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I don't chips anymore. Just liveplay. RIP.

I am SketchMan3, L8ist, and I like to experiment with different styles of music within a chiptune aesthetic using things like LSDJ, XM and AHX and HVL. I consider video game music to be just as legitimate a category as any other type of music, but I do know the difference between vgm and standalone chipmusic.

I tend to favor hardware/software synthesis over sample tracking.

<Jiyoshi> wait
<Jiyoshi> sen-pi isn't kefie is he...
<kefie> sen pi is a g i r l
<Jiyoshi> FUCK!
<kefie> i think
<@Savestate> owned
<@jangler> i was going to say that as well and then i realized i had no idea

<Shampoo> i got the multiplication thing by the balls thanks to rainwarrior's lizard

[22:38] <brkman3> idk idc
[22:39] <uuni__> wow what an attitude

[12:22] <Emelia_Kaylee> what the fuck
[12:22] <Emelia_Kaylee> what the actual fucking fuck does Renoise let you have more than one note playing in a column
[12:22] <Emelia_Kaylee> what the fuck
[12:23] <Emelia_Kaylee> Renoise confirmed for best DAW shut up
[12:23] <@sunmom> haha its basically just adding columns but you share dsps and stuff
[12:23] <@sunmom> haha im just phrasing the same thing only in a more boring way im sorry
[12:29] <Emelia_Kaylee> IT'S SO COMPACT
[12:29] <Emelia_Kaylee> IT'S LIKE
[12:29] <Emelia_Kaylee> WOW
[12:32] <@sunmom> : )
[12:32] <Emelia_Kaylee> but yeah lol trackers and modules have nailed into my head "here's a channel. you can only have one note playing on a channel at any time. have fun, fucker"
[12:32] <raccoontayle> All trackers allowed (except Renoise (because ot's too awesome)).
[12:33] <Emelia_Kaylee> and now renoise is like "you know what? have a channel. chords? yeah you can have chords. have all these fucking chords. play eight notes at a time i don't care"

[20:16] <MS> chunter "my wife would not like it if I got into stuff like that" how do you know that?
[20:17] <SketchMan3> lol
[20:19] <chunter> MS: it's the least favorite thing when I'm making music of any kind, she doesn't like it when I'm just playing with sounds/timbres
[20:19] <chunter> However, I look forward to when the baby is between 2-5 years old as she outgrows all manner of electronic bendable things
[20:19] <chunter> sampleable, etc

[01:05] <arlen_> who needs .it when you have .xm?

[18:46] <SketchMan3> how come nobody told me knife city was so cool
[18:46] <mr_bus_sottomg> knife city is cool
[18:46] <mr_bus_sottomg> i like that guy
[18:46] <mr_bus_sottomg> he's a very nice man
[18:46] <mr_bus_sottomg> Lukas!
[18:47] *** Playa358 changed nick to Lukas
[18:47] *** Ezno ( joined
[18:47] <Lukas> Huh?
[18:48] *** Alpha_C quit ( )
[18:48] <golgi> wow
[18:48] <mr_bus_sottomg> hahah
[18:48] <mr_bus_sottomg> maybe a different Lukas?
[18:49] <mr_bus_sottomg> are you knife city?
[18:50] <Lukas> Haha
[18:50] <Lukas> Knife citys name isn't Lukas though?
[18:50] <SketchMan3> lol

[19:21] <SketchMan3> ;g foods that increase testosterone
[19:21] <+Mari> 6 Foods That Boost Testosterone - Health, fitness and medical advice ~ ~ May 9, 2013 ... If your energy is low and you have no desire for romance, you may have low testosterone or low T.
[19:21] <SketchMan3> i wonder what's the difference between low testosterone and low t
[19:22] <@Deide> What is T?
[19:23] <SketchMan3> i was being facetious
[19:23] <SketchMan3> ;g tentacl
[19:23] <+Mari> Tentacl: Forums with Style ~ ~ Tentacl is a new kind of social platform where you're free to anonymously socialize with others who share your interests.
[19:24] <@Deide> What does it mean though?
[19:24] <SketchMan3> testosterone
[19:24] <SketchMan3> sorry, that ;g tentacl was unrelated to your question
[19:25] <@Deide> Why does it say "low testosterone or low T", though? XD
[19:25] <SketchMan3> lol
[19:25] <SketchMan3> i know
[19:25] <@Kaioshi> low Mr T levels
[19:26] <SketchMan3> haha
[19:26] <@Deide> Need more bling

[17:07] <FoD> jangler come... oh jangler..

