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I'm a natural born cyborg from a dystopian future. Recently regenerated into marcb0t 3.0, the Sullen Android. Life is rife with sorrow. The future is uncertain, even more, what has come to pass.

Sega Genesis YM2612 is my chip of choice. I do dabble with other chips and music, though.
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post #35960 :: 2014.01.20 7:38pm
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post #35962 :: 2014.01.20 7:52pm
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Hola, Rainwarrior!

Hey, weren't you involved in making the NSF importer using Famitracker?!? It works like a charm!

You are my NES hero! I feel honored to have you as the welcoming comittee. Thank you so much, and I look forward to chippin' it up!
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post #38403 :: 2014.02.26 8:22am
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i like your nerdiness. :D welcome, fellow nerd. we just need to brush you up on your sociopathy and you'll be right as rain around here. ;)
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post #38532 :: 2014.02.26 8:17pm
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wow!! i love this palette :] it feels super "future"
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post #38953 :: 2014.03.02 6:09pm
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Hi guys,

Thanks, b00daw, that's actually quite a compliment. I don't feel like as much of a nerd as I probably could be. I work pretty hard physically at a warehouse, and have to learn how to work with people who are far less amiable than even yourself! ;-)

Plus, I don't have a natural passion or knack for programming, and don't really care for linux. (That's more my little bro's thing).

I do have plenty of nerdy tastes such as a passion for 80's music, chiptunes, hardware accuracy for those, sci-fi fan, Dr. Who watcher, etc. I am also oblivious to many social nuances, so if any part of this post offends you, that's probably why.

Kfaraday, glad you like the palette. It was the first one I liked. I'm glad you think it's futuristic. I just like the bluish, soothing, bright look. Makes it easier for me to see than that horrid sunburnt default scheme.

Now the pink hearts seem a little girly for me, but you know, I don't really care. Just consider it extra HP for whoever reads my messages.

What happened to your other green lady picture? I kind of liked that one. Also, your music rocks! Just had to say that.
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post #38976 :: 2014.03.02 10:17pm
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Does marcb0t only have one hear? You always seem confused on stereo AY entries
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post #39760 :: 2014.03.11 12:22pm
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I'm sorry, you'll have to speak into my right ear so I can hear you. ;-P
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post #39806 :: 2014.03.11 8:33pm
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post #39950 :: 2014.03.13 9:25pm
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Switzerland now
are you traveling around europe or botbs just nuts?
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post #39961 :: 2014.03.14 6:48am :: edit 2014.03.14 6:56pm
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I use onion routing to access this website sometimes because it's blocked in certain locations I go to. I travel around, but only within 2 towns in the United States.

It looks like I'm still in Switzerland today. Time to open up a new bank account! :-P

Check your Soundcloud feedback, by the way.

Everyone, I will be on a musical haitus for awhile while I deal with other things in my life. Too much has been going on for me to focus on "fun stuff". Could be months or longer. I will be unavailable for direct communication like e-mail, chat, collaboration, yadayada.

I will pop in from time to time and respond to messages like these... when there is time, and I'll be listening in when I can.

Take care everyone!

Edit: There, I should be shown as in the USA for the rest of the weekend. Onion routing uses proxy servers from overseas sometimes (my theory at least). So Battle of the Bits thinks I'm across the world. I have such a bad habit of tweaking out systems. :-D I was in France for a little bit today. Aurevoir mes amis!
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post #40732 :: 2014.04.02 7:30am :: edit 2014.04.02 7:38am
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post #41850 :: 2014.04.24 5:18am
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marcb0t is a dancin' fool in his spare time.

