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.snd (file)


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Unlike other chiptune Atari ST (console) formats, the SNDH file format contains not only the song data but also its 68000 assembly replay routine, and a header with additional data. For many years it has been the standard on the scene. Because of the file system limitations, Atari ST files have a 3-letters extension (.snd), while modern computers can use the unambiguous .sndh extension. Here is the history
of the format.

Relevance to botb

.snd/.sndh files can be submitted to the
aym (format) competitions.


Because of the nature of the format, trackers can only load their own sndh's. You cannot open with maxYMiser a .snd file saved by MusicMon or converted from another tracker, and vice-versa. So before you start trying to load a .snd to a tracker, make sure it was made by that same tracker. Otherwise the ST will probably crash. Trackers come with example songs, use those to discover.

- maxYMiser (Atari ST/Falcon)
- MusicMon (Atari ST)
- Ttrak (Atari ST)

- AY_emul
- MicroST
- Just Another Musicplayer
(Atari ST/Windows)

- SNDHconv
(Atari ST/TT/Falcon) converts from several ST YM2149 trackers to SNDH standard.

Technical information

Technical information is available from

Other uses of same extension

The .sndh extension is unambiguous, but its 3-letters variant .snd has many other uses, mostly related to sound:

- Amiga IFF/8SVX Sound
- Sun/NeXT/Tandy/Apple
- AKAI MPC-series sample
- Macintosh Resource Fork sound
- Unix audio file

As well as some unrelated uses:

- Heroes of Might & Magic 3 archive
- Sega FILM/CPK file format

See also

AY YM (soundchip)
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aym (format)
.ym (file)
SNDH archive
(nearly 5k tunes from games, demos...)

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