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^-^ ^o^ _ -w- ;-; :( :()-|-< :) :/ :3 :D :ok_hand: :thonk: ? ._. ... .mp2 ''wildchip'' (͜ ͡ [[[angery]]] *Panicat dance* & KNUCKLES >:( >:) >:D >:V( )E >41 <3 "arpfest&qu "dance" "waltz" #notify ++VITALITY =) ~ ~w~ 0:56 00s 0cc 1 channel 1 MINUTE 1-1 1-bit 1:42 10/8 100 100bpm 11 11/6 11/8 111hZ 12/8 126c 12k 13/4 13/8 13TET 14 14/4 15/8 16/35 16k 17/16 19/8 194 19tet 1bit 1bitstyle 1ch 1channel 1pattern 1tracker 2 2-color 20s 22tet 23/16 24k that's a lot 25/16 25/8 25hz 2a03 2A03+VRC6 2ch 2chan 2channel 2channels 2d 2in1 2songsin1 2xSID 3 3/4 300 30s 36tet 37ad6afsadf87a6s 3d 3d model 3in1 3xosc 4 4:20 4:21 40 / 7 40 / 7 = 5 404 420 43/8 45 46 4ch 4channel 4in1 4op 5 5/4 50% furry 50hz 50s 56 56-- 56th entry 56th gold 5B 5min entry 6 6 on 5 6/4 6/8 60s 64k module 6581 666 6in1 6k 7/4 7/8 7/something 70s 8 8======D 8==D 808 80s 8580 8bit 8bit poop crap 8k 8k module 90s a a long way down a lot of a song ℋ𝔢𝔩𝔩 ö °_° AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ABRUPT ENDING abstract acapella accident accordion accurate accurate name ace attorney ACHTUNG: SEIZURE acid acid bass acoustic action action movie actual beat actual byte actual bytebeat actual draw actual game actual music actual song ACTUAL WINNER actually catchy actually clever actually good ad add more tags AddmusicK adlib tracker 2 ADVANCECOMMUNISM adventure adventurecore adventurous aesthetic afrikaan-chicago afrikza aggressive agk air airhorn airplane airship aj alarm alarming album cover alert alerts algorithmic alien aliens all all chipists all gold ALL THREEZ NIGGA all7 allgear allgoldz alllstar allround almost almost gold almost the lick alone ALOTOFCRINGE also yes alternative rock amazing amazing chickens AMAZING PLOTTWIS ambiance ambience ambient ambient noise ameliacore amen amen break america amiga AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA amigacore amigamod amigastyle amphibian ancient AND NOW THE SOLO anger angery angry animal animals animated animated(?) animation anime anime letter anime letters ankh announcement ansi answer anteater anthem anti-argarakcore anticipationcore antigalgoxcore antimidoricore antiracismcore ants anything apocalyptic apology applause apple april fools arabia arabic arcade archive arctic argarakcore argarakcore 2.0 argarakmerch arp arp free arpfest arps arpstyle arpsy arrow art article artistic artwork ascii ascii art asdfghjkl aseprite asia asiago asmr ass assembly assembly line astract asyncio atari ataricore ataristyle atascii athmo athmosphere athmospheric atmoshperic atmospheric atom atonal atonic atrobecore ATTACK OF attempt attention audio novel austria autismcore autotune autumn avant garde avatar avatarcore avocado awake awesome aww azuracore azurcore b b minor b00nsaver babacore baby babycore babyface babyfacecore bach bad bad quality BADASS badge progress badge! ^o^ badhabitscore BAG baggagecore bagpipes bah BAH! BAHcore bait ball ballad bambootracker banana bananas band bang banger banjo banjo kazooie banjokazooie banned banner bar barbie girl bark bark bark barkin baroque based kefie basic basketball bass bass drop bass kick bass sample bassboost basscore bassdrop bassgroove BASSHUNTER bassline bassy battl eofth battle battle boss battle music battle theme BATTLEOFTHEBODS bbsong bday beach beam bear beard beardcore beat beat beginning beatbox beatcore beatiful beats beautiful bed bedtimecore BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE beecore beeeeep beep beep beep beepbox beepbox.co beepcore beeper beeperstyle beepola beepy bees beethoven beginner beginner style beginning bell bellcore bells benis bent beppy best entry best title bestiality beststrobesong better than 404 better than zun BiB BIG big bang big ben big boy big eyes big fish big nose big show billie jean binary biohazard biomech 3 bippy birb birbs bird birds birthday biss battle bitcrush bits black and white black midi blackwhite blah BLAME CANADA bland blank blast blaze it blblllblblblbbl bleep bleep bloop bleepmancer bleeps bleepy blender blenderings blind blinky blip blipp blippy blob blobcore blocks blood blossom blow blow up blue blues blues rock bluesy bluge blur blurry bmp boat boing bomb boners bones bongo bongo drop bongocore bongos bonus game bonus game theme bonus room bonus stage bonusgame BOOBS BOOM boon saver booncore boonsave boonsaver booty boring boss battle boss fight boss theme bossa bossa nova botb botb icon botb icons botb remake botbcore botbmas botbr botbrcore