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post #42439 :: 2014.05.08 8:43pm
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Wow what's wrong with becoming a pink pony? ;(((((
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post #42440 :: 2014.05.08 10:48pm
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You know, haven't put much thought into it. Seems a bit girly. Are pink ponies cool? I think I need some feedback from Tails and Kafaraday on this one.
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post #42673 :: 2014.05.13 9:19am
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Tails says pink ponies are CUTE (and also cool)
same applies for ponies of other colors
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post #42860 :: 2014.05.16 9:08pm
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Ah, my first video presentation. On behalf of another musician who had a question about FM Drive and how to use it. I hope this helps her and others out:


Hope to do more of these in the future with better quality!
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post #42949 :: 2014.05.18 3:02am
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You should upload Ocean Melody to YouTube as well, it's a really good song and I listen to it quite frequently on the way to college :D/
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post #43899 :: 2014.05.31 10:08pm
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That is cool to hear, and the Video looks great! Thanks again, mang!
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post #48024 :: 2014.09.24 6:29am
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Happy botb burfday, man! Too bad you haven't been active in a long, long while D: Hope everything's okay there!
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post #48026 :: 2014.09.24 7:30am
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post #48028 :: 2014.09.24 10:21am
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happer burfer!
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post #48743 :: 2014.10.15 9:55pm
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Marcb0t, where did you gooooooo??
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post #49455 :: 2014.11.12 10:01pm
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Hello, everyone. Thanks for the sentiments and all. I am alive and well. .... physically at least. Although a bit exhausted at times.

Just dropped by to say hi. How are you guys doing these days?
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post #49477 :: 2014.11.13 7:14pm :: edit 2014.11.13 7:15pm
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WOW marcb0t =o welcome back! I was a bit worried haha
post something on the forum, i think woofleila was worried too
I don't have many news, besides I'm doing a new album (yet another compilation of songs for compos haha) but this one will have a decent album cover a friend's doing for me, I'm just waiting for it so i can release it
i also saw some internet friends irl! it was a cool day, we even have a few vids (this
is one of them (im playing the keyboard!))
i did an english proficiency test and got a good score, i can probably study abroad if i want (i'll try next year, maybe)(i'll probably pick sweden to study at though)
also im letting my beard grow to see how it looks but i dont this one's rly relevant
i dont think there's much more than that, but if i remember i'll just edit this comment
what about you? how have you been in this long while? haha :D
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post #49562 :: 2014.11.16 12:15am :: edit 2014.11.16 12:20am
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Ola Tails,
Como está o meu pequeno amigo desalinhado?
Gee, I hope I'm saying that right. It's not my intent to worry anyone. My life is complicated, shall we say.
I've been working two jobs and lots of overtime. Lately I've been trying to find a better paying job aimed more toward customer service like retail sales for example.
Funny video. Looks like you guys were having a blast. What's "no-shirt dude" playing? It looks like an organ powered by mouth, kind of like a relative to the accordion... sounds like one at least.

I'll tell you one thing, your English is much more understandable than some Americans who post online. Not perfect, but I can read ya just fine. Sweden sounds a bit cold, so definitely grow your fur out if you go there. Brrrrr! It is getting really cold where I'm at too.

Here's a scary scruffy face: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2C16041iMhgd3drRFRTMXo2R3c/edit?usp=docslist_api

I don't let it grow longer than that before shaving. 3 days growth. Mostly work in a warehouse, so no one really cares.

Well, I would someday like to try Skype again. Let me know a good time frame for you and I'll see if I can make that work sometime.

