Level 24 Chipist   
Tags Given

& KNUCKLES 2 years late 2a03 2a03onsteroids 2a0w0 2a0w03 2hu 2sad4me 2spooky 4:20 5/8 7/4iscool a A new record! ace attorney ACHTUNG: SEIZURE actual music addmusick Adventure AESTHETICS aji's avatarcore ALL THREEZ NIGGA almost 4:20 amazing amen break amine animal crossing anime anime letters animewasamistake Aphex Twin arpfest atmosphere avatarcore avatarsynccore AY-3-8910w0 azuracore BAAAAAAAM BAH! battleofthetrack beleza bestbotbentry better than ZUN BIG BOY birbs Blast Processing bleep bleep Boby Bold boobs bossa bravely default brazil brazil hellyeah brazil love bread breakcore bullshit fallacy c64 c64ish canon in c castlevania castlevania!!! cave story cawfee chill chip switching choo choo chords clap solo clocks cloudcore cmsht codist COMMODORE 64m ta controversial conversioncore cool crappy art credit m9m credits creepy creepypasta cute danmaku of arps dating sim dating start! defectmask descriptioncore detuned diarrhea ditherz djmaximumcore DMG-0w01 doesn'thurtatall doom draw DRUMS dubstep 🤔 E for Effort E L E V A T O R ear rape earrape Earthbound egg story elevator music emojicore emotional END ending Epic erogay EROGE essaycore etrian odyssey fail fake PC-98 fart bass faux pc98 femboy final fantasy first try fitting title flap flap flap f FM FM BELLS fm intermission fm synth 2 when FoDcore FoDpastiche FUCK YES Funk funky gameboy gay gayrogay gayroge Genesis does glitchy goatse goosecore goulartcore GRAND DAD green tea groovy grwin tee GXSCC hackist pts hall reverb haunted house hax hell hello world honky tonk HOOOOOOOOONK how I am god I cried I don't want to I like midi :D I like trains ice climbers ilikemidi:Dcore imperfect 35 inb4zlewstealsit Incredible indeed insinity IQ-core IT'S IT'S NUTSHACK IT'S THE NUTSHAC jayster Jazz jimmycore jizz kawaii kawaii desu keycore kfaradaycore kind of jazzy kk slider l8tist lactation latistcore laughcore lazy left level 25 chipist loma longcatislong longcatistlong LOUD love LSDj lyrics m9mcore make it longer mariokartonlsd marisa marisacore me add no zap megaman x merry christmas METAL midi milky is better milky is waifu mm1 = husbando momcore Mother MY EARS nanobii nice nice bass m8 nicetripm8 no no emoji no it isn't no regrets not art not fm not kfcore not orchestral not pixel not touhou now this is a st nsf2gbs NUTshacc NUTSHACK ocd trigger OH KAH ohh a violin ooh a choir open source openmpt = ghei oppai ORCHESTRAL! pan panflootftw pastiche pc-x801-ish pedipaeianou pelé core penetration perfect phoenix wright pigcore pokemon poorgirl pretty voice que lastima ragequit ragtime razeregg razerek really? ringtone rip tobikomi RPG RPG. trainingost sakura blast savestatesmom short SHOTS FIRED should have won simple sincxcore SINISTRO slap ass slightly touhou sociopathy socjopata spunk stolen content summer chip xii take my teacore th4 4NX13TY thank mr skeltal thanks moot THE the licc the return thesongofppllosi this was good th thx m9m tim follin toby fox tonald drump tongue twister Touhou touhou title train_absence TRAINS FETISH turnabout sister uau use renoise violin visual novel vocaloid watercolor weebshit weee WHAT THE FUCK whats this WHOA CALM DOWN wholesome why wii shop channel windnoise winner winnercore winningcore words world famous worst tracker wow pwm wowza xrns2xm2it2spc yes it is yes they are yoshi's island you did it! Ys Zelda zeldo 1 ZUNpet ZUNPETS

Tags Received

^O^ <3 2hu 3 5B 8-bit 80s actually cool Adventure age of empires anime arps atmospheric azuracore BAH! battle beach bends best sport beverage Bold boss battle bossa nova bossa nova-ish bouncy brasillove bread calm cards catchy cheerful chill choir clouds complex conversioncore cool story bro covery cowboy crazy creative credits cute D danny ELFman dating sim deep dream default win defectmask Deflemask ditherz dominant dramatic dreamy duck easy listening EGA elfi emotional enjoyment entertaining Epic erogay EROGE examinationcore falsetto fantasy faux pc-98 femboy fight on! filters flute FM fm synth 2 when fun fun in sun funky! gallops garvalfcore gay gayrogay gayroge groovy happy happy day harp harpfest hello stream hifi I like midi :D Ian Taylor ilikemidi:Dcore ilikmidi intermission ipanema jazzy jimmycore joltikcore jpop jrpg jungle kawaii Koshirocore leady lenny lonely stroll loud loungy love magic mantrain? me add no zap meander medieval mellow melody meme tilt midi mighty mini boss mml moody moon moving music box mysterious NGAHHH!! Nice nice meme night not cmsht not train openmpt = ghei OPN OPNA orchestral oww pac-man panflute PC-98 pc-x801-ish pc88 PC98 peaceful pedipaeianou pedipanol pedipanol bells pedschepanou Penoise pentatonic pepper perfect 35 Pettanko Phoenix Wright piano PMD pokemon pop poses ragtime relaxing renoise rockhard RPG runescape sega sfx sgen shop theme short should have won simple skyrim smile smooth sms smwrpg SN76489 snesmod soft soundclaudio space spacey speedy spooky SSG stars stereo sticky storycore storytime sugar sunshine sunsoft 5b sus synthy take my touhou tell it again the cutest tl;dr tongue twister Touhou train areolas train_absence traincore trains TRAINS FETISH tsundere tsundere sim uau ugh undertale-esque very vgm visual novel vncore VST Wat water wave-ish wavetables weeb whats this witch wow writing wwo xD xenharmonic xrns2mod2vic xrns2xm2it2spc yaoi YM2203 YM2608 YS zrumpet