botbrs bottle bottom bouncing bouncy bowser box box art boxes brain brain power brass bread break breakbeat breakcore breakdown breakfast breaks breals breath breeze bridge brie bright british broken broken keys bronze bronze again bruh brush bubble bobble bubbles bug build up build-up builder buildup bummer burfday burning burp burps bus business Business. busted busy butt buttcore button buzz buzzstep buzzy bytebeat bZZZzzzz c C D E F A# C Eb Gb Bb c hip c64 cactus cafe cake cakewalk calendar call and respons callie calm caln camembert campfire campistcore can canada cancore candle canon in c caps caps title capstitle car car chase card carefree carillon Carnival cars cartoon cash cashcore casio Casio LK-6 casiocore castle castle theme castlevania casual cat cat chords catch catchoir catchy catcore caterpillar catgirl catholic cats catsndogs cave cave story celebration cello celtic chair chamber music change changes channel f channelf channelf+ chaos chaos machine chaotic chase chatchy chattering cheat code cheater cheddar cheeki breeki cheerful cheersfuckface cheese cheesy cheesy listening cherry chess chest chichard d fames chicken chickencore chickens children. chill Chillin chilling chills chillwave chimes china chinese chip chip classic chip strings chip switching CHIPCORE chippy chiprock chips chipstyle chipstyleclassic chirpy chocolate choir choircore chord chords chordspam chorus christamas christmas christmas tree chromatic chromaticism chrome church church music cinereus circle circles circus circuscore city clap clap clap claps clarinet classic classic djmax classical clean clever click clickcore clicker clickety clicking clicks clicky cliff clipping clock clop clop cloud clouds cloudy clown clowncore clowns club clubby cnare coast cobweb cocaine COCK cocks cod codacore code coffee coin cola cold cold summer Colecovision collab collage collection color choice color choices colorcore colorful colors come on and comfy comic comic sans ms commercial commodore commodorecore compilation composer compressedcore compressorcore computer computercore concept concept art conference confusing connection console consoles contrapuntal contrasts controller controllers conversation conversioncore convo cooking cooking show cool cool breeze cool but cool dog cool percs cool shirt cool story cool_story_bro coolest beeper copypaste copypastecore core corn corncore corporate corpse correct format countermelody cove cover cow cowbell cowboy cpu killer CRAAASH BAAASH crackle cracks cracktro crash crazy crazy bus creature credit music credits creep creeps creepy creepy. mystic creepypasta crisp crispy crocodile cross crow crowd crunch crunchy crunchychips cry crystal css ctf cube cubes Cuica-core cup curse cursed curved cut cute cutecore cutoff cuts cutscene cyber cyborg cymbals cyriak d d&b d# minor d34d da pe dab dad damit Sie fundie damn dance danger dank dark dark funk darkness darl dass wir die Vor dat bass date dating david wise davidwise dawn dead deafcore death debussy deep deep bass deep ocean deer defeatistcore defectmask definitely definition Deflemask deflemask mobile deflemasochism delay deleted deltarune demo demoscene demostyle dentistcore departure depressing der auf dem Deck derp derpy descending descriptioncore desert desert theme design dessert destroy destruction detailed details detective detroit detune detuned devedcore devil devsound dhgcore diagram diatonic af dice DICKS die zu der Zeit digeridoo ding dinglecore dippycore dirty disappointment disaster disco disorientation dissonance dissonant distorted distortion disturbing dither diy djdonk djmaximum djmaximumcore djmaxymiser DK dkc dkc2 dkc2 samples dkccore dkr DnB dog dog speed dogcore doggo dogs dolphin dolphincore dong donk donkcore donkey kong donkey kong drum doo doo doo doobedoo doodle DOOM dooooo door doot dope double konami downbeat downloading downtempo dpcm dpcm bass dpcm echoes dpcmcore dr. mario dragon dragoncore drama dramatic draw drawing dream dreamcore dreaming dreams dreamy dreamy glitchy drinking drive driving drone drooooo drop drowning drugs drum drum arps drum kit drum loop drum set drumcore drumkit drums drumset drunk drunk mario drunkcore drunkore dry dry out dub dubmood dubmoodcore dubstep dubstop duck DUCKcore ducks dudududududududu DUH-jent dum dumdumdum dunegon dungeon dungeon synth duty dutycore dvd dvd audio player DVD HOME THEATER DVD PLAYER dvdplayer dying 🐸 🅱️ 🤘 🤔 🥪 🌈 e E for Effort E? ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ e60 earrape ears earth earthbound easy listening easy win lol eating ebits echo ECHOecho echoes edgy EDM eeeee eerie effect messages effectcore effects effort egg egg story egypt egyptian einen Wasserhahn electric electrical electro electro swing electronic electronical elevator elevator music elwood ementaler eminem emoji emotes emotional empowering empty ending ending theme endingcore enemies enemy energetic energy engine entertaining epiano epic epic adventurous eq error error message escalation escape escape mii escape room ethnic Euro House eurobeat eurodance eurodonk evening evil evolving exciting EXECUTION exhausted exhausting existentialcrisi expansioncore experimental explosion extended chords extension extensioncore extra eye eyecore eyes f F A T F FF FFF FFFF ha f-zero face faces factory fade in fading fail failcore failure faithless fake sid fakebit fakeout FakeSID fall famicom famitracker fan fanfare fantasy farming fart fartbass fartcore farts fast fast tracker faster fat bass fax faxcore fds fdscore fear feed feelingscore FEET festival feta FICK JA field_recording fight fight theme files filter filter sweep filtercore filters final final battle final boss final fantasy final fight final form final stage final world finale finetuning fire fire field fireflies first first entry first nsf first song fish fishman fishs fitting title five songs fjdg FL fl studio flag flames flee flicker flickers fliter float flood flower FLOWER POWER flowercore flowers flowey fluidcore flute flutecore flutter fly flying fm fm bass fm bells fodcore folk follincore food footwork forest forest girl formidable fortress francais freestyle freeze freezer french fresh fretless friend friendly friends friendshipcore frog frogcore froggit froggy frogs frosty frozen fruit fruits fspeed ft ftm ftm2gbmc fuck off elitist fuck vcv fuck yeah fuck youtube fuckcore fucking baby FUCKING GOOD FUCKING GREAT full full nut fun funfair funk funky funny furby furry furrycore fusion future future funk futuristic G g00fcore gabber galactic galaxy galgoxcore game game over game over music gameboy gaming gangnam style gangster garage garfield garten garvalfcore gary wilson gay gb gba generated generative generic genesis genre shifts gentle gentlemen german get out ghandi ghetto ghost ghosts giant gift giggle GIMMEABOON giraffe girl girls gitl glass glitch glitch hop glitchcore glitched file glitches glitches != win glitchy glitvhy gloomy glorious glow glowing gltron goat GOATcore goatse goattracker goblin god goggle gogglecore goggles GOLD AGAIN golden goldeneye goldfinger gong good Good day! good entry good famitracker GOOD IDEA good music good music lol good title goodbye left ear goose goosecore goovy gotta go fast gouda goulartcore GP5 gradient graffiti grammophon grand dad graph grass grave graveyard grayscale greasy great GREAT 2 great design great entry great idea green green hair green hearts green metal green tea green/blue greencore grey greyscale greyscales griffin groove GrooveStep groovy growing growl grumpy guitar guitar riff guitars gun gunshot gunshots guscore guy gypsy h hacks hall of fame halloween hamburguesas hand hand drawn handwritten hannacore happy happy birthday happy hardcore happy people happy sun happycore hard hard drop hard game hard panning hard rock hardbass hardcore hardpan hardpanning hardpans hardstyle hardware hardware render harmonica harmonies harp harpsichord harry potter hast haste hatecore haunted haunting havarti have a tag panda hax head headache heart heart beats heart eyes heartbeat heartmagic hearts heartwarming heat heaven heavy hedgehog helicopter hell hell yeah hello world hemiolas heroic hey hey jude hey whatsup HI hi kleeder hiccup hick up hickup hide hifi high high freq high noise high notes high quality highlights hihat hihatcore him? hip hop hiphop hit hit single hmmmm ho ho ho hole holiday holidays holy holy its lon holy shit homecoming homework-- homm hommcore HONK hores horn hornet horns horrifying horror horse hospitalboycore hospitalcore hot hot dog hot fire house house theme how html htmlcore huby HUGE MISTAKE hummer hunt hurry hurry up hut hybrid hype hyper hyperactive hypnotizing hysterical hyuuuuooo! i IV i like to ice icon iconcore icons icy idk idk tbh idm if you dont use ihatethis illegal illusion IMAGINE imitative art imperial impossible impressionist impressive impro improv improvisation impulse tracker in incomplete industrial infinity inktober innocent insane insomnia inspirational instant classic