Level 22 Mixist   
Tags Received

.wad ( 'n') <3 12-bit color 12k 1337 2-color 2A03 303 3D 48k 48k mod 666 8 bit poop crap 90sPC abrupt ending academy awards acid adlib adlib caps adlib rad adventure alert allgear allgear mustache alternative rock amazing! amiga amigamod animation anything Argh! arpeggio arpfest ascii bacon bangin! bas bass drum battle music beat beatbox beats beeooooo beep beep beeper blast processing bleeding breaks cartoon casio catchy channelfest chip chips chords clubby coffee comic cube cutie ^o^ D_minor dance dat noise daveservice demo detuned dicket dimension ding doo doo0000m doom dos down under drive drum drum 'n' ubb drumkit drums dubstep easy ohb easy ohc entertainment f FAKEon fierce jammin filenamecore filter final boss fm four chord fsound fss funk gif good title great-shit groovy haiku harpsichord horse how did this not html iamgreaser impressive! indie metal it it2vgm.py iti jazz slackrabbit jeep kicksnare laser lizardking longcatislong longtitleislong loopy loud lovely lyrics maj7gasm master mega mega drive meme! meow mid midi milkpowered_dong mod mod remix mod64k module module remix mp3 munched nes nes palette nintendo noise nsf nsf+ nsfplus offpitch ogg ohb ohc old school oldschool oooh orchestra hits organ organic pad_loverz phat pirate pixel pixelart pixelcomic plastic plasticpop png pookie potato! PSG random random ohb remix resemblified ribcage ringtone rip'n'tear robot rockin! rpg sample samples scat screamo scribbles seag sequenced sexmodit sfx skeleton smugcore sna sound speech ST01:TheEgg straight groove sunvox superb! supernsf SWF Switzerland synthy system taito tap targa teapot Teh Winner! telefuturenow text tga tincan top 40 top of the pops touhou trance tribute txt uke ukulele unce unviewable upside down vgm vocals voice VRC6 wad war way to go! weed chorus wild wild chip wild fsound wild mp3 wildchip wobbles womp wow rude xm yeah zat drum beat