Level 28 Chipist   
Tags Given

^o^ -13 -w- ;((((((((((99999 : ) :: : : : : : ) ) :))))))))))))))) !disclaimer .000005% pulse .mod ( . )'ω'( . ) [[[angery]]] ] @$$ **************** *****flammable *giggles* / \ & KNUCKLES > < 3 <3 <3 <3 < <3<3<3 <br> <golgi>wow #00CEFF =( ~s~c~a~r~y~ 0-bit 0.01% pulse wave 0kb 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 5 10/8. what the f 100 100th entry 11th chords 12 bar blues 15/8 16k 17:50 19:35 1P Jimm 2P golgi 1st/215 2 2 years late 2048th notes 31 in 60 325 4/4 you dong 4000000 channels 42:10 420 480 bars 4m 33s 5 5 years old 64 69th 7 1 8 bit loop crap 8 bit poop crap 8 seconds 8==========D 80s 8192 bytes 8k 9 90s a pile of leaves a real nsf a super nsf é__é A08 A04 abstract art acid aclmfan actual mixart actually its gay adlib ADVANCECOMMUNISM africa aids valley 1 aji's avatarcore ajicore alarm cock! albumcore all 1s all 5s all 7s all 9s all gold stars alllstar almost 35 amazing amen AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA anal icy day ANAL SEX FOREVER angle Anime Letters anime loveletter ant1 anta musike anti-description antidefeatistcor antidescriptionc antigolgicore antitrigonometry ANUS EXPERIENCE apology apologycore apple products around arpfest arps arrogantcore arrows asm chronicles ♪ ♫♪ au au rock~ aughast ohc authentic author auuuuuuu~ avant garden aye azura corridors azuracore µcatisµscopic b blues????? b00 and golgi li backwards swing bad bad description bad dong bad ending bad title bad words Bad. ballgame bandcamp link baseball bat title batman is dumb battery battery acid battle battle of the bz baycun baycun is cute baycutie baycutie ^o^ be beadon Beadon ^o^ beard beard you dong beardful beardwave beatvoxing beautiful BEE major beepboopclap best best title Best Tracker Big Rods. bit bitcoin blame jangler Blast Processing blaze.it bleep blood on the dan blueballed blueballed! blueshit gaylaxy booncoin booty boring boss bossa nova botb botbian botbr botbuh BOW bow to me slaves br Brandon Mulcahy brazil bread breadful break down ass breaking rules BRIDS britain burgers burp butt butt eyes buttong buy buy buy c ǢJiL!TY C00 C64 calipornia camelCase canada captainbeardful captainbreadful captbeard cards against hu cat cate cdi censored centipede change CHAOS IN C cheap tunes cheating cheese cheesecore Chef Boyardee CHENGCORE chicken chinatsu chiplooped chipotle chiptune theory chirpy CHords circlecore circus claps clicky clippy clippy samps clock market clockmaster clopcore closet losers clothesdryercore clubby cock on cod codafx collab song collaboration colloquy COME ON ZILA comic sans coming out commacore computer science confused???????? controversial cool percs cool title cool vocals cosine counterpoint cover covers are okay crabbandicoot crap crayon shit-chan creepy cum showers cute title :3 cutie ^o^ cutie :3 cutie deer ^o^ cutie land ^o^ cutie senis ;ooo cutie song ^o^ cutie-chan ^o^ cutoffs D lydian you don dad dadcore damn son dance dave brubeck daveservice deep defeatistcore delay demographic demostyle dental hygiene descriptioncore desyncore detun detune detuned dicket dickfag DimWiddy came Dinner Chip X dirty pair dis is the beep dis is the irony disable surround discoooo disgusting disney disqualified Dither Chip X dither hell dither spam dixcellent Documentary dog dog town dogcore doge DOGE TRAIN DOGIAN dogoganda dominant 7 dong dong title dongongngnog dongs Dont Dont even doit doom dope ass shit DoubleHeadedPony downsampled doxic doxic ilu <3 dozzy is a cutie DPCM drummerstickdrop duckTales ducktayles dusthillguy drum ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ eauxeauxeauxeaux Ed dorian educational EGA egocore egypt egypt dance musi electronics elwood emacs end your life entry entry 69 ʜᴀʀᴅɢᴀ epiano epic epic render EROGE BOUNCE ever ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww ex-commacore ex-defeatistcore ex-haruhicore exactocore EXPAND extreme envelope Extremely demand f!ck u fagliarone fake baycun fake samps fake strobe fast faux mspaint FauxModulation feature film ferrari jack first five chord core fixed fl slayer fl4shk FM fontcore foodcore Fool footnotes footwerk four chord core frantic freddi fish free software fo french poop crap fresh friendcore frogluigi frogstep? frying pans fsf fuc u hertz fuck fuck