Level 20 Criticist   
Tags Given

airhorn disco solo funk? smooth chill edm nes fm mystical stereo out there mang crayon bass butt butts rage piano LebronJamescore kfaracore glitch cool ranch short last minute literally mega Phaser1 dark piano sad cool detuned heavy wacky fun weird uhhh longdogislong coverness self-cover techno potato abrupt ending hot amiga neon base minimal trump good title loop intro Hell's Kitchen defeatistcore good trumpcore sexy demoscene shack Celtic Furry sexy upkilt gotta go fast desert winter good description rock drums booty ambient drone optical illusion fatigue queen shred E1M1 painful wub casio PSS-130 decentcore post-kefcore Hypnotoad cyberpunk good tags egg story celtic penis best pun pun puncore [[[angery]]] 4:20 best ocular_assault team anime buggy unfinished IQ test kaizo 1-1 drunk mario cool breeze small oinkgasm bestiality fat bass kfcore edgy hardpans megaman bad dragon the lion sleeps USSR mario kart water gary wilson submit allgear better keygen short penis quintuple take BLAME CANADA boogie dub 420 ansi self-collab canon in D detune djmaximumcore mirrored render pls sonic 06 touhou wii shop channel baracore FORTY ONE bara ytpcore tasty unsettling madness nutshack cloaca self-portrait that's no good and knuckles ebow not a game ballin' boners horrorcore meow bipolar pandavovacore plagiarismcore punk rock racing yoshi team germany animorphs popcorn titties brown scary winne synthwave thicc dusthillguy boobs illegal badger jizz cock lewd Pac-Man spooky cracktro scrub NOW! the entertainer SMB2 whoosh worms nearsightedness bruh monsquaz existential cris rickroll baller ow confession triforce no player 1 star always has been sus joker stoner quack alarm clock ridley shitposting reeeeee