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I enjoy making chiptunes, remixing samples and creating my own sample packs.
I use Milkytracker for my fake chip stuff, but sometimes I emulate sound chips from obscure video game systems that not many people heard about.

You can find me at other places.
my chiptune up

my chipmusic

my youtube

IRC log

[13:06] <djmaximum> last night I've managed to get the NSF to sound pretty close to the IT module I created in OpenMPT
[13:07] <gtap> oh nice
[13:08] <gtap> this for the nintendo trilogy djmax?
[13:08] == Jiyoshi [~Melon@2605:e000:a418:4100:16e:88d5:e82:bd45] has joined #botb
[13:09] <djmaximum> yes
[13:15] <Marysia> oh come on
[13:15] <Marysia> you cant do slides with vst2413?
[13:17] <djmaximum> it's a shame SuperNSF doesn't support periodic noise
[13:20] <Marysia> gtap: why you no love me anymo
[13:20] <gtap> ?????????????//////////////
[13:21] <Marysia> now thats a reaction i didnt expect
[13:21] <gtap> school has started :)
[13:21] <Marysia> .save 20:20 < gtap> ?????????????//////////////
[13:21] <Marysia> oh right
[13:21] <gtap> love is hard when energy is 0
[13:22] <gtap> i saw that you have a joymasked megadrive
[13:22] <gtap> quite the mod haha
[13:23] <gtap> have you thought about making a toystory-mod-vgm for fm synth
[13:23] <Marysia> 1. isnt that abusing the format
[13:24] <Marysia> 2. cant submit the ips patch for the rom, cant submit a 10M+ vgm
[13:24] <gtap> oh bum
[13:24] <Midori_P4> djmaximum why would you track for chip in a sample based tracker?
[13:25] <Midori_P4> isn't it easier to just use famitracker
[13:25] <Marysia> supernsf is a thing
[13:25] <Marysia> (allows you to use up to 4 CHANNELS OF SAMPLES)
[13:25] <gtap> dori my guess is that he already had it around and then decided it would be a good proj to convert
[13:25] <Midori_P4> ahhh right
[13:25] <gtap> just like raz did with his hes 'test'
[13:25] <Marysia> expense of no instruments and only vrc6 being available as an expansion
[13:25] <Midori_P4> Marysia what, 4 PCM ahcnnels on famicom?
[13:26] <Midori_P4> wt actual f
[13:26] <Marysia> it takes a shitton of cpu time
[13:26] <Marysia> but you can do that
[13:26] <Midori_P4> ah nice
[13:26] <Marysia> b00daw made a supernsf entry for a famicompo mini iirc
[13:26] <Midori_P4> i always thought Fami had just one PCM channel
[13:26] <Marysia> it has one DPCM channel
[13:27] <Marysia> but as everything in the world of computing
[13:27] <Marysia> if it makes clicks, you can play sounds on it
[13:27] <gtap> xaimus did some for famicompo too
[13:28] <gtap> and presumably used it2nsf for all his other stuff haha
[13:29] <Marysia> my b
[13:29] <Marysia> it was madbrain
[13:29] <Marysia> google heim this by madbrain
[13:29] <Midori_P4> gtap, what tracker do you usually make your adlibs in
[13:29] <Marysia> it was fcm7
[13:29] <Midori_P4> ADT2 i guess
[13:29] <Midori_P4> trying to get hand of that damned thing
[13:29] <gtap> adlib tracker 2 but i had a brief spell of scream tracker 3 a couple of years ago
[13:30] <Midori_P4> i don't really like its UI, but still, there's hardly anything better to track for OPL3 in
[13:30] <Midori_P4> ah nice
[13:30] <jangler> it seems like the best yeah
[13:30] <Midori_P4> get hang**
[13:30] <gtap> schismtracker would mean no dosboxery though :)
[13:30] <Marysia> >makes a tracker that partially supports adlib
[13:30] <Marysia> >advertises someone else
[13:31] <jangler> schism has opl3 at least mostly implemented in the engine but there's no UI for it
[13:31] <Midori_P4> gtap ther's ADT with SDL on topfor windows too
[13:31] <Midori_P4> there's*
[13:31] <gtap> dori i neer got that to work on any win machine i tried
[13:31] <Midori_P4> huh