apple fuck california fuck cats fuck E minor Fuck the Cheng fuck this song fuck you loma fuckin fuckin gayyyy FUCKING fucking loopy fucking rainbow fuckme synthesis fuk fuk da police fuking fun with laser g funcore furry fuxipawz fxxk G#A#B#C#D#E#Fx gay gay couple gay jammin gay lovers gaylaxy guppy gaylight savings gayyy gb chords gee Genesis Genesis Does gentle words getting owned getting water gif girl gm.dls goatse God GODDAMNIT GOLGI godly gold gold star golgi golgi apparatus golgi eats cox golgi stop golgicore goluigi dies good good art good chords! good description good ending! good intro! good literature good title good title! google translate gooooooooo gospel got an orchestra gotten gr8 lead instrum grape juice is c great descriptio great pun! great title great title! green green zone green greens grove grwin tee guess who won hæit haeit hail stan half sociopathy happy happy easter happysexual hardpans Harmony tESt have hax HAX RENDER heard heartscore hell HELLA DOPE YO hella tags helo uprising helo zila hentai here HERTZ DEVIL! hey :) hi hi def hi hertz hi kf hidden pattern hidden penis high end hiiiiiiiiiii hipstercore hit song hokey pokey holey tonez holy shit homeopathy honestly honestly good HOOAH hopeful romantic hopelessromantic horny huck this hug human centipede hyper pan HYPERDIX hyperspeed i I AM A XASER i bVII bVI V i do i IV i like big prize I like midi :D i lost my boner i love god i love u ^o^ i love u roofie I miss you ;__; I V vi IV i'm i'm on crack i'm on CRACK hel i'm sorry i'm sorry ;____; ice cream bells idiot idm ijijijijijijijij illegal illegal pussy Illuminati! im 13 u egg im gonna buy im gonna die inchy incomplete india innovative install linux interpolate this interrobang pie interroburned inverted green invitro ipicore is IS OK it it starts here it's golgi!! ^o^ it's not springc jake jake kaufman jammy janglecore jangler hates c+ jazz band jerk jesus jews jiggle jimmyoshi bait joke joonas karjalain jrlecore jrlepage juke k-on kawai kebap keep bumped keffie is not so KENTA! keyboard cat keygen keygen midi keygencore keytar kf read this tag kfaraday fights kfaraday pastich kfaradaycore kfc ore kff KILL URSELF!!! king abdullah kirby kisses kite korean kukarcore KungFuFurby l8ist la la la la la b lakeview marsh last last place bronz lazy river legit legitimate line break listen to all! literature liveplay lmfao lmfao wtf lofi lofi as fuck loliconst lonely heart long =/= good longcatislong longhatislong loophole loopy loud loudness war lovely weather lowest nonzero lukASS lullaby m0d m7 chords malmen malmen's spleen manity mario kart mario paint marketing maryland maze me me.....adon..... meanderjazz mega9core mega9man memecore micro$uc$$ microsoft excel microtonal midnight_submit minecraft misleading title mixist mkstar tags mml mmo rpg moar tagz MODERN ART moldy bread monsquaz moo!booxle mootbooxle mootcore mptm microtonal ms paint mspaint mspaint like multichip poop c music theory my first startup my frend xaser ^ my life comes to MyLeftEar n00b narcocore needs more water negative nice nice atmosphere nice font nice instruments nice meme nice scroller nice timing nice title nice tri nicetas nicki minaj nigga niggas be like nigt nipponstan no Anime Letters no food no its golgicore no its space tra no quacks no rabbit outfit no shroom no triangle spam noise noooo chipart not not a cover not actually end not brazil funk NOT BULLSHIT NOT CIRCLE not cirno not haiku not pony not racist not strobecore not the bees not troll not waltz notebook paper nsf nullcore nuts nyan cat obligatory sid l oboe oboy obviously of the closet OH GOD oh no Oh yeah Penis! oh yeah????????? oluigi on a plate one channel only only good entry ooct1 oontz oopsy doops~ Openbottleofwate or is it sunset orch hits rule ordong original orm out ow my balls owned owned lmoa owner of a painful pandaswing pantsu dere paradise parallelogram partialpahty pattern promo paulstretch Pe Noise pedobear pen is penetration PENIS penis by exam Penith Penoise perfect 25 perfect 34 perfect 35 perfect 5 photoshop piano piano poop crap pickles pile of leavesjr pile of licks pivot animation platinum play ball pleasant plum pop POCKEY ponies poop pop crap ^o^ post-amiga post-cat-airplan post-warheartcor postmodern postnullcore proggy doggy programming