[06:04] <+PlugBot> <zanzan> : - ) is an axe at you. It misses. over
[02:04] <uuni> i cant wait to pull all my hair out trying to figure this tracker out X)
[02:04] <jrlepage> prepare for baldness
[02:04] <jrlepage> it's happening

[03:37] <uuni> is dx7 midi or vst

[20:39] <kfaraday> i actually have never tasted koolaid ;w ;
[20:40] <SketchMan3> :O
[20:40] <Curious_> I only use heavy hitting noise stuff. :P
[20:40] <SketchMan3> you're not missing anything
[20:40] <kfaraday> its one of those american things that sounds funny cause it is in a cartoon
[20:40] <commandycan> whoaaaa
[20:40] <Zilla> I'd like some opinions on my entries honestly
[20:40] <@Jangler> hm i'm not sure i have either
[20:40] <SketchMan3> lol what
[20:40] <@Jangler> onions are great
[20:40] <SketchMan3> in a cartoon??
[20:40] <kfaraday> yeah!!
[20:40] <SketchMan3> what
[20:40] <kfaraday> like uhhh like froot loops

[22:48] <SketchMan3> hey do you want to know how I made the gabber kicks at the end of my entry?
[22:48] <SketchMan3> i stick my microphone into the soundhole and banged the guitar
[22:48] <Doxic> :o
[22:48] <SketchMan3> *stuck
[22:48] <pug> ah
[22:48] <Doxic> "microphone"
[22:48] <Doxic> >:)
[22:48] <SketchMan3> >:7

[21:49] <@rainwarrior> Strobe: I thought it was only 24k sexmodit right now
[21:49] <ellen_page> s3xmodit right now
[21:49] <@rainwarrior> that's like the opposite of huge
[21:49] <@Strobe> well 64k MOD!
[21:49] <Namhcteks3> :o
[21:49] <ellen_page> 128k .it
[21:49] <@Strobe> and SPC is half-sexmodit
[21:49] <Namhcteks3>
[21:50] <@Strobe> Namhcteks3 you are no longer welcome

[02:30] <mootbooxle> huge vibrato: who needs to sing in tune when you cover every note in the scale

[15:29] <alicemargatroid> my ten fingers are better at improv than shnabubula is at one
[15:29] <BruceLeroy3> oh snap
[15:29] <nys> oh snag
[15:29] <Curious_> Dissing shnabubula?!
[15:29] <alicemargatroid> >:3
[15:29] <BruceLeroy3> ond
[15:30] <Curious_> Damn son.
[15:30] <uuni> HAH HAH HAH
[15:30] <alicemargatroid> saying i am at least 10% as good as him at improvising is a shnabubula diss maybe

[00:01] <uuni> i just want videogame experiences
[00:01] <uuni> like wow virtual mega awesome super game zone

[15:19] <zuffin_> hattusa data men
[15:20] <ellen_page> !ohc
[15:20] <@BotB> We ALL love OHCs, but none is currently runningz :)))))))
[15:20] <ellen_page> : c
[15:20] <easterbunny> haha
[15:20] <easterbunny> ancient hittite cuneiform demos
[15:20] <zuffin_> they had demos back in those days
[15:20] <easterbunny> =)
[15:20] <zuffin_> it was like a wooden frame over a river
[15:20] <zuffin_> and the king would put his head through a hole
[15:21] <zuffin_> and then they'd float clay tablets down the river on reed rafts
[15:21] <easterbunny> translating from the ancient mesan this tablet appears to say "WHAT UP FELLOW SPECCY NERDS THIS SCROLLER WRITTEN BY KLAMZ"

[01:07] <SHAMBLESIDES> hmm? a stream? what's going down?
[01:07] <kfaraday> oh well
[01:07] <kfaraday> i just realised sunday 23:30 is idiotic
[01:07] <kfaraday> fuck
[01:07] <SketchBan00> yes streams always flow down
[01:07] <pug> hahaha
[01:07] <pug> tomorrow is saturday
[01:08] <kfaraday> yeah
[01:08] <golgi_apparatus> what day is this!!?!?!?!?
[01:08] <golgi_apparatus> tomorrow??
[01:08] * SHAMBLESIDES /kick SketchBan00 rude
[01:08] <golgi_apparatus> wow rude
[01:08] <kfaraday> yes
[01:08] <SketchBan00> whaaat? I didn't do nuthin
[01:08] <kfaraday> LMFAO there is a lagrange point cover for 2a03
[01:08] <kfaraday> i want to shoot myself
[01:08] * SketchBan00 whistles innocently and kicks a pebble
[01:09] <pug> how did nicetas liven up the covers stream
[01:09] <golgi_apparatus> does nicetas even have a voice
[01:09] * SHAMBLESIDES /kick SketchBan00 insensitive towards pebles
[01:09] <golgi_apparatus> pls add me to teh call group
[01:09] <golgi_apparatus> pebblist
[01:09] * SketchBan00 /kick SHAMBLESIDES insensitive towards SketchBan00s
[01:10] <SHAMBLESIDES> you can't turn this around on me like that :O
[01:10] <SketchBan00> you kicked first >_>
[01:10] <SHAMBLESIDES> besides there are already -1 of you in the channel if you kick me then that means that you are actually just inviting me to the channel???
[01:10] <SketchBan00> :o
[01:11] * SketchBan00 explodes
[01:11] * SketchBan00 implodes
[01:11] <SHAMBLESIDES> shamblesides 2 sketchban00 -2 now because one just exploded
[01:11] *** SketchBan00 changed nick to SketchBan-2
[01:11] <SHAMBLESIDES> haha
[01:11] <golgi_apparatus> sketchband
[01:12] <SHAMBLESIDES> you're in a band called sketchband
[01:12] <SketchBan-2> oh shambles they are doing a synclisten for the famicompo btw, just ralized nobody actually answered your question I think *whistles*
[01:12] <SHAMBLESIDES> ah ok
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What have you done with Sketch Mans 1 and 2
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post #30523 :: 2013.08.03 7:40am
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Sketch Mans 1 and 2 have been assimilated.
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Ello again, Mr. Sniper!

