Level 18 Mixist   
Tags Given

4 on the floor 666 aah acid action adventurous allgear ambience ambient amen ancient anime arps Ballad banana baroque bass bassline batman battle beats to study r beautiful bendy birds blastbeat blood rave bop boss battle boss fight bravura breakbeat breakcore breakdowns breaks breathing brief brisk brutal buzz calm castle chillwave chomp classical classy clipping club cool night air crunchy crushing crust crusty cute dance dank dark dcm deep deep fried delay delicious dessert detail distortion doo dpcm drifty drums dub dubstep dungeon edgelording edm edutainment eggs emo emotional epic evil expirimental fantasy fast festival filter flag fm bells food frantic fretless bass fungeon synth funky future bass fuzzy gabber kick galloping garbage gay genesis gentle glitch goth grey groove guitar happy hard harsh hawaiian hockey heartwrenching heavy hi fi hoity-toity hoover hybrid idm illegal industrial jacking jizz jungle kamisama kicks landscape legato lofi lonesome long longcatislong longhouse loopy magic marimba matrix meaningful medieval melancholic melancholy microtone midicore militant militaristic mood murder musique concrete nastayy nice night nighttime noise noise snare not dungeonsynth occult oneshot organic pandas pandavovacore penis percussive phasey philip glass photography piano pianocore pink floyd pitchy pizzicato pop portamento power powerful bass pulse phase punchy punishing quake ii rainbow rap rave reggae relaxing relentless resort retrigger REVERB rockin rocking romance Romantic Rubato sad sadness samplecore scary scenecore seinfeldcore series sex sexy short shrill silence silent hill sizzling slam slap slap bass sleep slow snap soaring emotions somber soothing sound design sound fx space spacey speed changes spooky stabby stabs stankin steel drum steeldrum stereo stomp stream swingy syncopation synthwave tasteful tasty tears techno the licc thoughtful thug time signature too short tough trans trap treat trending tribal tricky trumpets trycore tuff tune twee tympani uplifting vaporwave virtuosity visualization voices wah warez warez music water waves weather wet wiener will survive winner worm wow yum