promospam !!! propaganda pudding pugservice puke7 pukes of rage pukestep pun punching trees punny ^o^ purple motion ragequit ragtime rainbow rainbows rainwarrior RAISE TEH ROOF raise the roof rampkorv's life random noises raphaelgoulart raphaelgozart~~~ real baycun real music! recording rectangle recursive recursive title REDACTED REJITTERING? resub retrigger REVERB rhombus richard stallman ringy rip aji rip cuteewok rip doxic rip golgi rip golgi title rip jangler rip johnsfuentes rip jsr RIP kfaraday rip puke rip slimbol ROBBED robreareadeaed RODS roof ROOF ROOF roof text format RUDE ruined ruined dynamics rulebreaker rulebreaker wins s s c a r y s4x S91 sacred geometry Sad. sakうra drop satanic savestate chords savory guitar sax sax tw saxy scary scat science scrub seal see u mkstar26 Sega sega genesis self insert self-insert senis sewer reverb SexE sexmodit sucks shakes shemotion shit short shortcatisshort SHOTS FIRED should shr00mless SHUT UP GOLUIGI shut up u dong sickkkk simcity sine sinecore sing a song SINISTRO sir no sketchman3 slap ass SLAYER slimbol disco slimeballcore small panda cox smallcox smokeweederryday SNES ATAR snowboarding snowman so cool man sociohalfy sociology sociopathy solofest some clothes sonic galaxy soundscape spacecore spacejizz special speed 255 speedy spoiler spongebob spooky Spring Track SQENQ square SQUIRRELS stacksmash starbucks ste----------reo stepmania STFU GOLUIGI stolen stolen instrumen stolen title stoner straight jammin strobe entry strobecore stroboe stuck note stylee stylo sub 0 sub 5 sub0 sub5 suicide summer blacks SUMMERCHIP VIIII sunvox super mario 64 super mario suns superimposed surcmer chip sure svetcore Svetlana tagcore tagging every tags from hell tails take tangent taylor team anime test thank you thankQ THANKS thanks puke that the track the the best the best art the end the end rip the macbook man theme of cirno there is no drop there's a flute THIS THIS 8========D this is 2nd real this is by strob THIS IS BY ZILA this is GOOD this isnt mixart this moment throwbackcore thx u tilde is abusive tim timeoutbot tincate TITAN SUCKS. titan suxx titlecore tmnt to toho tom tone only too many pans too serious tooth toothpaste tothefunk tothejizzzzzzzzz totheyes touhou tr00 mixart tracker jazz tranal trapezoid treausre triangle tricky patterns trigonometry troll trollpans tromboner truck driver true arps true baller true winner tux joke twitter sux u dont know me u r hero u wanna go m8 ui UNdefeatistcore underrated unix line breaks unni updog ur anus ur mom ur2slow usability usabilitycore used utub prom uuni ^o^ valley of jizz vanilla9man vaporwave variablecomposer variety_hour verby very good viewers like you votespam wafflecone wafflecore wafflecore joke wanted wareless chisper warioware wat water water is better wc7 weed what a relief what is this what is this 8 b what is this mot what Nintendon't what the frick where'd wheres iceland wheres the descr wheres the drop whinycore who is bris who's da boss no wholesome whoops whos boris whos taggin lame wife wii menucore will smith windows 2002 windows xp wingcore wipwipwipw with wafflecore wniner woodinplants woof woooooooooooooow wooooooow worth it wow wow cutie ^o^ wow offended wow rude wow ur mad wow wtf wowrude bannedst wtf wtf boom wtf chords wtf dildo wtf golgi wtf pans wtf slimeball wtfland wub wub wub wub wubstep wubwubwub X xaimus xasercore xD xemocore xemostep xenon nightmares xm xrns2xm2it2spc Xtra tiny xtreme xtreme swing xtreme testing xwe is horrible ya yay yay MIDI yay zila! YES yes good yesh yo you dong YOU FAILED you quack you're just jeal you've got male yourself collab ytp ytpmv ytpmv 2012 ytpmvbr yummy :3 zabutom zebra ZILA IS A LEMON ZILA! zipper ZONE XXX zxbeep censor zxbeep censored zxbeep'd

Tags Received

