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The person you most desire sexually comes up behind you and begins to caress your back. They gently massage your shoulders while releasing a brief breath upon your neck. As their finger glides over the rim of your ear you feel yourself covered in goosebumps. They turn to you and slowly take your shirt off, nibbling your lip after the shirt pulls over your head.

Without warning they press their hands against your stomach pushing you into a wall. The wall is covered in fly paper. No matter how much you struggle you can't seem to free yourself. You realize your partner's hands are unbelievably cold. It's as if they're holding ice against you. You beg for them to free you, or at the very least remove their frostbitten hands, but to no avail.

They begin to pull at their face; you can't help but think how painful it appears. With a forceful tug the face you once knew is removed, and in it's place is Bill Cosby. He asks if you'd like some pudding before covering your chest in honey and chipped ice. As he turns to leave, you beg one final time that he free you. Bill laughs at your request and replies, "Kids say the darndest things," before locking you away on the now abandoned set of the Cosby Show.
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post #51630 :: 2015.01.12 4:37am
Hey!! Welcome to botb! You are a wonderful walrus... here is some boons ^o^
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post #51646 :: 2015.01.12 9:40am
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Welcome to BotB mootbooxle!
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post #51655 :: 2015.01.12 12:48pm
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how erotic

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