instrumentation instrumentcore intense interactive interesting intergalactic intermission interview intro intro music introcore introduction Intruder Alarm ipicore irish ironic ironycore is it from kfc is this chiptune is very game island island theme isle isometric it it2fss it2nsf it2panda italo disco ITS A LIE Jackals jail jajajajajajajaja jakersoncore jam jam session Jangler japanese jar jawharp jazz jazzmetal jazzy jazzz jcore jeep jeopardy JESUS jingle jingle. tune jingles joke journey joy joymask jpegcore jpop jrpg jumanji jump jump & run jump jump jump JUMP SCARE jump scares jumpnrun jumps jumpscare jumpy jungle JUST DO IT just music kaizo kangaroo kawaii kazoo kefcore keffcore key key change keyboard keygen keys kfc kfcore kgbcore kick kickcore kicks kill me KILLER killer gameboy kind of jazzy kirby kit kixel kleeder kleedercore kleenex Kletuscore klinkore Kmart Keffie knaecketraecker knife knights knobs knockerboys ko0xcore koala koala bear koala beat koalas konamicore korean korg-ds10+ labyrinth lake lal lament landscape laser laser drop laser gun lasers last last minute last place lastplacecore late late ;-; late night late night vibes latist uwu laugh laughing laughs lava layers lazer lazy lead leady leadym drop leafless leaves left justified leftchannelcore lemon letter letters level level select lewd lgpt life advice light light effects light jazz lighthouse lightning lights limburger lime-green limitations limited lines lion literally literally chip little liveplay lmms loading lobster lobstercore lofi lofi chip logo LOL lol funny lol² lonely lonely stroll long long note longcatislong longmapislong longtitleislong loooong loooooooooooong loop loops loopy loose loosing lost lostlifecore LOTR loud loud bass lounge lovely low effort low rez low_rez lowpass LSD lsdcore lsdj lucky number ludniver lullaby lyrics made in deflemas madness magic magical magma magnetic enemies mail maintheme male genitalia malmencore man manga mania mann manual map march marimbacore mario mario galaxy mario kart mario kartcore mario land mario paint mario pants mario pastiche mario sfx mario world mario64 mariocore marioland mariopain mariopaint mash mashup master level math rock mathcore maths maze meat factory mechanical medieval rock medley meeting mega mega drive mega man megalovania megaman megamancore melacholic melancholic melancholy mellotron mellow mellowncholic melodic melodica melodies melody meme meme blur memes memories men menace mental menu music menu theme meow meow meow merchant MERRY CHRISTMAS message messages messy metal mexican mic microntonal microsoft microtonal mid MIDI midi entry midicore midnight midoricore mii mike oldfield milkytracker minecraft minecraftcore mini donkey miniboss minigame minimal minimalistic minimalstic minimize minmal mischievous missedthetheme mixing mmc5 mml mml of doom mobile mod mod2vic modemcore modern modular modulation module remix mom mom's spaghetti momcore money monkey monkeyball monkeys mono monochrome monster monument moo mood change mood swing moodchange moodswitch moody moon moonlight moose more than 40 :( morning mosquitocore motivating motivation motivational mountain mountains mouse move it movement movie moving moving text mozzarella mp3 MP3 ANYWAYS MP3 AT ALL COSTS mp32mid mpt mpt is better mr krabs mspaint mt-32 muddy muffled multichip multisong multitrack munch.py munster musescore musetracker museum mushroom mushrooms music music box music theory music video musicmon mutant bass muted channels mysterioud mysterious mystery mystic mystiic mystoc n00b n00bcore n106 n163 namecore nanoloop national nature nds necromancer negative neither neon NES nes 2A03 nes palette nes pixel neurofunk new age new format pls news newspaper NEXT LEVEL nibru nice nice background nice bass nice colors NICE! night night life night time nightcore nightmare nihilism nihilsm ninja nintendo nintendo ds niosy NitroTracker no no arps no B-A-D-G-E No bad NO DONT DO IT no expansions no format no hardpans no lead no medal no more? no name no percs no pixelart no pizza no seq no signal no tags no u no votes NoDPCM noise noisecore noises noisse noisy noisy snare nokia 3310 nokiacore none nostalgia nostalgic not a chip not a collab not a game not a nsf not a sqaure not actual music not animated not anime not bad not boring not centered not cheese dance not chip not dirty :) NOT disqualified not dungeonsynth not epic not funk not generic not green not happy not keygen NOT kleedercore not læit NOT LOOPY not metal not microtonal