Much love to you, woofleila, and everyone else on the boards... even b00daw! :-P


Edit: Hey, how's college life treatin ya these days?
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post #49585 :: 2014.11.16 4:37pm
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It is, except I'm not entirely sure what you meant by "desalinhado", it probably refers to my beard though
The instrument is called melodica, and it's mine! It is like a 2,5 octave keyboard powered by mouth, and it does sound like accordion, kinda :P
Haha thanks :D my worries are about my speaking though, it's not bad, it's understandable but sometimes I get uhh kinda lost or confused (like I don't remember a word or don't know how to say it properly or something), but it's usually alright
I actually already worked as a tourist attendant here in my city (which is a touristic city - Ilhabela), and I've had my english praised a few times, hehe :P
Hey, you look a little bit like malmen, I think :P at least judging from this
pic of his (I don't think he minds me linking it here haha)
I was letting my beard grow as a "test", I had never let it grow a lot for a long while and I think I look nice with it, but I'm not entirely sure
Well, whenever I'm home I'm online on Skype, so whenever you wish, you can text me :D I'm not available from 4 pm to 0:30 am because of college though (classes aren't THAT long, it's just the college that it 2 cities far from where I live). I'm usually online on facebook during some classes, though. Also, I've been waking up at around 11 AM or something. (Be aware that those times are -2 GMT)
If you have a facebook account, you could try adding me there too :D Sometimes I share some brazilian stuff so you might not understand that, but anyways :P here
's my profile.
You should post something on your collab forum, so Leila knows you're alive (unless you already contacted her somewhere, idk). AFAIK she was worried with your absence too.
And about college, I've had a few homeworks and presentations here and there but they weren't that tiring - however, I'm much much more lazier than I was in first semester haha.
Actually recently I was able to present some stuff without feeling very nervous - I was a little bit, but since I used to be really really nervous at presentations, I'm glad (and kinda surprised) I wasn't at those ones =o
Also, talking about scruffy faces, here
's my latest facebook profile pic
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post #49621 :: 2014.11.17 10:08pm
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Hi Tails,
Oh my gosh! Malmen is my twin, or my doppelganger from a parallel time line... this wouldn't be the first time, now would it?
Double OMG! I work at Burger King as my second part time job! Being a tourist town, it makes sense there would be BK'S there.

You look kind of like my cousin John... well the last time I saw him about 12 years ago or so. And Google translate says that English word "scruffy" is Brazilian for desalinhado. I had my suspicions this would be the trouble word. Even in English, it's not used much.

Melodica, huh? Looks like a cool instrument. I'm seriously thinking of sharing some of my ocarina playing. Mine can play about 1.5 octave. Much more than the Zelda ocarina.

Wow, you seem much more focused and motivated in life than me. Not even 19, and you're bilingual, tourist guide, late night college, plans on going to Sweden. By the way, if you do go there, never refuse a "fika". This is when a Swedish person asks you out to coffee. It is considered an insult to their country. It is a serious sign of disrespect, as silly as it may sound.

With English, as they say, practice makes perfect, right? You'll get it. In terms of nervousness, I reenacted a scene from Hamlet, and my heart was beating pretty hard. The more prepared you are for your presentations, the easier they should become.

I left a little feedback for Miss Leila, so no worry there. It distressed me to hear of you guys worrying about me.

Hope you have a nice day!

See ya around.
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post #49648 :: 2014.11.18 4:36pm
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Even though I live in a touristic city there isn't a BK here haha only a Subway (I don't even like it a lot though)
Ahh scruffy...yeah, even though I know what means I haven't seen it used a ot as well
You should share yr ocarina playing! Maybe record a mp3 of it and send it as a sample to Detroit X, so we can sample it on our songs ^o^ (if it gets to the final bitpack, that is)
Well actually I am not as focused as it looks haha, I'm bilingual mostly because my mom is an english teacher (I don't even remember when and how I began to learn it), being a tourist guide wasn't really a dificcult job it wasn't really demotivating (I was even't even a very good attendant though, my strong points were english fluency and available time), etc etc.. Actually focus and motivation are two words that wouldn't describe me at all haha I'm really distracted and lazy.
Also thanks for the tip haha even though I doubt I'll remember that.
I'm usually well-prepared, but that isn't even the issue actually, idk I just get nervous or something... but it's getting better haha so no worries :3
Hope you have a nice day! Cya :D
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post #50051 :: 2014.11.30 6:59pm
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hi marcb^0^t
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post #50059 :: 2014.12.01 6:08am
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Ola, goluigi. Nice avatar, btw.
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post #50325 :: 2014.12.08 11:43am
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You're nice, marcb0t. I like you! Have a good day.
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post #50376 :: 2014.12.09 5:56am
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Aww, thank you. I love all you guys very much. You have a good day yourself! c:
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post #54395 :: 2015.03.04 8:58am
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I really like how even though you haven't entered a tune in ages you still stick around to chat people up once in a while!
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post #54651 :: 2015.03.09 9:07pm
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Yeah, I really like you guys. And who knows? Perhaps the marcb0t shall one day return.

