothing else to say.
After a while, people started to remix voice samples of kleeder (and a few other BotBrs) saying this number.
The amazing thing though, is how 56 appears in so many ways in everyones lifes. A collection of the most important 56s can be found here

Notable 56s

- BotBr WouterVL turned his profile into 56
- OHB :: The 56k dialup modem sound OHB
- OHB :: midi... but everything is 56
- Entry 56 by TrippleP