[13:31] <gtap> stuck with dos version
[13:31] <Midori_P4> weird, both version work nice for me
[13:31] <Marysia> wtf gtap
[13:31] <Marysia> my first encounter with adt was on win
[13:31] <Midori_P4> though i use the DOS version, since it's mre responsive on this old PC
[13:32] <gtap> bear in mind i had vista for like the longest time
[13:32] <Midori_P4> even though it's emulated via DosBox
[13:32] <Midori_P4> heh, never used that OS, my sis only had it for a brief period of time
[13:32] <gtap> would not recommend haha
[13:32] == ViL_MP [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
[13:33] <Midori_P4> but that notebook she ran it on was incapable of runiing it smoothly
[13:33] == ViL_MP [] has joined #botb
[13:34] <gtap> there are some good adt2 youtube stuff out there for some things, though they goes perhaps into more detail than it needs
[13:35] <BotB> Carajeej reaches Level 6 Playa with 173pnts
[13:35] <gtap> i think they assume you want to make incredibly insane diode milliampere stuff
[13:35] <Midori_P4> now i'm just trying to figure out how do i decrease edit step to 0
[13:35] <gtap> lol im not sure
[13:35] <Midori_P4> so the cursor mark doesn't move to next line upon entering the note
[13:36] <gtap> theres a jam mode i think. which allows you to just play about and have no movement
[13:36] <Midori_P4> but does it enter the notes into the pattern?
[13:36] <gtap> no
[13:36] <Midori_P4> i can jam in the instrument editor, if anything
[13:36] <Midori_P4> dang
[13:37] <Marysia> gtap
[13:37] <Marysia> open up famitracker
[13:37] <gtap> whichone
[13:37] <jangler> haha
[13:37] <Marysia> doesnt matter
[13:37] <Marysia> open up famitracker
[13:37] <Marysia> to the right of order editor theres "edit settings"
[13:37] <gtap> ok
[13:37] <Marysia> set step to 0
[13:37] <Marysia> and tahts what dori wants
[13:38] <gtap> oh i know what he wants but i dont know the shortcut for it
[13:38] <Midori_P4> Marysia LMAO
[13:38] <Midori_P4> you went through the whole process of explaining it on FT's example
[13:39] <Marysia> is simplk
[13:39] <Midori_P4> when gtap got my idea from the beginning
[13:39] <Midori_P4> yeh it's just comlicaetd [tm] in ADT
[13:39] <Midori_P4> complicated*
[13:40] <Midori_P4> OpenMPT still unbeatable UX-wise
[13:40] <djmaximum> I'm wondering if there are any modifications for SuperNSF's sound engine
[13:42] <Marysia> sameple size ofc
[13:43] <Marysia> oh
[13:43] <Marysia> someone covered master of puppets on speccy
[13:50] <djmaximum> someday there will be an IT2GBS converter
[13:50] <gtap> there kind of is
[13:51] <Marysia> jesus
[13:51] <Marysia> im glad i can play a 2010 demo maxed out
[13:52] <gtap> it appears that it doesnt come recommended though
[13:52] <BotB> shinichi - CONVERSIONCORE AND SELFHATRED.gbs :: Battle of the Bits Page info: HTML, CSS, RSS Support
[13:52] <gtap> it2nsf2ftm2gbmc
[13:54] <gtap> also did you know masuda originally started off the gb pokemon soundtracks on an amiga
[13:54] <gtap> so conversioncore again
[13:56] <Marysia> alberto gonzales did conversion core too
[13:56] <Marysia> i think
[13:56] <gtap> oh yeah! from a speccy the madman
[13:56] == FormosaTBM [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[13:57] <Marysia> i uh
[13:57] <Marysia> iirc infogrames would ask him to port shit from snes to smd (?)
[13:57] <Marysia> and he had a snes development kit to listen to the music
[13:57] <Marysia> but most of the time he would make his own shit anyway
[13:57] <gtap> oh yeah, but for game boy stuff it originated from the speccy
[13:58] <Midori_P4> 20:50:05 <djmaximum> someday there will be an IT2GBS converter
[13:58] <Midori_P4> me do want
[14:04] <djmaximum> gtap, have you tried using Carillon Editor?

