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"25 Samples 48 Hours" is a specific battle type on BotB, most notably used in the Detroit and Ann Arbor majors.

Battle Stages

Bit Period
The first stage of the battle. In it, BotBrs can upload samples (referred to as bits) to be used in the battle itself. All submitted samples must be in the public domain, in MP3 format, and also be 500kb or less. After being uploaded, the samples can be voted on by any registered BotBr. Samples can be scored from one (bad) to seven (good). Samples are only eligible to be used in the battle if they receive ten or more votes. After this phase ends, the samples with the highest average score will comprise the battle's bitpack.

Entry Period
When the bit period ends, the bitpack is compiled from the highest-voted samples submitted during the bit period and is made available for download immediately. From that point, BotBrs have 48 hours to compose a song with the samples contained within the bitpack. Outside sounds and samples cannot be used, but extreme levels of manipulation are encouraged.

Once you've created your own song from the samples in the bitpack, you can submit it. Be aware that you are only allowed to submit one entry, so make it count! Your submission must be in MP3 format and be 4.5mb or smaller.
Some additional stipulations to be aware of:
-Covers are not allowed.
-Any submissions with ID3v2 tags will be rejected.
-Any content uploaded to BotB is licensed under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Voting Period
When the entry period ends, the voting period begins. BotBrs can listen to the submitted tracks and vote. Like all other majors, there are five categories which can be rated from one to seven for a total of up to 35.

After the voting period has ended, the votes are averaged together; entries with a higher score get better placement. The BotBrs who submitted entries that made it into the top three overall or in specific categories get trophies for their profile.

Party Time!
Every year, a listening party is held somewhere in Detroit or Ann Arbor in the state of Michigan (depending on the battle, of course). Specific details such as the exact location can be found in the "Info and Rules" section of the battle page.


What is Detroit?
Detroit is a remix-composition competition. You have 48 hours to make a song with the given sample pack (referred to as a bitpack). This sample pack will be available to download when the bit period ends. Then, users can download this pack and create a song with the sounds contained within. After the competition ends and results are announced, a party is held.

What is a "bitpack"?
The bitpack is a pack of sounds and samples used for the creation of songs by battle participants. This pack must be used by everyone; any sounds from outside the bitpack are not allowed.

For more information, see bitpack.

Do I have to upload a sample during the bit period?
No, you don't have to upload anything if you don't want to.

Am I required to vote on every sample?
You don't need to, but the more votes a sample gets, the more of a chance it has to end up in the bitpack. Samples are only eligible to be in the bitpack if they have ten or more votes.

Can I upload more than one sample?

How can I upload a sample?
To upload a sample, you must input the following information:
-A title.
-A short description.
-The sound type (One-shot, loop, or series).
-The sound makeup (Organic, synthetic, hybrid).
-Select up to three sample genres (8-bit, clicks and pops, kicks, sound effects, ambiance, cymbals, mechanical, strings, animals, drums, nature, vehicles, appliances, ethnic, pads, voices, bass, horns, percussion, woodwinds, circuit-bends, keys, snares).

Can I use any extra sounds or samples in my song?
You cannot, but extreme manipulation of the given samples are encouraged.

Can I upload more than one song?
No. Participants can only submit one song.

Do I have to vote on all of the tracks submitted?
No, but if you only vote on a few tracks as opposed to all of them your votes will be weighted less.

See voter strength for more information.

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