Level 23 Chipist   
Tags Given

& KNUCKLES 2 saws 1 sqr 200Hz 3XEXPAND 4:20 420 7/something 8580 90s A-zu-ra Wins Aga actual bass actual music actual music? actual winner ACTUALLY CLUBBY ALL OF MY YES AMENS AMIGA SOUNDS FLA AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA and also dicke and such Apsarah Blew It AZERTY Azura Wins Again BAMBOOZLE banger basically i won basrusek BASSHUNTER BASSLINE beautiful better than ZUN botb arg breakbeat cancer palette cant get enough cheecore corechee credit m9m damn it autofav defeatistcore delekcore DISCOUNT BEATMAN DMA dr pepper is bac dragonfarce drop the scrollb dubstep dude dustep wer DX7core E91 edm el ballad ELECTRO ez mony FINAL FANTASY CU FL Slayer FORMATS FOR ANTS full on moot funke alens gimme that bass Good day! goulart has issu hardstyle hello stream hezed? hotline kiev I DONT DESERVE T i know wholl win IKR indie danmaku po ITSA ME japanese kefdev lies little pandas!!! mcaT meleecore mellon memes miditrap more description my loony bun is no timers >:( nomoreit2spccore not sine FM not too fast notdjmaximumcore nsf stays nsf of oh my oh no! more pole oh SHIT ONLY 60hz our* perfect 35 kinda perfect tincan prefect 25 wow pure sex radical!! RAVE samples hats bad SCHRANZ ON PANTS sega cd self insert shit son sing about bae sociopathy socjopata stock instrument stolen content strategy game so strings strobecore synth1 take my touhou tech af TECHNO tension that_no_3xvrc7 the eyes tho these drums thicc thx m9m TITAN SUCKS. title wher to beep or not true classic unce vaporwave? wacky Well good day my wheres my intro WHO TAGS THIS why not ft why so much 3xx worth it yes yest

Tags Received

<3 $nmIL 1-bit 1990's 2hu 3D 4_ur_bewbz_only 420 80s 90s all n00bs ambient amiga animated aprende arp arpfest arps arps hell yes Atari Atari ST atari​ awesome aww bad description BANG banger bangin' bass bass drop bassbell basscore bassy battle theme bd beat bell bends bird blast processing blippy botb bouncy breakdown build up buzzer buzzstep calm candyrave catchy chill china chinese elephant clap clubby cojones commodore computer compy cornputer creativity credit m9m creepy elephant cross investigat cute cute! d00erp dance dancey danse defeatistcore defectmask deflemask demoscene demostyle dendy dendygar deserved detroit detune detuned disco donk donkdonk donkey door drop drums duaneDOS duaneos duanos dude nice dunkadunka 🅱️ elephant elephantcore español euro eurobeat eurovision excellence expand dongs plz Famitracker fartbass filters fire fucking elephant funky gabber gg glitch glitchy golgi good title! gopnikcore guitar hands up happy hard hardbass hardcore hardstyle hax heavy hell home tracker hoover hot house HOW IS THIS SECO hype iiiiiuuuuuhhhhh in denial inba inspired instruments are italo italo disco Jack tramiel Jackie Boy jam Japan keep going ketchup is evil keyboard lag leady lmao lofi lofi chip loopy lowpass Luigi m9m MAGA mellow metal metalception cor midi MLG mod money moody musetracker music protracker MusicMon neinballed NES newgroundscore Nice Meme no DMA no dpcm no habla noooo mixart nostalgic-ish not pixel not strobecore nsf old school OPN2 overdrive P128K pads pan flute party percussive perfect 35 pet petty squabbling phaser1 piss plagiarism png pokey poland CAN into poleland pootcore pootis pop portrait protracker put a donk on it r.d.zlew rancho relaxo rave realtrapshit reggae retro-ish rip snoop rising rmt robo titz sad Sad ketchup Samples saws screen Sega Genesis sfm shock in pants Shoot 'em up shop theme short sid smw SN76489 sndh snesmod sound design space sparkles SPC special speedcore Steepler Ltd. stolen content strengthening super mario worl surprise dubstep sweet synth synthcore synths synthy team fortress techno techy teeth tension Text tf2 tf2 heavy That beat tho thick thin thx thx m 9m thx m9m titlecore too short tracker trackin' trance trending tribal troll entry trumprave unce underwater untz ur all gay >: ur mom utz utz vgm vocal mixing VRC7 warez wat waveform whoo whoopy why win wobble wobbuffet worst region wow wynaut xD YES ym sid YM2612 zan palette zelda zlewcore