^3^ -w- : | :) [^_^] [PENITH.XM] [S][T][F][U] [ZENIS.XM] ] <3 #MCGA #mod_shrine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 2 go 2 step 24k 3/4 7-core 8-bit poop crap 8/10 80s 8bit poop crap 8bit shoop crap 90s hipster ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ acid trip Ahimsa AIDS AIDS valley alert all 7s all ones all1s amedica amurica animated animation magic anthem apologycore applejack arcade arf art ASS asyncio atmospheric autoreFRESH avant garde aww B major bad golgi bait and switch bait n switch bark battle battle theme baycuncore baycunland beat it beaut bells best bfop Bhakta big cock birds black black superman blow up doll blue blue baller blueballed blueballed! bmp bonito bossa nova bouncy boyband bubbles bubbly buttong bye C major c# cactus calm camelCase candyland cards against hu casio catchy cheating cheerful cheese children chill chippy chips chipstyle chirpy chordcore christmas time clap clock market closet cod coda cohones of death collab comeback comic sans concise congrats conspiracy coop copping porners cracked nuts cracktrocore crash because cruising cuneiform cute cutecore cuteoverkill cutie cutie cutie cyclopfunk dat hair doe deceptive defeatistcore demostyle descriptionabuse descriptioncore detuned dialup killer dissonant dog dogcore doggo dominant dongs dope Drama drink water duck dumbass earrape economic bubble educational egg egocore elevator empty ensemble entry 69 ex-defeatistcore ex-haruhicore excellent title explicit eye rape eyes/balls swap F major facial cream fairlight fake coda fake goluigi falco Fantasy Zone II fart_bass farts fax fight flower flowers in pants flute fop format vulture fresh friendly friendshipcore fuck california fuck sf FUCK! fun funkee funky funny furby fusion gabba garage gay gaylight savings gaypop getting water geyser gif gif magic girl go fax yourself go go gokart golgi audiobooks golgi no golgi u silly golgibody golgicore golgicutie ^o^ golgistep goluigi goluigicore goluuini good friends good nite =) good title good trolling goose hiding gosplooigi gowario grillfriend groovy gross gumbocore hack tyourself happy hardpans haruhicore hatman HAX hetfield hi5 i dont even i love u too ^o^ i'm leaving illuminati im 13 u egg improv in an airplane install linux introcore investigation it J-pop Jan Hammer Jay jazzy Jimmy points joke Kajingsol kartcore kazoo kenneth keygen kfaradaycore KILL URSELF!!! kill your dog ko0xcore ko0xluigi KONAMI STYLE l0l lava-tory lazy leady legal graffiti listen in mono liveplay locked groove loluigi LONG NAME longbass longcatislong loopy loud lovely weather lovevoting low volume lowpass maimen makermatic mandraservice manity mario kartcore Mario Paint mariopant fetish marshie masterpiece me!!! meatflute mellow melodic memetic Michael Jackson mickey mouse microsoft Mike Oldfield milkytracker minecraft minstrel moartagzcore mod modplug monsquaz moody mootbooxle motivational move ahead mp3 mr ears dies mspaint multithreading musique concrete namecore nigahiga no britain no cmsht no fave no hellyeah no its golgicore no scandinavia no swear words noooo chipart NOT AGAIN not funy Not MIDI not_plrusekcore not._plrusekcore Novel obviously Oh yeah Penis! ohb ohc Om Namo Narayana openmpt out of tune outline ow p0w3rpUff paintbox PB pedal to da meta penguins penis pentatonic piano Pinkie Pie plrusekcore png poetry pokemon polyamory polygamy pomf pony shitting ra ponycore ponytorture poo pooping corners potassium power rangers ppg practical pugservice pun python script quack Rainbow Dash really fucking g really good relaxing remix renoise REVERB right ring rip rip azura rip jangler robot ROOF rotozoom s3xmoditmania sacred geometry sad flower Sad. Sad. flower samples SEAL FETISH semi cmsht seniscore sepia tone sexy sfx sharp contrast sho short SHUT UP GOLGI SID SIDdy silly sinewaves slap ass slap bass slime slow smile smokeweederryday smooth smoothiopathy snes snesmod sociopathy space spacecore spacey spc special speculation speedtypecore speedy sprite squeeeeeeecore ssssssssssssssss starfish steel factory STFU GOLUGI STFU GOLUIGI stfu nerd sticky story summer : ) sunken england super mario kart surround swedish sweep synthy take on me taylesey teens tempos tension terrible sample terrifying test that's a penis the guitar was the knights the price is tincan title abuse titlecore tl;dr tracker pop tragic trending trigonometry triplets troll entry trololol tsukkomi boke two step txt unfinished unfunny unhappy unobvious upbeat vaporwave variety_hour vgm virtcore volume control waldo waltz water watermelon watermeloncore weird whatcanisay wheres iceland who say wiklund wild windows xp winner winter chip wniner worst wow wrong wtf wtf golgi wtf tuning wub wwgld xD xm xmplay hater ;_; xmsnes yeeow YES yoda you you tried yourself collab YTPMV zalgo