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  1. The Beginning
  2. The October weeks
  3. The SEC Press Release - Nov. 1st, 2020
  4. Fanart and Related Battles
The Vavco Case 2020, also known as "the big Vav Scam", is one of the biggest known boon scams in BotB History. It resulted in over 140000 boons went missing. The person who started it all is known to be Vav. We will now explain all the known details of this case.

The Beginning

It all started when puke7 gave both OPM and Vav over 20000 boons. While OPM went ahead and started hosting a lot of boonloss-OHBs, Vav gave 18k to kleeder instead.
A few weeks later, Vav asked kleeder to give him back the 18k boons because "he had an idea".
Another few days later, the first public thread was posted. It was named "Exciting Boon Investment Opportunity, Get in on the Ground Floor!" (1)

Below is a transcript of the initial thread message (posted on Sep 25):

We BotBrs live in a world filled with uncertainty and doubt, it is of paramount importance to find a solid financial foundation on which to build your future. In the past year BotB has experienced severe XHB market instability, with the introduction of new financial instruments in the form of 2HBs and 4HBs. New taxes have been enacted which have encroached upon unsuspecting BotBrs' nest eggs. Battle commodity speculators have skyrocketed the demand of allgears, creating the so-called "allgear bubble", while other formats are suppressed by shadowy forces in the highest echelons of BotB government and industry. One simple glance at the list of richest BotBrs is enough to show the rampant corruption and nepotism that plagues the entire financial sector. All of these forces combine to make financial navigation of our current situation almost impossible for the average BotBr on Main Street. I hate to see the little guy trodden down by the banksters and fat cats, so I decided it was time to do something about it.

Today I am very excited and proud to announce a new, low-risk, high-yield investment vehicle for growing your boon wealth quickly and safely. My crack team of expert trend forecasters and capital quality evaluators have developed a technology-driven, sustainability-focused resource allocation strategy which has shown very exciting returns over extremely short time horizons. In some cases, our investors have enjoyed yields in the high double digits within a few weeks of initial investiture.

I have recently bolstered my fleet of accountants and our team is now ready to expand into open market operations. There is still only limited room for new accounts during this first wave, so there will only be a short time to take advantage of this once-in-a-generation opportunity. Best of all, there is no minimum investment requirement! You can start an account with a single boon!

Starting your investment very easy! To start an account, simply send me any amount you would like to invest and you will begin to receive returns every Sunday during our weekly payout period.

An investor may get back less than the amount invested. Information on past performance, where given, is not necessarily a guide to future performance. All investments are subject to market risk. In point of fact, the risk for this particular investment is 100%, because this is a Ponzi Scheme. I'm keeping all of it. >:D

Looking forward to our bright futures together!

The last paragraph was written in the smallest text size possible, therefore it was easy to overlook it.
People were excited! They started to invest immediately.
BotBr big lumby said "damn ok take my boons" and sean said "i have also invested my b00ns".
Things got more interesting, when grandpa Strobe joined the boon train and invested a big amount of boons in the first week. "Could be one of the best investments I have made in my entire life. ;)", he said.

The October weeks

After the big start, Vav posted a report every Sunday. It listed all investors with their amount and how much they earned.

Astounding Trading Week, Congrats Investors!! (Oct 4)
This week we saw a bit of overall market lull early on but there has been a lot of big moves in the themed battle markets. We hit a high of 23% on Thursday, then with a small expected retracing we ended up with a very impressive 19.2% closing out the week. Because of recent transparency laws, we must publicly post each investor's deposit and earnings for the week. Congrats to all the big winners this week! We are all gonna make it!

Earnings Ranking for this week:

Strobe - Invested 5000, Earned 5960
Meanings - Invested 3000, Earned 3576
Jakerson - Invested 420.6956, Earned 501.47
ASIKWUSpulse - Invested 10, Earned 11.92
Creenter - Invested 1.26, Earned 1.5

Anyone who wishes to invest any amount of boons for the following fiscal week, please send your deposit to me ASAP. The next payout day is Sunday, October 11th, so only investments made before that date will give a payout for that week. Next week is projected to be another great week, don't miss out on a brighter future!

Another Solid Week! The Boons Are Rolling In! (Oct 11)
I just returned from a beach vacation on the beautiful Gulf of California, so here comes this week's Sunday boon payout for all our investors!

This week we hit a total yield of 10.3 percent, not our best week by far but definitely a huge success by any standard. Our analysts had foreseen this would be a somewhat slow week but our hard-working fact checkers and boon market wizards managed to pull out a huge win anyway! A big thank you to the whole team!

Now, to keep the FTC happy, here is the weekly Earnings Ranking (soon to be millionaires):

Strobe - Invested 12000, Earned 13236
big lumby - Invested 3098.84, Earned 3418.02
mirageofher - Invested 25.35, Earned 27.96

As always, anyone who wishes to invest any amount of boons for the following fiscal week, please send your deposit to me ASAP. The next payout day is Sunday, October 18th, so only investments made before that date will give a payout for that week. Act soon, this boon rocket is headed to the moon!!

