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--t -f ! *wave ""walt "edm" "protracker 0cc 11/8 12/8 12k 13/8 14 17/16 19/8 1P Jimm 0P Azu 200 20000 23/16 23/8 2a03 2hu 2P Azu 5P Jimm 2P Jimm 4P Azu 2spook 3 3D 4:19 4:19.853 4:20 4:21 420 5 hours 7bit pcm 808 8bit 8bit poop crap 8khz 9/8 A-zu-ra Night abstract accordion accurate title acid actual bytebeat actual dubstep actual winner actually clever addmusick adlib adventure ahx air alex jones alien aliens all 7s alllstar altcore amazing ambient amen break amiga AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA ampersand amusic anger management animals animated anime anime letters anorexic ansi anticipationcore arachnophobia arpfest arps arpy art asdfdgfsdgsdhsdf asiago atari atari st atmosphere atmospheric avatarsynccore ay azuracore baby backstory bad neighbor bad title balloon balls banned baroque bass bass fishing bassy battle beach beat beatbox beautiful BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE beepbox beepola bell bells bellybuttoncore bendy bent bestiality big cock big dog big nose biomech birbs bird birds bitfoxcore black midi blam blender blip blippy blood blues body horror boing boners bonus boobs booty boss boss battle boss fight bouncy brain-tech breakbeat breaks breaths brie bright britcore bug buggy bum bum bum bus butt c c64 cactus callie calm camembert canadian orgasm candy carcore carillon cartoon casino castle castlevania catcore cave story cave tory celtic channelf++ chase cheap cheddar cheese cheetahmen cheez Chef Boyardee chill chimney chip chip tune chiphate chipmunk chippy chipstyle choir choose ur advent chords chris circlestaf circus clam classical claw r click clicking clumsy cluttered cock cocks coda coffee danger collab colorful computer controllers conversioncore cowboy crash bandicoot creepy crunchy crustaceancore crystal CUMS HARD cute cutoff cyriak d34dstep dad dance danny ELFman dark deafcore deal with it deep defecation deflemask demo demonic demoscene deniscore dennis descriptioncore desert design detroit detune diatonic af dick digeridoo dinglecore dirty disco dissonance distortion dither djmaximumcore dnb dog dolphin donkey kong dpcm dq dragon drink water drone drugcore drums drunkore ds10 dub dubstep dude dungeon dungeon crawler 💯 🏆 🤔 e earthbound eastern eccentric echo edm egg egypt egyptcore emergency empty encodingcore Encounter ending entry epic eroge EROGE BOUNCE eurodonk expand dong experimental exquisite f-t faceslap fakeout fakepans falcom famitracker fan farmcore fart fart joke fartbass fartcore Farting Words farts fast faux nsf FEAR feta field fierce fighter cock filter final fantasy fire firstcore fishandchipscore fl studio flamingo flower flowers flute fm fmless rangers folk follincore forest forgotten friendcore frog ftm2gbmc fuck fuck yeah FUCK YEAH METAL FUCK YES full nut fun funk funky furry fusion gabber gameboy garvuino gba geese genderswap genesis geronimo get out ghandi ghostcore girl glitch glitch cock goatse good good samples good title gotta go fast gouda gradius graffiti grass green groove groovy growly grunge guitar gummybearcore gun ha ha get it hair hamasyanesque hand drawn happy happycore hard hardpans hardware harmonica havarti hawt night hax hes high his holocaust holocaustcore horn horns horror house htmlcore hut ice cream truck idm illegal improv incredible initial donk insane intense intense anger intro is this vegan isometric it it2nsf Jackals janky jawharp jazz jazzy jezz jimmycore john cena joonas jrpg js jungle kaizo keygen keys kfcore kick kicks kiddie KING OF DICKS kirby kleeders cave knobs kooky kulorcore lame lamp landscape latin laugh lead leady leaf legal legit letters lewd jimmyoshi limburger lineart liveplay lofi lonely stroll long longcatislong longcore loopy loud lounge lovely lowres lsdj machinery male genitalia malmencore manlady mario mario galaxy mario kart mario maker mario paint mask mechanical megaman melancholic melancholy