Now how about sending one of those hugs my way? XD
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post #54858 :: 2015.03.15 12:26am
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how can the future be a dystopia if marcb0t is in it..........
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post #56618 :: 2015.04.28 6:00am :: edit 2015.08.04 4:28pm
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Oh, it's quite complicated, but partly because I came to the past to play. Therefore there is no more marcb0t in the future now since I'm in the past. Without me as supreme ruler in the future, the humans will take back over, and the world will be in ruins again.

This is the simplified version.

EDIT: It begins... RIP marcb0t 2.0... I don't want to gooooo!

Enter marcb0t 3.0... the Sullen Android. -_-
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post #59203 :: 2015.08.12 8:34pm
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helo marcb0t! wow but any world ur in is more likely a utopia than a dystopia tho......... ^o^
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post #59205 :: 2015.08.12 8:42pm :: edit 2015.08.12 8:44pm
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I'm fighting for a utopia for all you guys, but it is hard work, and takes much time. So much so, I have to keep traveling to the past to get more time.

Don't worry, doges will one day be android's best friend.
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post #59235 :: 2015.08.13 8:05pm
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Thanks! I like the new look!
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post #59236 :: 2015.08.13 8:48pm
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Hey! Wish it weren't so. I died and regenerated into this darker incarnation. Some not so happy things happened in life recently. :(
Hugs are still appreciated.
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post #59365 :: 2015.08.19 11:11am
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Hey marcb0t. I am doing well, just busy! I am sorry to hear things aren't going so well for you at present. We should catch up soon! Sending you hugs and positive vibrations.
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post #59393 :: 2015.08.20 2:57pm
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post #60150 :: 2015.09.24 8:13am :: edit 2015.09.24 8:13am
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'tis a b0t-buh burfday!

Happy 2 years and thank you for all the well written comments you've ever made for everyone over the years ^o^
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post #60198 :: 2015.09.25 8:55pm :: edit 2015.09.25 8:56pm
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I'm like, really feeling the love right now. :3
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post #63400 :: 2016.02.15 1:02pm :: edit 2016.02.22 4:30am
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Your efforts worked. Now I'm finally here. Really liking it too. Thanks!!!

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post #72911 :: 2016.09.24 10:20am
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H-h-h-happy burfday
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post #72918 :: 2016.09.24 2:25pm
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Happy Birthday!
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post #72921 :: 2016.09.24 6:45pm
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woah hey, happy burfday!
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post #76202 :: 2017.01.05 4:49am
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Heeyy there budddy!! Go figure I'm finally here and you are on a botb hiatus XD

Oh well see you on teh soundclouds... lol.
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post #83462 :: 2017.05.05 11:34pm
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Welcome back!
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post #83472 :: 2017.05.06 9:34am
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Hello, my special little friends... in more ways than one. ;D

Yes, I have returned briefly to this time. But it may be short lived.

I'm headed to Yellowstone for vacation now. Luv you, bye! <3
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post #83500 :: 2017.05.07 2:15am
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huh cool!
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post #88567 :: 2017.07.29 2:13pm :: edit 2017.07.29 2:14pm
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Hey marcb0t, I really liked what you had to say in your post here. Reading through this page it really looks like you've got a positive flow of energy in your life. Too bad the future will end up a dystopia without you. They will have to figure it out on their own, I guess. Maybe the future people are better equipped than the past people, though, so maybe you should stick around here in the past... that is, unless we are the future people.