IRC log 2

<B00daW> mr maximum
[16:04] <djmaximum> Hay B00daw
[16:06] <B00daW> you're becoming the other chip champion, eh?
[16:06] <B00daW> you like your tools
[16:12] <djmaximum> If an NSF+ ohb happens to come up sometime soon, I'll be doing a SuperNSF entry with the VRC6.
[16:15] <ViLXDRYAD> castlevania
[16:17] <DeltaRazero> but will you actually USE what supernsf was made for
[16:18] <B00daW> (being hacked into an MMC5 PCM output)
[16:19] <DeltaRazero> supernsf update to use MMC5 pcm :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
[16:22] <djmaximum> The thing is, the VRC6 saw is very quiet compared to the other sound channels.
[16:22] <DeltaRazero> use the post mixing macro then
[16:23] <B00daW> DeltaRazero: there is a Python script in the source that you edit to a 8-bit max value
[16:23] <B00daW> run it to get the 8-bit volume saturation table
[16:23] <DeltaRazero> o
[16:23] <DeltaRazero> reminder i still need to try to compile from soruce
[16:23] <DeltaRazero> source
[16:23] <B00daW> 2.) change writes to $4011 DAC to $5011 MMC5 DAC in the NSF
[16:24] <DeltaRazero> ohhh
[16:24] <DeltaRazero> damn dawg
[16:24] <B00daW> 3.) add the MMC5 expansion bit in the NSF header
[16:24] <B00daW> i can't code, but i can hack things
[16:24] <B00daW> the python hack is just changing the value of 127 to 255
[16:24] <DeltaRazero> I still don´t get why i couldnt get it compiled
[16:25] <B00daW> then you search for the 7-bit LUT (look up table)
[16:25] <B00daW> and replace it with the 8-bit one
[16:25] <B00daW> so volume values of MMC5 will reach 255
[16:25] <B00daW> instead of 127
[16:25] <DeltaRazero> wait
[16:25] <DeltaRazero> u know that 4x pcm downgrades how much bits u can use
[16:25] <DeltaRazero> sounding more saturated
[16:26] <DeltaRazero> does this mean 4x pcm on mmc5 will sound less shit
[16:26] <B00daW> you'll also, in turn, need to mix your pulse, tri, and noise values a little higher than PCM
[16:26] <B00daW> so that PCM isn't super fucking loud
[16:26] <B00daW> well you get an extra bit of PCM, yes
[16:26] <B00daW> as of now there is 8-bits of PCM stored within the code but it's filtered down
[16:27] <B00daW> this opens it up to 8-bits; with MMC5
[16:27] <djmaximum> I tried the mixing feature earlier, but it made the other channels quieter.
[16:27] <B00daW> $4011 is 7-bit PCM with the last bit for delta modulation of DPCM
[16:27] == Elrinth [~Elrinth@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[16:28] <B00daW> it doesn't say it, but i'm sure you know now that all samples must be mono
[16:28] <B00daW> supernsf doesn't like stereo samples
[16:28] <retrodpc> ^
[16:29] <B00daW> given this manipulation, djmaximum, you can have 2a0x+VRC6+MMC5 PCM
[16:30] <B00daW> also i do believe the single channel NSF export of supernsf is broken
[16:30] <B00daW> only 2, 3, and 4 channel output works
[16:30] <B00daW> of PCM mixing
[16:31] <Fragmare> well i guess it's time to go rip the wavetables out of PCE Afterburner
[16:32] <Marysia> supernsf + n163 + fds for U L T I M A T E S A M P L I N G
[16:33] <B00daW> Fragmare: share your latest POKEY cumshot
[16:34] <Marysia> dont cum on pokeys
[16:34] <B00daW> Marysia: you're absolutely right about that
[16:34] <DeltaRazero> yeah 1channel pcm is broken
[16:34] <B00daW> + VRC7
[16:34] <Marysia> vrc7 cant do sampling
[16:34] <DeltaRazero> thats why i wanted to try and compile the latest source
[16:34] <B00daW> fuck samples
[16:34] <B00daW> we're talking quality
[16:34] <B00daW> M50805 added would be some cool shit too
[16:35] <DeltaRazero> Fragmare could u sent me those later
[16:35] <Marysia> i mean fuck all of this
[16:35] <Marysia> just slap a 2610b on a cart
[16:35] <B00daW> that's a phone?
[16:35] <Marysia> ym2610b
[16:35] <Marysia> neo geo soundchip
[16:36] <Marysia> 6x4opFM
[16:36] <B00daW> 3 SSG too
[16:36] <Marysia> 6x 18.5khz PCM
[16:36] <djmaximum> Also the macros in SuperNSF don't work right, they only play once.
[16:36] <Marysia> 1x PCM with definable freq
[16:37] <Marysia> those 3SSG are YM2149
[16:37] <DeltaRazero> yeah i noticed that too djmaximum
[16:38] <Marysia> so its packing 6 FM channels, 7 sample channels, AND AY
[16:38] <DeltaRazero> again wanted to see if latest source i could find has it fixed