An interesting detail that should get mentioned here is that the news report that was meant to be posted on Oct 18 got delayed by a day. This was leading to some people getting worried about a possible scam. Strobe said "R WE TEH SCAMMED......". A day later though, the delayed report was posted.

Sorry for the delay, here is the Sunday payout! Congrats brave investors! (Oct 19)
Sincerest apologies everyone, we had an extensive software update that took longer than was anticipated! The update is complete and we now boast some of the strongest encryption and data security in the world! Thank you for your patience and your hands of steel!

Our speculation activity generated a robust 12.7% yield this fiscal week, and as an apologetic gesture we are issuing a 2% gratuity, bring total payouts to 14.7%. Everyone should now have their payouts as follows according to this week's Earnings Ranking:

Strobe - Invested 20000, Earned 22940
Jakerson - Invested 2000, Earned 2294
sean - Invested 1931, Earned 2214.86
OminPigeonMaster - Invested 1000, Earned 1147
Castlenes - Invested 777.7, Earned 892.02
mirageofher - Invested 46.28, Earned 53.08

As always, anyone who wishes to invest any amount of boons for the following fiscal week, please send your deposit to me ASAP. The next payout day is Sunday, October 25th, so only investments made before that date will give a payout for that week.

Awesome Gains This Week, The Boon Train Is Leaving The Station! (Oct 25)
This week our crack team of trendspotters were able to carve out a few early opportunities for high-yield capital acquisitions after a few tell-tale patterns in the VRC6 battle market! The proof is in our 10.6 percent total yield on the week! Congratulations to all who invested! When items get implemented in 2025, you will be well prepared! Each payout is already in your designated accounts. Here is the weekly Earnings Ranking:

Strobe - Invested 40000, Earned 44240
meanings - Invested 3000, Earned 3318
sean - Invested 2274, Earned 2515.04
maJsty14 - Invested 1111.11, Earned 1228.89
damifortune - Invested 420.69, Earned 465.28
mirageofher - Invested 68.38, Earned 75.63
DevEd - Invested 56, Earned 61.94
Trreck - Invested 31.31, Earned 34.63
Creenter - Invested 1.89, Earned 2.09

Seems like the general BotBr public is becoming more aware of our surefire investment vehicles! Anyone who wishes to invest any amount of boons for the following fiscal week, please send your deposit to me ASAP. The next payout day is Sunday, November 1st, so only investments made before that date will give a payout for that week.

An interesting detail that should get mentioned, is how Strobe invested higher amounts every week. This was leading to him investing 50000 boons for the next week.
Surprisingly, kleeder, who didnt invest anything before, joined the boon train in the last week of October, by investing 59000 boons. Together with Vavcos base capital and some other, smaller investments, Vavs boon amount suddenly was over 140000.
Everyone was waiting for the next big payout...


The SEC Press Release - Nov. 1st, 2020

On Nov 1st, a Press Release (alternative link in webarchive) was posted via the Public Toilet account.

The text reads as follows:
SEC Charges Vavco for 140,000 boon Ponzi Scheme


Washington, D.C., Nov. 1, 2020 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Vav and his investment firm, Vavco, with securities fraud for a 140,000 Ponzi scheme that he perpetrated on advisory clients of his firm. The SEC is seeking emergency relief for investors, including an asset freeze and the appointment of a receiver for the firm.

The SEC was tipped off to Vavco's insolvency on October 27th by an anonymous informant. A sting operation was organized by a joint FBI and SEC task force, which raided both Vavco headquarters and Vav's private residence this morning. In the aftermath, records recovered from the headquarters implicate Vav in a premeditated Ponzi scheme. The purpose of the raid on Vav's residence was two-fold: detain Vav under arrest pending criminal trial and freeze what physical assets could be found in an effort to facilitate emergency relief for Vavco's investors. The raid failed on both accounts. Vav is at large and his whereabouts are currently unknown. A wizardhunt is underway, but no leads have yet emerged. According to regulatory filings, Vavco had more than 140,000 boons under management mere days earlier. It appears that virtually all assets of the advisory business are missing.

The complaint charges the defendants with violations of the anti-fraud provisions of the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. In addition to emergency and interim relief, the SEC seeks a final judgment permanently enjoining the defendants from future violations of the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws and ordering them to pay financial penalties and disgorgement of ill-gotten gains with prejudgment interest.

Although the SEC's investigation is ongoing, there was one preliminary finding of interest in the initial advertisement for the firm's services. We have decided to make this finding public to serve as a warning to all: Read the small print!

Vav lost all the 140000 boons and they are currently kept at the Shell Corporation. How the story continues is unsure, but we all hope for more updates in the next weeks!

The whole case got a lot of attention on BotB and a few battles about it were hosted.

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