Level 25 Mixist   
Tags Given

1-bit 23% lemon 44kHz © actual music adventure time afx all 7 supernice all7 ambientish anime animecore antimusic bad scan beast beeper BEER black sun braille bug bumblebees bytebeat byterave C64 calm cartoon cat catchy celtic chaotic cheater cheerful clicks clubby as hell colors complex cool creepy elephant cyberfurry cyberspace cyberwitch cyrillic DA dance ambient dark deal with it defectmask demo dendy dendygar descriptioncore dmg dope dragon drawing drone drone bees drum machine dungeon synth пейнт лето ТНЕ E for Effort EBOLA ADVENTURES echo echoes emotional enjoy pls enormous hammer esoteric euphoria evil fakebyte finish this pls fish flutecore fm folk fun funneh furry game boy gameboy gameboy hating girl glitch glitches != win goddess gold gradientcore GRAND DAD guitar hardcore hebrew hello world HET horned god horned helmet hurry hyperlong hypnotic inktober irony japanoid joy kalimba koto krita long long-ass track lsdj lute lyre magnom opaz man that was unf martian masterpiece max speed mbira medieval meditation megalong meideval meme memecore meowcore metal microtonal mighty ANS MIGHTY SHIRU MINIMALISM minimalistic moogbooxle трендинг чип NAI nice entry night no nodrums NOISE nokia 3310 ocean offpitch oh man oh wait oh wow ok not sanskrit pagan pastel colors peaceful perkeland petscii phaser1 pipe powerpoint pro QChan quality drums rain random randomness raw renaissance? resubmitcore retired reverb scary seizure serbia shoegaze SID8580 simple sine sketch smoke space flight spBEEng spectral spooky starshine stroke style sugarcore sumerian chip summer chip xii sunflower sunvox sunvox 1.9.1 suomi superhuman superlong svg sword synthy too anime top quality totally glitched touching transhumanism truevox umbrella vibes video vikings VirtualAns watercolor what WIDE WILD woof roof wrong bees x files xmvox YES zombie zx spectrum ZXGOD

Tags Received

<3 1-bit 2012 3_color 44kHz 80s 8bcore 8bpcore a a long way down abstract accordion Almightybotbrs ambient and now angular animal anvil art artist athmo atmosphere atmospheric avant garde aww backing track baroque bass beach beat beats beautiful Beauty bee beeper beepola better late than BIG Big scary dragon bipolar BIRD black black and white blackened blackmetal blacksmith blackwhite blameitonjorge Bold bonito boss battle bouncy break breakbeat burning buzzy calm catchy cheerful Cheetahmen chill chillwave chipstyle cinematic cities classical click clicky cloak clouds clubby cold contrast contrasts correct crackle crazy crispy cubism cute cyoa dance dark darkwave death by snusnu death note delay demonic demoscene depression minor descriptioncore dicksucking digiart discover distortion dnb doppelganger dragon Dramatic drawing dread dreamcore dreamy driving drone dungeon synth ears die easel eldritch electro emblem epic extention F# minor fairytale faithful faithless fake clavinet fanfare fantasy filter fire first first gradient fish fluid dynamics FM foggy folk forest forest girl format winner freestyle full fun funky fuzzy Gameboy games gay jammin geometry ghost-spring girl glowing gnomes goth GRADIENTCORE graphics groove groovy guitar happy happy gnomes hardbass hardest pans hardstyle hardware render harp haunting heartmagic heat heaven hide holiday hopeful hopeless horror horrorcore hot hunt ice cream illustration inspiration interpretation intro jam Jazzy keygen keys_of_fury klingon krita landscape leady lease of life leaves lemons light liveplay lofi long loopy lowrez LSDJ lsdj-core lullaby LupinIII MAGA magic magician march mario kart 7 masterpiece mellow melodies melody meme powers mike oldfield mirrored moist money island monkey island monsoon season moody moomins moonvox mountain music box mysterious mystic nature noise noisy nostalgic ominous owo painter panflute pants on backwar particle pastel colors peaceful perc periodic noise petscii phas0r1 phaser1 phwoarr pikmin platformer plinky pop-punk power powerpoint presentation profundo progressive punchy qchan rainvox raw real_heroes relaxing reverb rhythmic Robotic rolling rpg rpg-ish russia S T E R E O sad savestate screams Sexy Arps sfx short shorts shrill SICK signature silhouette simple sine slavic power Smaug? smoking snake_battle snow snowy soaring emotions soft somber sound design soundscape space sparks special fx spooky stabby stereo stoic straight jammin street art strings stroll summer sunrise sunshine sunvox surrealism sweep swirly synth synths synthwave synthy take a walk tension the the best the COOLEST theme thick thin tiny toocold tower trap tree trending triumphant trudging uwu vaporwave variety_hour vikings volcano walking waltz warm warriors water wave wavkik weird windy winter world xaservox yellow ZX Spectrum