Level 23 Chipist   
Tags Given

[[[angery]]] \/ /\ & KNUCKLES "quick" 0perator 0th 1-bit 10:22 13TET 20/20 21/21 22/22 2a03 2hu 3 3/4 3spooky5me 4:20 420 5/8 5B 5B only 666bpm 7 7/something 70s 80s 8bit poop crap 8k 8k breakbeat 90s A E S T H E T I A STOP SIGN ℋ𝔢𝔩𝔩 accelerando acceptable acid action actual music actual winner actual_music ADVANCECOMMUNISM aesthetic aji's avatarcore all 0s all 7s all american all star ALLCAPS ALLCAPSCORE alot amazing amiga amigamod amk animated anime letter anime letters annie may grohl antigalgoxcore April 1st arp arpfest arps atari atmospheric audacity authentic ay AY lmao bandlab banger bass bassline beautiful BEE BEE BEE BEE major bee movie beepbox beepy bells bends best best_title BiB BIG BOY blaze it block chords borg bouncy bread breakbeat bretty brrr bruh bual bullshit fallacy buzzy byoutiful c hip c64 3d c700 caev_story calm canadacore cancore canon in c catcore cave story chichard d fames chill chip neutrality chipstyle chords cis gender male clap clap classical clicky clubby codist cold collabdong computer concept cool cool_story_bro cpu killer creepy creepypasta crt ctrl+v trees cumulative cute cyoa CZ-5000 dab dance danger danky maymayz darkside dat bass dat bass tho deceptive dectalk dee de dee dee dee a durrn deep purple deer defeatistcore deflemask demoscene descriptioncore detune deviantartcore dewritos dickadow dissonance dissonant ditty djent djmaximumcore dog doggo doodicka doom dpcm dreamy drone drunkore DUH-jent 🅱️ 🅱️ot🅱️ 🤔 E for Effort E L E V A T O R E1M1 earthbound edm eerie effort efx egg story eggman eggtown electronic electronicmetal endingless epic español evil F A K E f u coby fake music faux modulation fellatiocore FFVI filtercore final fantasy first entry fitting title fl studio FM fodcore follincore fontcore forest friendcore frosted frozen fun funk funkeh funky Furbycore G game boy bios gameboy gaze geese genesis germination giana sisters git gud gL1tc#y 4F glitch glitches != win goatse gold good good hertz ripof goodbye left ear google translate goose goosecore GRAND DAD grasstown graysclae greasy groovy guitar gymmandychan happy happycore hardpan hardpanned hax heck yeah hello world hifi high fanta sea high tech hit_it hole in the wall holy flip honk HOO BOY HOOAH horg howeven HRT lizard hydrated I am now deaf illegal incomplete Incredible IS AN OCTAGON is it from kfc it snice it2nsf2ftm2gbmc2 Jackals japan jazz jazz piano joymask juicy jutsin beber ass karate kawaii kawaii desu kawei kawei desoup keygen kfaraday klystrack koreaboo labyrinthine leads leads! leady lets_go lick linkcore lit lit af fam liveplay lofi LOL long longcatislong loop loopy LOUD low tech low_rez lsd lsd dream emulat lyrics m9mcore magic malmencore master system meaningscore mellow meme memes meta metal metal opera micromusic microtonal midi midistep miditrap might be snow minimal Minimalistic mischievous mml of doom mod modbox modular mom's spaghetti moody moogbooxle moot is great mootstradamus morse code motif mouf mp3 to midi mpt is better mr krabs mspaint mspaintcore muffled multichip mutant bass MY EARS n00bizm needs leads needs more water NES nice timing no coffee for u no habla no points no velocity noice nokia nokiacore none not happy not metal not square not waltz nsf2midi ntrq nullcore nyeh heh heh octosnes oh yeah oink oldschoolmetal onlinesequencer openmpt orchestra orchestral overclocked pac man eyes paintcore pancore pantscore papyrus paywall peecore peniscore pennis percussive perfect 20 perfect 24 perfect 25 perfect 30 perfect 34.150 perfect 35 perfect zero petscii piano pigdevilcore pitchbend pixitracker pleasant poekmanz pokemon pokey polka polyphonic polyrhythms poob pretty prog progmetal progressive promising psg puns pure sms pwm quack queen quiet rad RADICAL radular rain RAVE raw raycasting razeregg razerek real bytebeat really? red dick relaxing remove kebab renoise retro reverb rip tobikomi rip vocal cords rising sun rock rox rpg rpgcore ry s t e r e o sack mai deeck sample core samples sampletracker samsung sap saw sawtooth scamcore scat scat metal scatman sci-fi scifi sega segametal self-collab shiny shocking shoegaze shootthesauce short shrek sick leads bro sidsidsid SIDstyle SidWizismism simphony simple sincxore ski free skifree skreefy skull trumpet sleepycore slick slow smooth sms sms messenger snare snek snes SNES palette sneshead snesmod snoop dogg snow sociopathy something sonic soundtrack sp00k sp00ky sp00p speedy spooky spoop spoopy square SQUIRRELS stanky maymayz steampunk stereo stock chords stoner storytime STPRRAICNKGSVI strings strobecore strobelike summer chip xii sunsoft 5B sunvox supersaw swing synthwave synthy tagcore taggistcore team anime tech demo text th4 D34D = WIN the licc the real winner the return thick this is by strob thunder thighs tim alien tiny titlecore too good toolcore top bun top kek total japan touhou touhou title tracker pop TRAINS FETISH triangle triphop trippy true arps try the window tubular turn into format typo U U weeb uh uhhhhhh undertale URINATION uwu vaportrap vaporwave variety_hour vevocore vgm vic20 viewers like you vignettes vocals vox vrc6 vrc7 vroomvroom WAAAGH!!! wacky Wait. Really? waltz waltz? weeaboo weeb weed whammyglitch what is dis moot whistle Wikipedia wil d win by default winner wip world famous wow calm down wrong number wub wubstep xasercore XD xmsnes xrns2xm2it2spc ya like jazz? yes it is ym2151 Yoshi you're helcome youhou title