NOT pandavovacor not pixelart not sad not silly at all not sincxcore not so forest not square not terrible not that bad not waltz not wildchip notablackmid note notes nothing notification nsf nsf 2A03 nsf+ nsfc nsfclassic nsfw nudist null null1024 nullcore nya nyan nyan cat o look a present O.o OBJECTION oblique oc ocarina of time ocean octave bass octopus odd odd time odyssey OEWW of of my swamp offbeat Oft haben Hausbe oh oh no! ohb ohbcore ohc ohh OK ok_hand okay okay! old old game old movie oldie oldschool omg ominous one channel one note one pattern one sample oneshot onion only entry only good oof oooooooooo oops opening opening theme OpenMPT opl3 oplcore opmcore optimistic opus orange orb orch hit orch hits orchestra orchestra hit orchestral orchhitcore organ organic organs oriental ost ostinato ouch outrun outside overclocked overcocked overcooked overdrive overload overtone overworld OW owl owo owwwwwwwwwwWWWWW النبوة pacman pad pads pain paint.net paintcore painting palm pan flute panda pandatracker pandavovacore pandavovacore+ panic panning pannings panslide panslides pants pantscore paper paper mario papyrus papyrus Lol parcours parmesan parody particle particle fx party party beat pastiche pathetic pattern pattern jumping patterns pause pauses paws pc engine pc speaker PCE pcm pcspeakercore pd peaceful pecorino pedipaeianou pee pen penalty penaltycore penguin penis peniscore pentatonic pepperoni perc percs percussiion percussion percussioncore percussions percussive perfect perfect 20 perfect 25 perfect 30 perfect 35 perfect 5 perfect! pericynthion periodic noise person persons perspective pet petetcore petrushka petscii pew pharmacycore phaser 1 phaser1 phone call phone recording phonecore photo photo series photograph photography photomash photos phrygian piano piano solo pianochords pie pie graph pig pigcore pigeon pigs pikachu pikmin ping pong pingpong pink pink floyd pipes piranha pirates pitch bend pitch slides pitfall pixel pixel logo pixelart pixelated pixelcore pixels pixitracker pizza PIZZA <3 pizzicato pizzicatos place plain text planet planetdestroyer planets platformer playful playing plaza please clap; pling plong plop plucks plumber pog poison pokémon pokemon police polka polkka polyrhythm pong poop poopcore poopcrapcore poopy poor pop popcorn pops porn portait portamento portamentocore portamentos portrait post potato potions power power point power rangers powerful pppcore pppcore!!!!!!!!! PRAISE PRANK praying present presents Press the butt pretty pringles prison professor prog progression progressive projector psy psychadelic psychedelic psychic psycho psytrance puke puke7 pulse pumpkin pumpulicore pun punch punching punchy punk puppy purple purple motion put puzzle pwm pxtone pyramid pyramids pytha python qchan quack quackcore quark quest question quickie quiet quonk r rabbit race racer racing racing game rad radio rage ragecore ragtime rai rail shooter rain rain sfx rainbow rainbow factory rainbow road rainbows rainy random random notes random ohb rap rape raphaggotCORE rapping rar rare rave rawr raycasting reading readme reagge real bytebeat REAL TIA realistic realitycore reason recording recursion recursivecore red red dick reddit reflection refrigerator reggae reggaeton relaxing remake remix rendercore renoise repetetive repetitive resonance restaurant resubmitcore retrigger retriggercore retriggers retro reverb reverbcore reverncore reverse reversed rgb rhymes ricky ricotta riff ring ringtone riocore rip rip tobikomi ripoff rise rising RITALIN river rmt RNGcore road road sign roar robo titz robot roboter robotic robots robyncore rock rocket rocking rocknroll rocks roland romano romantic roof roquefort rose royal rpg rtf ruined rulebreaker run running running gag runny rush rushed russia russiacore russian rythm rytmik s3m s3m2nsf s3mml s5b SA-HT520 sad Sad. sadface safe for work sakura blast salsa samba sample sample pack sample usage samplecore samplepack samples sampleset samurai sandstorm sandwich sanic sans undertale santa santa claus sap sarcasm Sarrusophone satisfaction SATISFIED sausage savage save savestate saw saw-percs sawcore saws sawtoothcore sawwavecore sax saxophone scalable scan scary schematically school score scratch scratches scratching screachy scream screamcore screaming screams screech screechy screen script scroller scrolling text scrub scurry sea seag seagull seals search engine searching seashore seaside seasons secret of mana secretofmana SEGA sega psg segametal seizure warning