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hello I am philosopher, and psychic I dabble into spiritual and want to make art and music the fastest and easiest way, I want to inspire others and to get inspiration.
I like old school games like
for ps1"threads of fate"
ps2"sonic unleashed"
please leave a comment bellow.

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post #112822 :: 2019.07.23 3:45am :: edit 2019.07.23 3:50am
whos this? i ask u this cuz u posted on my profile while i dont even know anything about u!
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post #112825 :: 2019.07.23 4:11am
im new, sorry for forgetting to say, but i thought your profile was cool
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post #113013 :: 2019.07.27 8:21pm
  kleeder liēkd this
Hello, sonegyo! First of all, welcome to BotB! I hope you'll make great music after some time.
In my profile you've asked quite an important question which is comparable to a question about the meaning of life in its complexity. I am too lazy to tackle it in as a philosophical question, instead I'll just tell you one of many possible solutions.
I think first you should understand which musical tool you should use - it defines the sound of particular chiptune format - ask yourself which format you like the most and then grab as many cool tracks on BotB of this format as you want just to see how it's made (if there are sources available)
It'll be better if you start with simpler ones because it'll be easier to reverse-engineer them.
Also you should check out tutorials on this particular music tool and watch stream recordings of musicians making their tracks - ask other people from BotB - they sometimes do this.
Also in general this is very important to listen to much music of different genres - it should help you to develop your musical intuition which in my case is the core and the origin of all my music creativity.
And also - don't get frustrated at first, because it's not an easy thing and skill just becomes better gradually, my first tries were absolutely horrendous.
Good luck in your quest!
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post #113016 :: 2019.07.27 9:03pm
  TrippleP and kleeder hæitd this
thank you, well i already know the music and how it sounds its just really hard to bring it out of my head.

i think ima just give up tho and wait for future technologie to do all the work unless i get shortcut or help.

i really searched and looked at all trackers suggested by site, they all use the same or mostly the same stupid features i can't use :'(

so idk what i am supposed to do now
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post #113048 :: 2019.07.28 5:52pm
  Lincent, mirageofher, TrippleP, argarak and kleeder liēkd this
I can understand this - but let me tell you one thing.
Even if you use a supertechnology for making music and you expect it to do all the work for you - it simply means that this music won't be yours, because there will be nothing from you in it. It'll just be an automatically generated music piece, maybe tailored by a technology for you. Don't you want to make your own music?
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post #113088 :: 2019.07.30 5:11pm
  mirageofher, big lumby, TrippleP, argarak, pandavova and kleeder hæitd this
I do its but there is something I need to figure out 1st, maybe when my brain evolve then I could improve.

I am 18 so my brain isnt fully developed yet so it could be I am missing the component of what I need to fully create sstuff.

i feel like its more than just practicing I believe there is a secret a chemical or thing in the brain.

it might be my depression or ego idk thank you anyway
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post #113104 :: 2019.07.31 3:34am
  big lumby, argarak, TrippleP and ovrthrustr liēkd this
sorry to say, but this is one of the dumbest things i had to read, like ever.
what you're saying is technically nothing else than: well, stop trying to get better at something because how good you're able to be isnt about practicing, experience and patience, but about the basic structure of your brain.

so you say, that
1) if someone at, lets say the age of 40, wanna start making music but has a hard time to create something good at first, he shouldnt try and get better because he'll never be able to
2) if someone wanna take piano lessons as a kid, for example at age 7 and if they dont play perfectly right away, they should stop trying and just wait until they're 25 or so, because their brain is too restricted.

thats stupid bullshit.

just because you're too lazy to fucking learn tools and invest time into practicing music theory or composing in general, it doesnt mean youre not able to do it.
there are, of course, people who can learn things faster than others. just call them "very talented". that doesnt change the fact, that everyone has to learn and practice, and everyone, even the biggest composer, can still get better.
do you really think, everyone on here... or people like mozart and beethoven, were able to compose brilliant symphonys right from the beginning? or that they didnt practice and just waited until their brain developed completely?

thats not true. its just not true, no matter how much you believe it.
dont try to find excuses to justify your own lazyness. i say this, because im doing it myself way too much. i finally tried every format on this website, and there were some of them, which i avoided because i thought "ah nah, they're too complicated, i cant do this, not even when i try" but oh wonder, they're not. its all about practice and the will to learn.

im sure you'd be able to compose great musical pieces someday, if you dont give up and do a lot pf practicing. because thats what everyone did.
there is nothing holding you back from becoming a great composer except your own lazyness!
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post #113183 :: 2019.08.03 8:43am
  mirageofher and argarak liēkd this
doing any creative pursuit is about crapping out dozens of turds, and as time goes on and you learn more things, you can drop shinier and more intricate turds. eventually you become proud of your smelly, shiny turds, and then at some yet later point you maybe get bored of spreading your cheeks to drop turds and you give up.
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post #123864 :: 2020.07.23 1:12am
  mk7 and argarak liēkd this
happy burfday! its been a year now, any new chemicals in your brain, that'll help you with composing? :)
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post #158597 :: 2022.07.23 9:44am
  Lincent liēkd this
i understand what you mean, sonegyo; may well be current mind state and health obstacling creative pursues, and may or not be related to brain and bodily fluids; anyhow, dont push you too hard nor compare you to others: may things get better to you now and then little by little if you keep so in mind; i think sometimes isnt about skills or abilities, but health; mind and body

hope things are better for you about depression; thats one very dangerous, harsh and serious health hazard

*hugs hugs!*
Level 31 Chipist
post #158609 :: 2022.07.23 5:32pm
any updates on those chemicals in your brain?

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