melodic melody meme meow metal meters mic microtonal midi midi entry midi samples mindblowing minimalist mixed medium mod mod2vic modbox moldy monkeyball monochrome mood moody mountain mountains mouth noises move on mozzarella mp3 mpt is better ms paint mspaint muau multichip munster murder music musings mysterious mystery dungeon n ice n163 namecore nanoloop needles nerdtracker nes new age newgroundscore nice arrow night nintendo no no instruction NO PANTSU no seq noise noisy noloop northshaggy not a game not a witch not anime girl not art not clever not dance not fair not gxscc not illegal not silly not-game notpandavovacore nsf ntrq nuge nut obot obsessioncore of my swamp offbeat offkey offtime old op openmpt orch hits orchestra hits orchestral organ out of tune outrun ow owwwwww owwwwwwwwwwWWWWW pad paddy paint pan panda pantrycore parmesan parody particle fx pce pebis pencil peniscore perfect 35 kinda perfect zero perfection petscii pew pew phaser1 phaser3 phasesqueek phone recording phonecore photo piano picniccore ping pitchbends pitchshift pixel pixelart pixitracker pizzicato plain text platformer pokemans pokemon pokey polly tracker polymetric pop poppy portamento prog protracker psa psytrance pumpkin purple puzzle PWM synth pxtone pytha qchan quack quiet rabbit race raiism rail shooter rain rainbow ramen rap rap music raviolicore real bytebeat real life sim reed reichcore relaxing renoise rhythmcore ricotta rip pandas :( rip tobikomi rite of spring rock rockcore roguelike rough rpg ryaancore ryfaraday s(no)w s3m sad sad mario Sad. safe for work sakura blast sample magic savestate saw saws sax scarred for life schism scifi scratch screams self insert serious sex sfx shake it sharpscii sheep shmup shmup? short should have won sid sidstyle sidwizard signcore silent hill simple Sinc-X winning sincxbait sincxcore sine sirens skale tracker skull sky sleepy azuracore sleizsa trio slow small smoke smooth sms smw smw clouds snare snes snesgss snesmod snibbe snow socioecology sociopathy socioyeahthy sofa solo solos sonic sonic mania sound design space speakers spinning cock splatoon spoiler spook spooky spoops springcore square squarewaves squishy staircase stan lee steampunk storecore story strings strobecore stutter sub submit allgear sun sunset sunvox sunvoxcore super mario pain supernsf surreal swag sweden swedish comedy swing synth synthwave synthy system wars t-f techno telephone temple tense tension tentacles text os texting tf- th4 4NX13TY thank mr skeltal thank you the biggest dick thick thin thrash tiny cock tiredcore titlecore toilet toiletcore tones too many time si tough touhou toy trackercore traincore trance tree trees trippy tritone trollwin true winner turtle tv twang ubu ukelele undertale unfinished untz usagicore vaporwave variety_hour varietyhour vgm vic20 video game violin vocaloid vocals voice vrc6 vrc7 VT03 w00t w00t frog a wafflecore wah wank warehouse mix washer water waves weather weeb wenis western what the fuck why wii shop channel winner witch wniner words wow ws wvlcore WwWwWwWwWw xm yasunori mitsuda yeah yes it is yi yodel yoshis island you're helcome yousuke yasui zalgo zelda zombie zx

Tags Received

-character limi ;_; ;__; ;___; ; :^) :0 :thinking: !DISCLAIMER !truth2 *brapppp* <3 #road 0 votes 1-bit 1.067140401 11/8 125bpm 16k 17/16 19/8 1990's 2001 23/16 25/16 28dayslater 2a0w03 2hu 4:20 4:20 jimmy bells 5-4 time 5/8 6 7/8 90s a abrupt ending action actual bytebeat AddMusicK adventure adventurous aesthetic afternoon alex jones all 1s amazeballs ambient amiga amigaaaaaaaa amk and also dicke animal animals Anime Letters anthrox aoe arabic argonaut arpeggio arpeggios arpfest arps atmospheric axel f bad title BAG banger baroque bass basscore bassy battle battle theme beach beat beats beautiful bee bell bells birds bitmap brothers black metal blast bleepy blippy bluegrass body building bodybuilding Bomberman bonito boo beep booty boss battle boss fight