seizures self insert self-insert Send Nudes sensitive sentence mixing sentences sequel sequel² sequelsequel sequence sequencing serious serious! seunset sexmodit sexmodit remix sexy sfdsadafsf sfw sfx sfxcore sgen shading shadow SHADOWS shark sharpscii shining ship shipcore shock shocking shoegaze shooter shooting shooting star shop shop theme shopper shopping shopping page short shortandlong shortcatisshort shortshort showdown shred shrug shuffle shuric scan sick sid sid 8580 SIDcore sidescroller sidsidsid SIDstyle SIDWIZISMISM sie wählen einf silence silhouettes silly silver simcity simple simple lead simplicity sims sims buy mode simulation sincxcore sine sinecore sines singer singing single channel SINTELCORE sinus siren skateboard skeletons sketch skiing skull sky skyline slap slap bass sleep sleepless sleepy sleepy azuracore sleigh bells sleizsa trio slide down slides slime slimes slimy slow sm64 small small tune smart smart exploit smash smb smb3 smeagol smile smiley smileyface smk smoke smokeweed smokeweederryday smoking smoochcore smooth smooth jazz sms smw smw samples sn7 SN76489 sna snacks snail snake snare snare drum snarecore sneaky sneeze sneeze mixing snes SNES RPG snesgss snesmod sneventracker snibble snif snippet snoop dogg snoozetracker snow snow yay snowfall snowflake snowman snowy sobar sociopathy soft solid solo solution sombre something sonar sonic soothing sort of soul sound sound design sound effects SOUND SYSTEM soundchip soundchips soundcore soundtrack soup space space race space ship spaceship spacy spaghetti spam spamcore spanishcore sparkle sparkles spc+ speakers speaking special fx SpecialFX spectogram spectrogram speech speed speed change speed changes speedcore speedy speeking sphere spicy spider hair spidercore spiderman spirit splatoon splatter spongebob spooky spoops spoopy sport sppeedy spray spring sprinting sprites sproing square squarecore squarewave squarewaves squeak squeaky squid squids squishy SQUONK sratching srave stabs staircase star stars stats steel drum stereo sticky still life stilton stinkerb06 stockp stomp stomper stone stop motion storage error storecore storm stormy story storytelling storytime STPRRAICNKGSVI stragnette straight straight forward straight talk strange strawberry streakbreaker street street art street lamp stringcore stringfs strings strobe strobecore strobes stroytelling stutter style stylish sub0 submit allgear SUCC sudden change suggestioncore sumerian summer sumobro sun sunflower sunglasses sunlight sunny sunrise sunset sunshine sunsoft 5b sunsoft bass sunvox super super mario 64 super mario bros supernsf supersaw support surprise surreal surrealism svg swag swallow swamp swan lake sweep sweeper sweepy sweet swf swing swing tempo swinter wummer swipe switch sword symmetric symmetrical symphony synth synthetic synthpop synths synthwave synthy system wars tabby tags take a walk talking tap tasty tasty computer tavern tea tea time team anime team germany teaser tech techno TEDzakker teh penalty ;-; telecore telephone templatecore temple temple music tempo change tempo changes tempochange tempochanges tenniserscore tense tension tenson tentacles termites terrifying test testNGcore tetcore tetris tetriscore text text2speech textcore tff TFM Music Maker th4 4NX13TY th4 5N35 thank you the best the best song THE BIRD the button the cookie down the fuck the licc the lick the phone the real winner the return the shitty samp the song? the tank engine the truth THE WORST theme themed thicc thick thin thinking THIS this is line 9 thonk thread threatening thumbs up THUMBSUP thunder ThunderforceIV tia tia tracker tiacore tiatracker tiatune tiger tildecore tilsiter time time adventures time signature time signatures timecore timeshift timpani tincan tincancore tinnitus tiny tiredcore title music title screen title theme titlecore titlestealcore to karmic: yes toad TOADcore toadette toby fox toilet tomato tone too cool too many vocals top bun torture totoro touhou tower town town music town theme toy TR-808 track ever trackcore tracker tracker grid traffic light tragic train trance transcending transhumanism transistion transition transparency trap traps are gay trash neurohardc trauma treasure map tree treecore treehouse treekiller trees tremolo trending tri trial triangle triangle lead trianglecore triangles tricore triforce trigonometry trills tripping trippy tritone triumphant troll troll entry troll post trolls trololololololol trombone tropical TRS-80 truck trumpet Truncated