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Winter Chip is a yearly contest held by BotB.

BotBrs are given a selection of chip music formats, and are then given 4 weeks to compose one tune for as many of those formats as they can.
BotBrs can enter into as many catagories as they like, even all of them, but only one tune is permitted per catagory. The possible formats can cover almost anything (even artwork!).

Once the entry period has passed, voting commences. Entries are rated out of 7 for 5 voting catagories by BotBrs. At the end, all of the entries are pitted against each other and resluts come out. The best 3 of each catagory, of each format and the top 3 overall are awarded.

There's also recently been a Summer Chip, which is a similar concept but takes place in the summer.

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