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post #39449 :: 2014.03.08 4:17pm :: edit 2014.03.08 4:35pm
psc, thanks for contacting me. I am excited about getting practice scoring a game. I would love to do it. But, I am really unreliable. Lately I've had trouble finishing songs and getting good ideas. On top of that, I'm dealing with health problems. I just can't promise I'll be able to get work done.

I can't commit to anything, but I still might like to try. Could I hear more about your project? If you decide you would rather look for help elsewhere, I completely understand. Good luck!

I do have an account on but I never check it. If you want we can talk there, but please let me know here first, since I check BotB regularly.
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post #39481 :: 2014.03.08 7:02pm
I sent a PM on chipmusic for you with more information.

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