Level 27 Grafxicist   
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short storytelling tree bee tiny flower landscape scenic loud wow computer glitch pixel creature sea monster kreatur 24edo microtonal triangle major chord vgm time signatures loopy drunkore clouds hospitalboycore adventurous detuned dissonant colors beautiful sunset all7 mountain trees happy upbeat guitar reverb mystic well mysterious detune sndh playful cute kefcore vortex tracker PIANO pianocore 20th_century variety_hour meander tension collab spooky vrc6 windy arabic eerie waltz vibrato 0cc blippy thin catcore classical THE LICK catssical dissonance catcore; THE LIC meow jumpy animated Bouncing bouncy morph formatcore dark moody alien synthy BIG lumby christmas festive huge lumby botbcore gominolas percussive calm mellow xm atmospheric cheery pastiche mario jazzy cheerful chill twangy simple triforce mood change LSDJ rock chipstyle energetic ringtone audio 420 funny whistles throat singing odd sunshine sun dandelion multitrack squeaky deep squeak 1bit monochrome dithering crystals rocks roundabout moon space face warm fuzzy hexagon numbermuncherz caterpillar poem epic_caterpillar kfaradaycore 20edo n163 vrc7 experimental story tooty mptm openmpt woody fun negative score chaotic spacey THE SUN pony rexpaint ominous 36edo glorp fireplace verdant scary arpfest sparkly minimalist jaunty oom-pah peaceful lighthearted pixelart c700 c700smc snes meliescore awoo mp3 2a03 fds dramatic seancore duck harmony noise noisy 1-bit bleepy quirky relaxing minimalistic sines hypnotic wobbly bones sheep animal sounds goatcore goat animation ice skating UFO bubbly gameboy abrupt gaps adlib tracker horror hardware render time sig changes baroque counterpoint gift patterns bonkers echo sfx chord core motion blur avant-garde cozy faunatone mallet core off beat contemplative glitchy anime drumcore small minimalism stylish speed change merry-go-round super mario kart inpujcore sawy sawcore sleep snore sound room tarot faceless spc speedcore organ warp ambient oceans Action soundtrack game over music chippy illegal periodic noise egyptian threatening speedy level Industrial 5/4 Time 7/4 Signature noisecore trianglecore firki Medieval adventure Water level sad Tempo change tempochange NES 3/4 Yoshi minecraftcore la noire trending ambient 8 bit beat race melancholic Fm corporatecore businesscore kleedercore briefcase spamcore space shooter epic lazer pew pew strobe laser eye beams cga contrast kermit the frog kermit drugs overdose cheese video game concept art kitchen overtone castle beard seething goggles mates nsf band digiart glowing chords unfinished kixel rpg poke botbrcore fight having fun grass field compete sunnyday group distorted lofi skyline slow beepy savage debussy castle theme wAhOo nes voice apocalyptic sepia high society treehouse sinus thick outlines sine wave 56 animals ansi blob tears crazy covid sneeze groovy sick logo BURGER borgar descriptioncore isometric generated pareidolia squirrel digital painitin colorful ? 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