bouncy break break of death breakbeat breaks breaky bright brokeback buildup burnt coffee busanut butt buzzy bzzz calm capitalism careless whisper Carl Sagan carpal tunnel catchy cave character limi cheerful cheery chickencore chido chill ChillChill Chipcore chipstyle Chiptune chirpy Chlillout choir chords chordwank circle city classy cloudy clubby cold combo conspiracytheory cool copypastecore cowbell crazy creepy crunchy cute dance dark data forest decent deep deep thoughts defeatistcore deflemask demostyle denis dennis dennnis dennnnis dennnnnis dennnnnnis dennnnnnnis descending discocyte distortion diverse dkc DnB doritos DotModCOre dpcm dramatic dreamy driving drum n bass drum&bass drumloop drums drunkore earthbass earthbound eat the chort echo eery electro electronica elevator emo empowering END THIS energetic energy epic ethereal ethnic experimental explosions extension fanfare fantastic fart farts fast FC field_recording fight filter final battle fish fishs flower floweytale FM FM BELLS format vulture fractal frantic fuck this fuk u sincx full nut fun funk funkay funky fusion future city galaxy brain gas geese genitalia get on up and glitch gloomy good good entry google translate goose groove groovy hacer cola happy hard hard_pans hardcore hardstyle haste hax hdma heaven heavy hell hhaa his assistant hits holocaustcore holy flip honk honkore HOO! hoover horn horror hotline house ice idm industrial infinity inspect butt inspiration instrumentation intense intermission irish jig island it it short it2nsf jam jazzy jfusion jimmycore jimmylogic jingle jumpy jungle kawaii Keepmixingit! kfcore kick-ass late night latist uwu leads! leady lies loading lofi lofi chip lonely stroll long longcatislong loop loopy lord of the danc lord of the pant LOUD lounge LUDICROUS SPEED mad with power MAGA magic marimba Math Jokes melancholic mellow melodic farts meme meow meriocore Mexicans mhm yeah microtonal minimize mml mod2vic Modcore modulation mom monkey ball mood swing moody morning morning glory morse morse code mountain move yo butt ms paint mspaint forever mysterious mystery mystic n163 NES new sincxcore nice meter nigt noisy none not too fast nsfw obligatory Odd Time ohb ominous ONE XXX oops i shidded openmpt openmpt = ghei openmpt = good opinions OPN2 pad panflute panning pants extension pause peaceful penaltycore penoise pents pepsi nigeria percussion percussive perfect -5 petals piano picnic pigcore pigs pixel playful polyphony porygon powers pre-battle meme pre-battle theme prog proggy PSG punz pxtone quack quark quiet quonk racing game radio rave recursion relaxing retrigger reverb ridley rip rise rock ronaldocore rox rpg sakura fetish samples sampling savestatesmom saxophone scene screechy secret forest seinfeld seizure seizures Sex Sex music sfx shamanism shining shmup short SIDstyle sinc Sinc-core Sinc-X winning sincwerk sincxcore skrub Sky Hunters sky hunters 2 slap slapbass slep smgp smooth smw snare snazzy SNES SNESy snibble solofest soundtrack space spacey sparkles spc special speech Speedy speedy reedy spoken word spooky spunk st-xx stg stormy strange strengthening strings strobecore sub 0 summer super mario worl super marioworld Super Monkey Bal supersaw suspense swim swing synth synth-ish synths synthy tasteful tb-303 techno telephone telephonecore tempo change tension terminator the doctor the great heist thick time signature time sigs timpani titlecore tits tonald drump top trance transistion trdying tree trending trippy tritone truckin tupac serbia uhhhhh unsettling upbeat uplifting USofCanada USxCanada OTP variation variety_hour vgm video games vintage-ish vocal mixing voice voice mixing voicesynth vortex wackynutjobland wait a minute wank water WEIRD WHAT THE FUCK whipping whips wind Winmyoshy XP winner winterprog wonk wow wtf Xcore XMPLAY=STRAIGHT y1.996k y2k yes it does ym YM2612 yoshicore you're winner ! YTPMV yum zaalan zelda Zone Sinc-X ZONE XXX zx shines dark ZX Spectrum