truth try the window TTS tune tunnel turtle turtles tutorial tv tv screen twang TWANKS! two girls two tracks txt typo ugh! fine! uhuhuhuhuh uicore ukelele ukulele ULF ULTRA rare ultrachords umemotocore uncanny valley unconventional undergarments underground underscores undertale underwater uneasy unfinished unfunny unicode text unicorn universebreaker unnett unpleasant unsettling untitled untz up upbeat uplifting upside down upsidedown usability USB useful USSR usual day uuuugh uwu V vaportrap vaporwave variation variety variety_hour varietyhour vcv vcvrack vector gfx vehicle VERY very boring vevocore vextrexcore vgm vgz vibes vibing vibrato vibratocore vic20 vic20 art victory vido gam vii° VIIIIIIIIIIIIIII viking vikings villain vintage vinyl violin virtualboy vivaldi vocal mixing vocal samples vocaloid vocals vocoder vodka voical mixing voice voice mixing voice sample voice samples voicemixing voices void volcano volume slides vombot vortex tracker voxelart vrc6 vrc6+mmc5 vrc6core vrc7 vrc7core vs vst VT03 vuvuzela w wacky wackynutjobland wad waddewaddewaddew waffecore wafflecore wahwah wait a minute Wait. Really? waiting wake up wakkawakka walking walkman melody wall wallpaper walt disney waltz wank wankcore wankery war warioware warm warps washer wasp water water level water world waterworld wav wave waveform waveformcore waveforms WaveMelon waves wavetablecore wavetables wearenumberone webpage weeb weed weird wenk werewolf western wet wha whaaaa whale what what is it? whats this whawha whistle white noise white rabbit whitescreen WHOA CALM DOWN wholesome wholetone wii shop channel wii sports wil d wild wild bmp wildchip wildlife wind window windows windows icon windows xp windy winerror wing winne winner winning winter wintercore winterprog wintery witch wizard woah wobble wobble bass wobbly wobodo WonderSwan wood woodblock woods woodwinds woof wool words working world world map WORMS wow wow calm down wrong format wrong number wrongplacecore wswswswswswswsws wtf wub wub wub wubb wubs wvlcore WwWwWwWwWw x.x XD xm xm2tritone xmsnes xyzhrbrnxychcore yadda yadda YAHOO yay yeah YEE yeeeeaaah yeehaw yeet yell yelling yello yellow yes yes he is yes it is yi samples yin yang ym2151 YM2608 YM2612 yo yodel yomarucore yoshi yoshi percussion yoshi's story yoshicore yoshis yoshis island YOU you're helcome you're welcome YOUFUTUREBABY ytp ytpmvcore yuzucore ZA zbmod2 zelda zelda music zeldo 1 zip zombie zombies ztracker zxbeep

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^_^ ^-^ ;) :) :3 :wapwap: (= )= [redacted] >:C =( =) ||) 0_o 0:56 1930s 1990's 1996 1st entry 2000's 299792458 m/s 3d 3spooky5me 3xcore 4 4 channels 4:20 4ch 4chan 4channel 4k 56 56 sec 56 seconds 56 seconds long 56++ 56kb 6:42am 6502 8 Bit 8bcore 90s A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAcore accordion acid action adventure adventurous ahx aimless airplane Aladdin album cover almost 4:20 amazing amazing chickens ambient AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA angry angry sun animated animation anime apostles arabic arcade arf_arf arp arpeggio arpfest arps arpy atari atmospheric awesome b ballet banjo bargainbin baroque basketball bass bassy batman battle battle bug battle theme beach beat bee beige bells bendy best bipolar bird black metal blippy blue blush boon save bop boss boss battle boss fight Boss Music boss theme bossa nova botb icons bouncy bouny bpm change breakbeat bridge bright brown brudermusslos brush buck bumble bug buildings busy Buy 3 Get 2 buzzy C caev_stroy calm cancore capcom car castle castlevania cat Cat Game Cat Simulator catchy catformer cave channel f channelg chase cheerful cheese chicken children chill chillig chip chippy chipstyle chiptune choice choo-choo choppy chords chromatic chrome circus city city lights clap classical clouds clover clubby cold collab Commodore computer concerned contrast conundrum conventional cool cool_samples CoolCoolMountain copyright core crazy creative creep creepy cruising crunch crunchy cursed image cute dance dark darn datbass deep defeatistcore defectmask deflemask desert despacito detune detuned digiart digital disco dissonance distortion dithering dkc dnb dog donkey kong doomish dotM double dab dr.dre dragon dragon heads dramatic dream dreamy drinks driving drunkore dubstep dungeon duotone dutch baby 🏁 🔥 🍕 PRAISE ZA! 