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3xThemeChip is a classic BotB battle type where three different themes are chosen out of a pool of suggested themes. These themes can vary—examples include "stage select", "space station", and "intro/title screen". Formats in the battle can also vary, but BotBrs can only submit one entry per theme with a maximum of three entries total.

Battle Stages

Theme-Selection Period
In the first stage of the battle, the BotB community determines the three themes for the entries to be based on. Each BotBr votes for their three personal favorites out of the themes presented; the top three most popular ones are used in the battle.

Entry Period
Once the theme-selection period ends and the three most popular themes are revealed, the entry period begins. During this stage, any registered BotBr may submit up to three entries in any of the allowed formats. The list of allowed formats is visible in the "Info and Rules" section of the battle page. Every track submitted to the battle must be of a different format; one track per theme.

Voting Period
When the entry period ends, entries can be voted on by any registered BotBr. Like all other majors, there are five categories—however, three of them pertain to the three different themes.

After the voting period has ended, the votes are averaged together; entries with a higher score get better placement. The BotBrs who submitted entries that made it into the top three overall or in specific theme categories get trophies for their profile.


What is 3xTheme Chip?
It is a competition with three different themes (hence the name). One of the three must be adhered to in each entry, with no more than one entry per theme and three entries overall.

Can I upload more than three entries?
No, you cannot. This competition allows only three entries in three different formats.

Can I choose just one of the themes?
Of course you can! Remember though, you are restricted to one entry per theme. Multiple entries of the same theme are not permitted.

Do I have to vote for all the themes/songs submitted?
No, but if you only vote on a few tracks as opposed to all of them your votes will be weighted less.

See voter strength for more information.

Previous Battles

3xThemeChip I (2006)
3xThemeChip II (2007)
3xThemeChip III (2007)
3xThemeChip IV (2008)

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