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Hello I'm Sykozealot I make anything from Heavy Metal to Rock to Chiptunes to Blues to name it I love music and I love making it even more.
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post #79161 :: 2017.02.23 3:53pm
welkommen, herr n00b!
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post #81374 :: 2017.03.25 5:58am
Whatssuuup! Yes indeed, although I'm a bigger fan of petrucci and portnoy's project with tony levin, liquid tension experiment. Also, one time at a G3 (Joe Satriani's tour) I saw Petrucci and portnoy play a set of melodic shred metal with dave larue on bass (from the dixie dregs) that I liked even more than their Dream Theater material. He said he wrote at least a few of those tracks in the hotel for the G3 tour lol, and later recorded it for his album "Suspended Animation". Dream Theater's early Majesty demos are suuuper fun and proggy, not at all like the prog metal they turned into, and absolutely fun and awesome. Of their official albums though, I really like When Dream and Day Unite (soo much more 80's power metal influence). But it's pretty needless to say that images and words, and Metropolis pt. 2 are insane feats of musicianship and insanely classic.

You could say I'm a fan, but I'm much more of a speed metal/death metal/thrash/power metal/grind/crust/power violence/punk/traditional metal/nwobhm/blackened death guy than a prog guy.

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post #81393 :: 2017.03.25 1:58pm
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I love the Symphonic Metal...Kamelot, Nightwish, Hammerfall, Luca Turilli and I love a select group of prog such as Dream Theater, and Evergrey...My favorite Dream Theater Album is "Systematic Chaos"

At times I guess I surprise myself at what i like example I think the band Children of Bodom...would sound amazing if it was instrumental instead they have a singer I am really not fond of "That screamo and Grindcore sound" never been a fan of that but the guitar player has some really nice runs and just the music is really great geez if only.
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post #81397 :: 2017.03.25 2:14pm
Duuude, you totally hit the nail on the head about Children of Bodom. I feel the same way about the vocals over their style (although I am a fan of death metal and grind, just not screamo). Also, I never checked out Systematic Chaos but I will now! The last album I had from them was Octavarium, after I saw them play it live during a nearly 3 hour set back before they released it in 2004. I guess I have 5 albums by them that came out since then that I need to to check out hahaha.

Also I saw Hammerfall and Kings X open once for the late Dio! Although I always preferred some of their more shredding counterparts like Wizard, Rhapsody (Luca is great!), Blind Guardian, Lost Horizon...

Well damn, we could have some great metal conversations for days but I don't want to clog up your profile comments hahaha. Feel free to hit me up on skype or discord th4d34d#7059

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