What you said in that post really struck a chord with me. I am a music major at a community college, pretty close to my first two AA degrees in music performance and jazz studies. I hadn't been playing music for about 10 years since after high school, and it wasn't until 2015 when I finally decided to go all in and bought myself a clarinet, having never played it before. I was playing trombone in jazz band that semester, since that had been my instrument in high school, but I had always wanted learn clarinet, saxophone, and flute. I own all three now. So far I own a tenor and a soprano sax for my saxophone category, hope to one day own an alto and bari as well, although not too motivated to purchase a bari, even at the cheap prices. Not really much storage where I'm living right now. I plan to continue to earn my bachelors degrees in Music Performance, Education, and possible Jazz studies if I decide to triple major. No rest for the miscreants.

I am planning on buying an AKAI EWI(Electronic Wind Instrument) this upcoming semester, however, and my music production should skyrocket from there. I am learning all of the ins and outs of music production at the moment, starting with trackers, and I've sort of fallen in love with the amiga trackers Protracker 2.3d and the final AHX. For my Linux desktop I have Milkytracker for my more advanced samples and tracking methods, plus a lot of .mod files aren't classic amiga compatible. For MIDI and sequencing I am using Rosegarden for the moment, and of course for raw audio there is audacity.

Again, I really like what you said. I've noticed a lot of people will spend a ton of time in the practice room, and the ones that really shine are the ones who also go out and perform in front of people. There really is nothing to lose. When people say 'practice' I think they are forgetting that there are different forms of practice. There is dedicated practice, where you lock yourself in a woodshed and work out everything that sounds bad until it doesn't, exercising your techniques such as long tones, scales, arpeggios, etc, and general experimenting, but there are also the other forms of passive practice and performance. We need to practice going up on a stage--no matter how small or large--and simply giving it our all. It's like in DBZ we need to get stronger and do our best. If we're not strong enough, we'll get stronger. It's really simple. Not easy, just simple. :)

Also, don't worry about the Linux stuff and other programming abilities. There are those of us who will do that stuff so you don't have to. Just be yourself. I'm sorry to hear that you had gone through a rough patch in your life. I know how it goes. I was completely homeless from about 2010-2014, staying in shelters and couch surfing, sometimes sleeping outside on the ground. It will get better, and if you work as hard as you can, it will be okay.

Just remember how much your post inspires people and allow it to inspire you.
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post #90743 :: 2017.09.24 3:05am
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wow, 4 years already =o happy botb burfday! wanted to write a bit more but i just woke so i'm lazy :p but feel free to hit me up whenever! cheers!
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post #90744 :: 2017.09.24 5:27am
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Happy burfday marcb0t !!!! ^___^
4 years... woah
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post #90745 :: 2017.09.24 7:51am
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post #90750 :: 2017.09.24 1:08pm
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post #103550 :: 2018.08.29 4:53am :: edit 2018.08.29 4:53am
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It just means you're musically in sync, love it 👍
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post #104036 :: 2018.09.24 7:18am :: edit 2018.12.26 6:59pm
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Hey, bud! Happy burfday! Hope we can make more stuff together. I'm praying for your safety and happiness. Keep it going!
Edit: 3 months later, I noticed the typo. :P
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post #104037 :: 2018.09.24 11:25am
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Happy burfday, brother Marcus! :D
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post #104038 :: 2018.09.24 11:30am
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Brufs to you Marc!
Level 26 Chipist
post #104044 :: 2018.09.24 5:44pm
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happy burf dude! miss u
Level 0 n00b
post #107193 :: 2019.02.05 5:59pm
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Hi! I like your chiptunes.
Thank you!
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post #114437 :: 2019.09.24 12:13am
happy botburfday bruuh!
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post #114438 :: 2019.09.24 7:26am
Happy burfday!
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post #114439 :: 2019.09.24 7:57am
Happy burfday, brother! :D

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