IRC log 3

<djmaximum> Tritone has got to be one of my favorite beeper engines of all time.
[17:46] <Marysia> djmaximum: why did you render the beeper entries tho :(
[17:46] <Marysia> i got a REAL speccy
[17:46] <Marysia> and i planned on rendering
[17:46] <Marysia> just cant find the god damned m-m cable
[17:47] == ISSOtm [] has joined #botb
[17:50] == Ryaan2000 [] has joined #botb
[17:50] <djmaximum> I like the Pentagon 128Ks sound more than the Spectrum 48k.
[17:50] == areckx [~areckx@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:52] <Marysia> thats because P128K is clocked at a different frequency
[17:52] == zabutom [] has quit [Ping timeout: 183 seconds]
[17:57] == n1k_ [] has joined #botb
[17:57] == n1k [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:57] == Sajadi [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92-rdmsoft [XULRunner 35.0.1/20150122214805]]
[17:57] <djmaximum> Don't forget that theres none of that nasty 50hz flutter. Tritone just sounds kinda ugly on the Spectrum 48k.
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Congratulations on the sinnamon bear. Its an eerie and catchy main melody
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Burg day
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[This n00b ashamed of what written. - BotB]
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You can has yer teh b00ns back now, im sorry pls forgive me :<
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Thanks DevEd, I forgive you.
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AWE DUDE!!! You use wine to run your music trackers too?! I don't have a Mac Book but I do use Fedora 24 a Linux thingy.
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You favorited "Techno #2 (Version 6) (SPC)". This warrants a comment. And maybe someday I'll learn to stop fat-fingering the favorite button for my own music.
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thank you for listening to my music! :)
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happy burfday
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Yo, happy burfday! I was going to spend my boons on a Furby, but they were expensive so I decided to leave this message as my gift.

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Best gift, the ability to host any format.
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Happy birth, the one and only maximum discjockey
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Burfday djmaximum, (thanks)
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The Day In Which You Joined The Site Battle Of The Bits Is Indeed Matching The Day Of Today, Congratulations!
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The Day In Which You Joined The Site Battle Of The Bits Is Indeed Matching The Day Of Today, Congratulations!
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Maximum burfday for the maximum DJ!
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happybirthday to the ohb person!
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90 tin cans! I'ma proud! keep doign yoru thing
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The Day In Which You Joined The Site Battle Of The Bits Is Indeed Matching The Day Of Today, Congratulations!
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You need more anime profile pictures!
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post #105943 :: 2018.12.12 9:50am
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That would be nice for sure.

Know what would be even nicer?

Robyn getting a djmaximum avatar!
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post #108244 :: 2019.02.26 7:52pm
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sorry if i seem like i'm being antagonistic, i just was annoyed that it2nsf broke my thing because it was over 150 BPM
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post #108245 :: 2019.02.26 8:09pm
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thats OK, IT2NSF has its quirks. I was frustrated with it at first but I now am getting the hang of how it works.
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post #111524 :: 2019.06.12 12:15am
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Happy 6th dude
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post #111531 :: 2019.06.12 6:58am
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6 years of Djmaximumcore!
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post #111535 :: 2019.06.12 7:38am
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post #111536 :: 2019.06.12 9:12am
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happy 6th year! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
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post #111537 :: 2019.06.12 9:47am
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happy 6 burfs fren!
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post #111543 :: 2019.06.12 7:29pm
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Happy burfday, dude!
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post #111544 :: 2019.06.12 8:11pm
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aweomse dj is NOW 6 years old ha NICE. hapyburfday djmaximun!!
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post #122467 :: 2020.06.12 12:59am
Happy burfday djmax!!
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post #122471 :: 2020.06.12 1:41am
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post #122485 :: 2020.06.12 6:58am :: edit 2020.06.12 6:58am
wow 7 years! happy burfday djmax!
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post #122490 :: 2020.06.12 8:14am
Happy 7th burfday, djmaximum!
Level 22 Chipist
post #122492 :: 2020.06.12 9:46am
Level 21 Playa
post #122496 :: 2020.06.12 11:24am

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