Not anymore. ._.
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Someone defaced your avatar. :(
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defender of chip: GameBoy. awesome works plus ukulele.

beware of hawaian black samurais!
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Your palette offends me greatly <3
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Hey, and thanks :)
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i li─ôk your palette.
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post #44133 :: 2014.06.03 12:47am
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wthappy burfday? it's been a year already, dannngg ::))
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Happy birfday bro. :)
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happy late burfday
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hhh-hAYP B.

O: O:" O": 1 whole year?!?!?!?
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im just gonna wait until tomorrow to say happy LATE burfday haha am i funy
jk, happy burfday :D/
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babby birbbday
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You're are my favorite black hawaian samurair ever! Happy burfday, but how come aren't you l8ist for it, omg!!! =o
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happy burfday! It feels like you've been around longer than 1 year, though
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post #44202 :: 2014.06.03 5:47pm
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"uUni, you gaveth b26 to SketchMan3 "
Level 18 Chipist
post #44352 :: 2014.06.05 9:06pm
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AW.... thanks guys :,)
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post #44465 :: 2014.06.06 9:54pm
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that avatar...
Who are you and what have you done with the REAL SketchMan3?
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post #57654 :: 2015.06.03 1:06pm
happy burf day, friend! wish you were around more
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post #57660 :: 2015.06.03 3:37pm
Happy Burfday! :D
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post #68561 :: 2016.06.03 12:47am
Happy Birdies!
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post #68564 :: 2016.06.03 3:52am
woah sketchman!! happy burfday ^O^
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post #68571 :: 2016.06.03 9:32am
hape burdo
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post #68573 :: 2016.06.03 9:52am
Burfday :D
Level 18 Chipist
post #68682 :: 2016.06.07 3:09pm
Tjannkies! :D
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post #85221 :: 2017.06.03 3:07am
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SketchBurf4 :o
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post #85225 :: 2017.06.03 6:04am
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Burfs :D
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post #85228 :: 2017.06.03 6:07am
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I got ninja'd by xterm :c

Level 24 Chipist
post #85300 :: 2017.06.03 9:22pm
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happy botburfdayeronitasticalino
get sketched. happy botburf \.o./
Level 21 Chipist
post #85302 :: 2017.06.03 9:31pm
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I have yet to comment on your profile, I have now done so with wishes of burf happi nes
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post #86349 :: 2017.06.16 11:06am
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Level 18 Chipist
post #86821 :: 2017.06.25 4:00pm
Thank you everyone c:
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post #100558 :: 2018.06.03 4:07pm
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Happy bortday! :3
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post #111219 :: 2019.06.03 9:27am
on time burfday time
Level 24 Chipist
post #113094 :: 2019.07.30 6:49pm
hey sketch!
idk if/when youll check this, same goes to me responding - but did you ever write a song called "Ash & Clay"? I remember downloading it a long while back in a BotB IRC and I just wanna check if its you, if its up elsewhere, etc.
Level 18 Chipist
post #115088 :: 2019.10.26 3:19pm
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Quirby64 no, I've never written a song called ash & clay as far as I remember. But who knows. I'd like to hear it if you have it though.
Level 24 Chipist
post #116520 :: 2019.12.31 10:27am
heyo! sorry, I never got a notif, I should have checked earlier haha.
if you can confirm or not if this is from you, thatd be awesome. if not, ill make a post on the forum. :p
the creation date from my end (I downloaded it soon after seeing it in chat iirc) is march 17, 2017, at about 19:40 (if that matters). thanks again!
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post #119115 :: 2020.04.16 11:39am
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[20:34] Arnold Schallenegger: bring sketchman back++
ZDDSKudos: bring sketchman back has 1 kudos.
[20:34] Arnold Schallenegger: uh i mean
[20:34] Arnold Schallenegger: bring back sketchman++
ZDDSKudos: bring back sketchman has 1 kudos.
[20:34] Arnold Schallenegger: wtf
[20:35] Arnold Schallenegger: maybe with the 3
[20:35] Arnold Schallenegger: bring back sketchman3++
ZDDSKudos: bring back sketchman3 has 1 kudos.
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post #122099 :: 2020.06.03 6:33am
Level 18 Chipist
post #122109 :: 2020.06.03 10:21am
happy dayburf!!!
Level 23 Chipist
post #122115 :: 2020.06.03 12:21pm
burfday! :DDDDD
Level 19 Chipist
post #122142 :: 2020.06.03 10:31pm
good job

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