Tags Received

^-^ :( :U .gif * \.-./ #narcissist 1-bit 14/4 16/35 2xfami 3/4 420 43/8 5 7.74k 80s 90s a e s t h e t i ä acoustic action actual beats adventure adventurous aesthetic aliased all 5s all american all chipists alternative ambient amidi anamanaguchi angry animated anime anime letters arpfest arps art audacity AY lmao b bad quality badass balls bass basscore bassy B♀B battle theme beat beats to study r Beep beepbox beeper beepola beepy best bass bestfont BiB bigbad bleepy blippy blob bonk bonus game bonus room Boop boss boss battle bossa nova BotB bouncey bouncy braille brevitycore bright broken bual buggy bugs buzzy cactus caev_stroy calm calm and long cartoon cat catchy catcore cave cdcdcd cheater chill chippy chipstyle chords chugs city clickX clubby cold collab collabdong come back comic compilation complaining cover crazy crunchy cute dance defectmask deflemask depression desaturated descending descriptioncore desert detune detuned dew disco DOOM dreamy E1M1 ear rape earthbound earthshaking echo electric electronics evil F Fami×Defle famitracker fart fast fastboi faux snake favorited feel good filters flowey fm forghetti friend FTM Fuck Processing fullwidth fun funky game game maker game over garage GIMP glitch good vibes google translate grid groovy guitar guitars gunshot gymnopediecore hand drawn happy hard to spell hardpan haste have a nice day hax heavy hello hip hop Hu hubba hubba Huby hut I like I see wt u did t IC intermission intro isometric it italiancore iunno JABEEBUS jazz jazzy jingle jsoncore jumpy kawaii kawei kazoo keys kill me knaecketraecker laptopcore late night lawn mower layers lead leady linkcore liveplay lo-fi lofi logo lol loopy loud low_rez lyrics macarena MAGA megumins mellow melody meme memecore memelovania memes memes again meow meowcore Meowio methodical metroid microtonal mogemens mono monster moody motorway moving ms paint MS Paint-ish mspaint muddy multitoolcore mysterious n o naps nature nes bootleg No Regrets No Remorse noise noisey noisy nostalgia nostalgic not funk notkeyboardcat nsf ntrq o-okay octave octave bass octivi ooooOOOOOOOOoooo opening overclocked ow paint-ish panic pant rap pantcore parkcore pc speaker PCB pencil penoise percussion percussive perfect 25 Phaser1 piano pitch slides pixel pixel logo plain text platformer pleasant pocket protector poetic pop poppy positive poster potato pretty cool pulse punk PWMy PWU qchan Quirby24 quorblecore racing game rain rap real bytebeat reggae reghretti relaxing repetitive retro-ish river roadblasters rock rolling rushed rythm sad sad mario satiecore sawtooth SCG secret secret Shocking shor short shrek shrill SID sidstyle sidwiz SidWizismism simple simplistic singing skateboard sketch skyline slap up sleepless slides slow small snesmod snibaby snow snowflake Snowman snowy solo soundchip soundtrack soup spaghetti sparkles speaking speedrun tech speedy spiderman spike clipping square wave story sun sunglasses sunshine sunvox sweep synth synth toms synthwave cover synthy tascam techno tension text os text2speech thick thin tiatracker time tinnitus tiny titlecore toms trangle trees trianglecore turn into format tv umlautcore underwater upbeat vacation vaporwave very good very ugly grass vgm vocal mixing vocals voice voice mixing voice sample vrc6 warm waveforms waves weed weeny what what. whistle motif wide stance wild windows xp winning winter xm Yamaha PSR-32 YM2149 YM2151 zelda zx spectrum load