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hospital boy
post #118877 :: 2020.04.04 3:27pm
  charlotte and tennisers liēkd this
Snakey the Poobah and Kyle Eparoo's new Project, Hospital Boy.
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post #118894 :: 2020.04.05 12:57am
  MiDoRi and Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
pls stop spamming forum threads with your links. share them on your profile or create one thread for it and keep it there
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hospital boy
post #118912 :: 2020.04.05 4:24pm :: edit 2020.04.05 4:25pm
  charlotte and kleeder liēkd this
wont happen again kleeder. just got impatient... Thanks for letting me know. On the noob thread for posting the Templates we made for StrobeFlux and our new band. Finally got everything into one post--

first time off thats the only forum i've ever used for music

From, Elyk Eparoo
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post #119802 :: 2020.04.27 9:51pm
  mirageofher, Elyk and YQN liēkd this
nice avatar
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post #120782 :: 2020.05.14 10:14pm :: edit 2020.05.14 11:20pm
  charlotte liēkd this
Thanks Yo That's what me and Yekans look like at our Astral Band Practice right before I tune my Guitar for 5 & 1/2 hours while he shops on Macys and it's awful scene, like but i'll get some sensible finger-plucked "black coffee metal" stuff in there, ask Yekans

My guitar tuning lessons cost 1,001,001,001,001 brittish pounds. Typically I wouldn't reccommend anyone asking me to do that but we could set up a Video Chat or hang out in person in Amsterdam Coffee Shop even.

Email me at for a PayPal or a bitcoin transaction if you want to go hum-dingity-dumm on that thing for a while for the ladies.
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post #120993 :: 2020.05.17 10:43am
  hospital boy liēkd this
i'll give you a 1-week-scrub for submitting an illegal entry to an ohb on purpose!
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hospital boy
post #122215 :: 2020.06.05 10:54am :: edit 2020.06.05 10:56am
Which one? I pretty much just always get the deflemask files mixed up, when you data bend, you always feel the need to modify the mp3 render that's why i was posting like that
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post #122216 :: 2020.06.05 10:56am
  hospital boy liēkd this
i linked the entry in my comment, you can click on the text!
reading bit packs (aka the rules) of a battle and following them is important for ohbs!
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hospital boy
post #122217 :: 2020.06.05 10:57am
  charlotte and kleeder liēkd this
I always get the files mixed up when i data bend. THanks sorry about that, I remember that one you just showed me. I don't do that anymroe I just post in the all gear battles, or Famitracker or Art battles. THtnaks
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post #123101 :: 2020.06.27 11:38am
  mirageofher, MiDoRi, joshcat and boscutti939 liēkd this
  Lincent and charlotte hæitd this
hey, we noticed you were very active on botb in the past few weeks and while we're happy that you enjoy this place and participate, we also noticed that you're kinda flooding the site with entries and comments/threads submitted by several alt accounts.

alt accounts arent illegal per se but in this special case they are abused to play against botb's official rules and also its spirit, which includes:

- submitting a lot of (mostly similar) entries to the same format using alt accounts (there is a reason why every account is limited to one entry per format, we want battles to be fair for everyone and someone shouldnt dominate too much by using 10 different accs)
- bumping threads with different accounts (accs arent allowed to post more than one comment in a row for a reason. its to avoid spam.)

its also hard to address issues if its not clear which from your acc is used as the main account.
thats why it would be cool if you could limit yourself to one account only from now on if you want to continue participating on botb!
Level 9 Chipist
Why Wou
post #123108 :: 2020.06.27 4:49pm :: edit 2020.06.27 5:10pm
  kleeder liēkd this
Alrite we understand
Level 8 Chipist
post #123111 :: 2020.06.27 5:24pm :: edit 2020.06.27 5:36pm
  charlotte and tennisers liēkd this
Okee, so who gets the boot. Let's draw straws
Level 10 Chipist
hospital boy
post #123144 :: 2020.06.28 2:36pm :: edit 2020.06.28 2:44pm
  charlotte and kleeder liēkd this
Thankxs, for ur support; when u fragment into a dozen or more bands sometimes there's drama. Mmm, juicy drama.
Level 31 Chipist
post #123145 :: 2020.06.28 3:18pm :: edit 2020.06.28 3:25pm
  argarak, YQN, MiDoRi, hospital boy and charlotte liēkd this
i wanna make clear, that the previous post wasnt my own opinion only.

personally, i like that youre around and submit stuff. i never said u should stop posting music and grafx!
large communities like this one always have a lot of people with different opinions. some people feel like the amount of entries and comments you submit is over the top, other think its fine. the hard part, especially for me/us as admins is to find the balance between everything so that everyone is happy with the situation.

i never tried or wanted you to not be yourself, not be around or feel bad in the first place, i hope u understand that.
Level 10 Chipist
hospital boy
post #123151 :: 2020.06.28 7:05pm :: edit 2020.06.28 7:17pm
  mirageofher, argarak, YQN, MiDoRi, charlotte and kleeder liēkd this
I appreciate that, thanks. I say, hay any problems that might arise, let's deal with them now, better now then later-- wow, Winterchip is on the way. Everything? Is gravy. That's what I say, straight up gravy.

I've been practicing and learning programs for Winterchip, for 6 months now. And imagining a website like this for way longer, writing chip tunes ideas down.

I have edited this comment 5 times and I have to put the phone down now.
Level 29 Mixist
post #123907 :: 2020.07.24 12:46pm
  hospital boy, YQN and kleeder liēkd this
lets collab
Level 13 Chipist
post #123972 :: 2020.07.26 7:01pm :: edit 2020.07.26 7:17pm
  kleeder liēkd this
Okee. Gmail has been pretty reliable for attatchments, my band email is for all audio data transfer I imagine. I'll check my email let me know what u hav in mnd that would be cool
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post #139792 :: 2021.04.04 6:14am
  hospital boy liēkd this
damn, only been a year? happy botburf hospital boy
Level 23 Chipist
post #139795 :: 2021.04.04 9:40am
  hospital boy liēkd this
happy burfday, to the hospital boy crew
Level 28 Chipist
post #139811 :: 2021.04.04 6:19pm
  hospital boy liēkd this
one year of hospital boy, and many more to come. happy burf

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