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This is how I roll I like to hang out with residential Sweden I called glitch the s*** out of chiptunes I liked it getting out of the code to the nitty-gritty if you ever need help with anything email me anytime I've got a lot of cool friends if you need help with any gear stuff to just let it roll buddy I'm inspiring astral plane salesman lucid dreaming influencer from the Star playing that is plain plane I'm literally dictating stuff to a dictator all my muscles are in pain Ramona lot I don't why I don't know why they make us do that every week find card suggestions are to watch your hands in his sleeves
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SnakeyPubah_CHip at field walk featuing MEloDYYYYYY

SnakeyPubah_CHip at field walk featuing MEloDYYYYYY

SnakeyPubah_CHip at field walk featuing MEloDYYYYYY

SnakeyPubah_CHip at field walk featuing MEloDYYYYYY

SnakeyPubah_CHip at field walk featuing MEloDYYYYYY

SnakeyPubah_CHip at field walk featuing MEloDYYYYYY

SnakeyPubah_CHip at field walk featuing MEloDYYYYYY

SnakeyPubah_CHip at field walk featuing MEloDYYYYYY
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post #120688 :: 2020.05.14 2:16am
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friendly admin reminder -

it is against the spirit of botb to vote on your own entries from alt accounts. since as far as i can tell you've only done it once, we will let it slide, but please do not do it again. if we see more deliberate self-voting behavior, your accounts' voting privileges may be revoked.

thanks for reading, and we do welcome your participation! perhaps you would like to vote on some other people's entries :)
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post #120726 :: 2020.05.14 11:42am :: edit 2020.05.14 2:22pm
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Give Pleace Snakey a Chance Pleace?

I'm voting on all the entries so, just skip the stuff I'm compo'd in on??? Thanks

We understand. I guess I went with a sinister approach not just skipping our Chip Troop chips. We're 3 strong trying to Recruit Baby & Strobe for future Chip Battle Compos. Yeah, we're voting every track. Snakey already listened to every track on SprinGTrax. I think he told me not to vote on our own tracks hang on...

This is from him "Go to the quick shop and gab me. A pack of Newpot 100s, 10 2$ sceatchoffs, a Gatorade, a chicken sanwich, and I'll hook u up when I get there. Tell those ninjas too move around. You just asked me which numbers to click and naturally on Why Wou's I said all 7s I'm not trying to be mean. Everybody's cool on that site you're trippin' Kyle. We never voted on any of WhyWou's tracks more that once so just vote all 1's on all our shit, one time, don't click it twice, wait for the screen to load, and be done with it. You already explained everything in your post before now; over and out thanx. Now u got an admin contact to fix that damn pause glitch. Perfect. Post that sucker. I'm not logging into that site."

My questions were all omitted from the paragraph. So we're going to, vote 1's, on all of our Tracks, unless, what ones did we vote on. WhyWou is going to trip about this shit but by then, we will tell him about the possible fix for the ChipaRoo which we're ALL trippin' about so all is well that ends well.

He didn't think anyone would care because we have 3 different people voting. I personally vote all 7s on everything after the playlist plays through (if some careless glitchper doesn't pause the playlist mid chip, thanks alot ChipaRoo!)

I was mad when I read this this morning, but then I chatted Snakey and he's telling me, it's just a good opportunity to talk to a moderator because really, we created a code pause we have to repair really at some point. It's a great coffee shop and party playlist so, he just told me to explain it without divulging any schizo stuff in detail. He said to tell u all thanks and "if I had time to go on the internet I would" he's got a telephone line 128kbpps AOL setup from the 90's and a gateway 2000 he's weird about, bill paid every month for what, "23 years now" he says. They tried to wire his telephone line into fiber optic and he wouldn't do it. Thanks again everyone

Yeah, we're voting on all the tracks. WhyWou makes his own Chips-- if that's the... vote your talking about. I'm compo'd in on one of them. We will negate that by voting down with ones, he won't care, on that, he's humble as pie. But I'm sure if I asked him he would just say to go with the flow and not vote on his chips. We'll have to just skip those; why wou is really great original chiper, he takes out data and kicks our add with it (slows it down and replaces instruments, edits more coherently). I made the xm patterns for one of his tracks but the rest is all him (he's probably going to not like reading this but he is super ocd so sorry WhyWou!) That's not me soh. There's several crazy people from Kansas and Sweden in on all hospital Boy chips? I'm gonna vote on all of them but the ones I post from now on even if I didn't compo on them okee.

Snakey votes apart from me too on here, he's heard every track on SprinGTrax, EVERY Strobe Song, and he told me to clarify all this (idk how to do that without being too revealing, we're trying to keep this project going without landing in the State Hospital again I know). This is Elyk. Snakey says what's up via old school AOL chatroom! And He's gonna "Negate our votes on the Tracks" except for WhyWous because he worked really hard on t

And also the glitch in "Elyk's new ChipaRoo" some day can we repair the pause in there at 1:15? We glitch in .Wav first now and review our tracks, just so you can HearAll Tracks without our crude pause???

I think we already cranked out the repair mp3 but it would be nice for a download link because we can't find the file on our computer, (we even broke the download button how'd we do that). So yeah too much drafts with random titles that all sound similar.

Wait until we get to the vote thing. Snakey Says 98.5% comprises everything we have to vote on because we run a StrobeFlux Fanclub so that also wouldn't count for us to vote for his Trax having no way to vote down on the StrobeFlux Tracks we're addicted to his Speedcore Trax and we can't recall 2.5% of the votes we already cast with random accounts. So if anyone wants to know, I run this Profile for Snakey because He Doesn't want anyone to know he's out of the U.S. for a couple months... Whoops sorry Snakey there goes the neighborhood again.
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post #120783 :: 2020.05.14 11:38pm
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everything is cool :) it's clear that you are not intending to break the rules, so i just wanted to make sure they were clear.

basically, each individual should vote only once per entry, and should skip any entries they participated in creating (regardless of user accounts and who is officially listed on collabs).

that's up to you to follow under the honor system, since truthfully, i can't know how many accounts from your IP are alts for the same individual, vs. how many represent different individuals who are also connecting to botb from that location.
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post #120794 :: 2020.05.15 2:13am :: edit 2020.05.15 2:16am
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Alrite, i felt horrible this morning I had a vanilla extract hangover, because my brothe hid the wine and I had to drink the vanilla extracts, like just typing a long comment gave me something to do other than to lie in bed with a body ache trying to keep yekans company via quarantine friendship, thanks. Hay we can't believe how saucy some people get with some of these songs on here, we give this website creds as underground, but really easy to search on google so that's a blast normally forums take weeks & months for your content to pop up on the search engines but we're seeing like, everybodys profile name on google on here right away that's really cool.
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post #121753 :: 2020.05.29 8:12pm :: edit 2020.06.24 3:24pm
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WE EFFEctively disqualified ourselves from Spring Tracks, but WHy wou managed to get in 256th! Yay for Why WOu!

Hi Steve! I'm a grindhero for that, yo. #arrogance

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