🤔 earth tones earthbound easy listening easygoing echo EDM eerie effects einaudic einen Wasserhahn electronic element emotion energetic energy entry epic error escape etude evangelion exciting exe executive board experimental extensive time eye f sounding fade fail fan sequel fantasy fart_bass farts fds feelgood festival fifty six filter firki fixel fl studio flatearthsun floating flower flower power flowers fm radio FM synth font forest format tag frantic friends frost fuc of not funy fuchsia full fun funk funky funkyAF funkym reggae funny fusion fx gallop game gameboy gaming gangnam garvalfcore gb German glitch glowing go good Good Egg Galaxy good shit grass Great green groovy growness gusg21 haha pp Halloween hannacore happy hardpanning hardpans hardware render harpsichord haunted hax heaven heavy help hi fi hifi high council high pitch hommcore_fx hoover horns horny Hospitalcore hot house how could you mi hurry hype ice cream truck icon icons icy idea illegal improv improvised Impulse Tracker in industrial inkscape innuendo inspiration intense island it jam Japan jazz tango jazzy Jesus jumpy jungle k3wl kefcore keychangemofos keygen kgbcore kicks kirby kitty kixel kleeder kleedercore kleedersvoice kloogiecore koshiro_vibes koto l.a. noire lake last supper lavender town leady liberationcore licc life light lighthearted line lofi lol lonely stroll lonely wanderer long long improv longcatislong loop loopy lost lands loud love low_rez macro mad lad mafia magenta magical major major chord man boobs manic mansion map mapist march marchy Mario Mario Kart Mario Kartcore mario maker mario prison mcdonalds medieval. longca meeting melancholic melancholy mellow melodic melt melting meme memory Menu Theme midi midi entry midicore MIDIstyle military minor MMC5 mod2vic monochromatic Monophonic monsquaz mood swing moody moon morning morning wood morse code MOS technology mosaic mosquito mosquitocore mother 3 motif motivation MT-32 munch.py murder music mysitc mysterious n163 natural nature negativecore neon nes new format pls nice night no no drums noise bursts nokia nokia 3310 nokiacore not goat tracker not that basic notes ocean ohb old old english ominous omnicore one sample only onlycore openmpt opl3 oracleofkleesons orange orchestral organ ostinato out of tune outrun overclocked Ow pal Pandacore pandavovacore panning paper mario parody patterns pedipanolbait penaltycore pentagon pentatonic people percussion perfect 30 perfect 35 phaser1 phone ring Phonecore photo photography photorealism photoshop piano Piano solo piano tutorial ping pong pitchbend pitfall pixel pixelated plöp Placeholder planet platformer playful please make it s please no pokemon pokemon or is it pokey police pollen pond Poor Panda positivity prison ptsd puke7 punk purple quiet r&b racing rag rain rainbow reggae relaxing religion RETRIGGER retro reverb on bass rimshotcore ringtone rip astolfo river rleaxing RMT rock rolling rpg rpgcore runescape running s3m sad sadism sample samples samplox sand sandstorm sans undertale saturation SBES science score ScreamTracker seahorse seal of quality season sequence sex sexy shaker shampoo shapes shoot-em-up shor short shovelcore shower shrek shrubbery sidechain SIDstyle sign signature silly simple simplicity simplistic single sample sky slap bass sleizsa trio slimeball slow smooth smooth jazz smoothpans SMS smw snap sndh SNES SNES RPG snesmod sneventracker snow snow level snowman so good I die soap_dropping something sound design soundblaster sounds source sp00ky space Spanish spectrum speedercore speedy spoofs spooky spoopy spring square square sounds squarewaves stabby stabs staccato staircase stars steel drum steeldrum stereo stomp stormy street strings stringy strobecore stroll strut studycore subtle summer sun suns sunset sunshine super mario super paper mari surprise ending sus that doesn't suspense swing symphonic poem synth synthesia synthwavey synthy t major tango team germany TED TEDzakker tempo tempo change tension terraria the best the cool club The Drop the groove the groove? the lick the sign the song? Theodore thicc thick tiatune tiny title screen titlecore tough touhou tower tracker traffic light train traincore trampoline trap treasure map tree treecore trees trending trianglecore tritone twangy uau ugly uncy undeetale uneasy unfairly last untz upbeat valleys variety_hour vegetation vernal very delicious very good vgm vibratocore vic20 violin vocal mixing vrc6 vrc7 vroom warm weird wet whiskers windows wine winter wonder woodcutting xp woods wool wool physics woomy! world wow wow and flutter wummer wvlcore xD xm xm2tritone yay yeah? years yellow yes yomarucore you can zandiom zeldacore