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  1. Entering an 2HB
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2HB, shorthand for Two Hour Battle, is one of the three XHB types available on BotB. 2HBs were added in 2020 together with 4HBs after 15 years of OHB only.

For general information about the different battle stages like entry and voting periods, how to enter the battle and stats, please visit XHB.

Entering an 2HB

The 2HB lasts two hours. All entries should be uploaded before this time expires. If an 2HBist needs more time to upload their entry then they can use the "Submit late" button (or add /Submit to the end of the 2HB URL), but this means that the 2HBist will not be able to claim any points for uploading to that 2HB!! Their entry will also lose one point per minute late on their final score and this could affect their placing so submit early and be on time!!!!

You are not allowed to premake an entry for an 2HB (unless the rules specify otherwise)!


The top three entrants are given gold (
), silver (
), or bronze (
) 2HB trophies that appear on their profile.

How to Host

To host a 2HB, there are three requirements that you must meet:
  • Have at least 1250 boons. (You will get these back if seven or more people participate in your battle.)
  • Have made a bitpack for the battle.
  • Be in the site's IRC/Discord channel.

Depending on your level, there is also an extra badge requirement you must also meet:
  • Users below level 17 need the bronze badge in the format to host it as a 2HB.
  • Mighty BotBrs need the regular format badge in the format.
  • Ascended BotBrs with seven or more format badges and Admins can host a battle in any format, but they also need the deposit boons.

You're able to disable late penalties by paying b500 extra. (You don't get them back and participants still get latist points, so be aware!)

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