Level 24 Chipist   
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...oh (´• Ω •`) (っ˘ω˘ς ) [[[angery]]] 10:08 10:22 11 11/8 11TET 1200bpm 13/8 13TET 15/16 16:15 200hz 21:20 240hz 252bpm 2hu 3 4:20 420 5/4 5/8 666bpm 7/8 7/something 80s ADVANCECOMMUNISM amiga apology Apple II azuracore b bad dc offset banger base64 BattleOfTheBits beatcore BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE major beepbox Best Tracker BiB birbs bitcrush breakcore breaks Bruce bug report C Hip cancore canon in D chill chipstyle color bleed conversioncore corncore cpu killer creepy cute defeatistcore defectmask deflemask demoscene descriptioncore djmaximumcore dnb DOOM dpcm bass dragon dubstep DUH-jent 🐝 🐘 🅱️ 👻 🤔 E for Effort edgy EDM egg story emulationcore FDS fellatiocore final fantasy fitting title fodcore follincore french ftm FUCKING funny fusion G git gud glitch hop goatse goosecore GRAND DAD green text hardcore hax haxpaint hello world henohenomoheji i-e-s idm iiiiiuuuuuhhhhh illegal imported ireland IT'S IT'S NUTSHACK IT'S THE IT'S THE NUTSHAC japan japancore joymask jreddcore jumpscare kefcore keygen kfcore konamicore kooxcore limkincore linkcore long LongArmIsLong longcatislong loud lsdj lyrics m9mcore malmencore meaningscore meme meow meowshack metal metal drums metal! miditrap minimal mml of doom mpt is better mspaint multitoolcore my ass it's nanachicore NEXT LEVEL nice instruction NIPPLE PICKS not metal not waltz noteslidecore NUTSHACK nyan cat ocarina of time OCR oink oink oink OneHourCompas op overclocked ow parody particle fx pc speaker pencil penetration petscii pichun pokemon pokey polyrhythms powerpoint puke screams puns rai raicore rammsteincore raycasting red dick referencecore retro reverb rip tobikomi rip vocal cords roleplaycore rpgcore savestate sax short sidechaining sincxcore sleepy azuracore snesmod snoop dogg sociopathy something sound design sourcecore SPC Echoes Commu speedcore Sping Jocks springv tracksi SQUIRRELS stinkerb06 stock patches stock samples storecore STPRRAICNKGSVI strobecore sunsoft bass techsupportcore telephonecore THE the return titlecore touhou touhou title trance transposecore true arps U uau uncanny valley unfinished USSR vaportrap very good even! vevocore vocaloid vrc7 WAAAGH!!! water weeb wii shop channel Wil D WILD wow wubs WwWwWwWwWw yeah yes it is Yes. ym2151 yourself collab ytp ZUNPETS

Tags Received

:3 ...oh 0CC-FT 1tracker 20hu 2hu 2hu black midi 3 color palettes 3d 4 4:20 420 5b 6581 666bpm 808 90's 90s 999 可愛い アニメ ℋ𝔢𝔩𝔩 うさぎ ​...oh aaand it crashed abrupt ending action actual music actual song adlib adlib tracker 2 adventure adventuring aj aliens almost 420 amazing ambient ambitious Amiga OCS ancient aliens animated animation anime animu ANSI anti-D34D area 51 arpfest arps art asdfghjkl athmosphere atmospheric authorcore awesome 日本語 東方 B babyfacecore ballad banger bass bass drop basscore BASSHUNTER beat beep bell best BEST CHIP EVER bestiality better than ZUN birds birdyful black midi blaze it boipussy bongo bongocore bouncy breadboard breakbeat brostep build up bunny bunny wabbit buzz bzzz c64 calm cameltoe cat catchy change character cheerful chill chip tune chippy chipstyle chirpcore cinematic classic clicky clubby code collection colorful complex concept cool cool sfx cover cowbells crazy creepy cute cutoff cyberwitch d34dcore dance dank dark deep defeatistcore defectmask deflemask demo demoscene demostyle deus ex devsound digiart disco distortion djmaximumcore DKC2 do not steal donkey kong dpcm draw dreamy driving drop drums dry ur cat pls dubstep dungeon 🅱️ 🅱️ot🅱️ E1M2 echoes EDM efx electronic electronica enthusiastic epic error escape escape mii escape room extend0rz famicom fart magic farts FC Fdasjdaf finale Fire emblem fate fjdg flame repelent flee floral flower flowers flowers in pants FM fontcore forest full fun funky funny furry gabba gabber gadgets game game boy girl glitch glitch hop glitchcore glitchy gltron goldeneye good good title goth groovy happy hard drop hardcore hardstyle hast hax heavy hellfont hells bells hertzdevil2010 hi history channel holy flip holy glitch holy shit horny howeven human rabbit hype ink inktober inspiration inspired intermission island theme it jam Japan japanese jingle joymask js jumpstyle kawaii key change kickass kids kit komori koto laststage leady legit hax lewd liccdevil2010 lies life lmao loading lofi logo long longcatislong longcore loopy loud love lullaby magic Mario Paint marisa mashup mega man melancholic mellow meme memes meow meow_of_time methodical metroid mew midi MML moe mood swing moody moon runes musician mysterious mystic n163 nanachicore NES nice font niggas night nintendo no drums no perc no samples not a witch not anime not by strob not happy not PC not sine FM octave bass original charact paintcore pancore panda sucks party pause peaceful people perfect 20 phaser3 piano pigdevilcore pigucore PMD pokemon poor prison progressive psa punchy punishment pwm pxtone quest questing rabbit rave relaxing retro revision when rocking out run sad :( Salamander saltcore scanline sega seizure sfx shakespeare shootthesauce short sid sidsidsid SIDstyle sidwiz sidwizard signature sleepyhead slow smooth sms snes SNES Palette sorcery sound design soundtrack soundtracky space sparkles speedy spring squares stereo sticky stock chords storytelling storytime stranger things strobecore strobelike strong surprise swing synth synths synthy system tasteful tech demo techdemo techno tension thai the lick theme thicc thick thin thing TIA tiatracker title pun toho too long toohew touhou tracker trance travelly trees trending trigger truth turtle twitchy UN Owen was Cry? understated unsettling usa-chan vaporwave variation variety_hour very good even! vgm vic-20 dubstep vic20 victracker video game vignettes vikings vocal mixing voice voice mixing volcano vox wafflecore waffletech wait a minute waltz wearethealiens weeb weed wetcatiswet whaaaa which witch wind winner wirecore witch world Worms wub x files yes You are the ocea you find any? you're welcome ZUNPETS Zxx