Pale Dim
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^-^ ^o^ ^u^ <3 =) $ 0cc 1-bit 12k 1990s 1st 2 heads 20xx 23% lemon 24k that's a lot 2600 2a03 2a03 classic 2hu 2in1 2k 300 3d 4 4:20 56 7tet 80's 80s 8k 909 90s °_° aah abrupt ending abstract accordion acid acoustic action actual bytebeat actual music adventure adventurous airship aleatoric alien all n00bs all noobs alt-rock alternative ambient Amiga AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA angel animals animated anime anime opening antenna anthem apple arabic Arial arpfest arps art artist aseprite asm atari atascii atmospheric aurora austria avatarcore azuracore backpack badge badger balcony balloon balloons balls BambooTracker banger banjo bark baroque bars bass bass drum basscore bassy bat battle battle theme bdsm beach beard beat bee beep beer bees bell bells bench beverage bgm bicycle bidada bin birthday bittersweet black and white blackboard blender blip blippy blonde blood blossom blue blues bluesy blur blush bones boobs boons boss battle boss fight boss theme bossa nova bossanova bOTB botbrcore bouncy bouquet Bowie box brass breakbeat breaks bridge bright brokenbeat brown bubble building buildings buildup busy busy signal buzz buzzy c64 cactus cake calm campfire cancore canon canon in d canyon.mid carnival carrot carrot nose cartoon cascade cassette castle castlevania cat cats cave certainly chalkboard challenging channel f chaotic chase checkered flag cheek cheerful cheese cheesy cherry chibi chicken children chili chill chilly chimes chip chippy chipstyle chiptune chirpy chkdsk choir choo choo chords christmas chromatic chrono trigger cinematic circus city city lights clap claps clarinet classical click clicky cliff clock cloud clouds clover clubby code coffee break collab color color wheel colorful come on comfy comic comic sans compressioncore computer concerto conference constellations contour contrast contrasts conversioncore cool cool cat country couple cover cow cowbell creepy cruising crunchy cube cuckoo cute cyan cyber cyberpunk CyberTracker CYOA cypress d&b Damn dance dancefloor dark deep deep dream deep mind defeatistcore deflemask demo demoscene demostyle descriptioncore desert desu detune detuned diagram diaper diatonic af dice dig disco disco ball distortion dither dithering diving board Dizzy dnb dog doggo dolphin Donk doo doritos dragon drama dramatic draw drawing dread dreamy dreary drink drinks driving drone drop drop the bass drums drunkore dubstep duck duck hunt duckling dudes dungeon dungeon synth duplicate dusk dvdplayer dwarf 🐸 🧀 earrape earth earth tones earthbound easel Eastern easy listening echo echoes edam EDM eerie eldritch electro electronic elevator Emmental emoji ending theme epic eroge music eurobeat eurocore evening EVIL ex-lax experimental explosion F face Fairlight fairy fakeout opening Famiclone fanfare fantasy fast fds fence field filler text fire flag floating floaty flower flowers flute flying fm follincore font fontina forest fox frantic friendshipcore frogger frown fruits frustrationcore fugue fun function funk funky funkym reggae furry fusion Galgoxcore gallop game game over gameboy garbage gassy generative gentle ghostcore girl glacier glare glitch glitchfest glitchy gnome gosh gradius graph graphics tablet grass grayscale green gregorian groovy groundhog guitar Gumi gun haiku halo-halo happy harmonica harmonics harp harpsichord hat hats haunting headphones heart heavy hello heroic hey highway Hindu hip hop hiss hoedown HONK horn horns horror hot house how howl hyuuuuooo! ice icicle icons icy idm illegal IMAGINE impulse tracker indiana jones industrial industry ink inspirational inspiring intermission island it jam jazzy joy jrpg juice32 jumpy jungle JUST DO IT kaiten-zushi katakana katamari kawaii kazoo kefcore keytar kick kirby klaxon kleedercore Kmart Keffie knaecketraecker knobs Konami code ladscape lake landscape laptop laser latecore latin lawn chair lead leady leaf leash leaves lens flare light lightning liveplay LMMS lo-fi lofi logo lol long longcatislong loopy loud lowrez lullaby lyrics mac magazine magenta magic maid majestic makina malmencore man manchego manga march marching mario mario paint mariopaint mashup mathcore Maya MD meander medieval meeting megaman Megpoid melancholic melancholy mellow meow merchant metal microtonal middle east middle finger militaristic Milkytracker minecraft minimal minimalism mixed medium mmc5 monochromatic monotone mood swing moody moon moonside morning mosquito moss motown mountain mspaint msx mushroom music music box mysterious naga natural 20 nature needlepoint negative neigh neon nes nescore newsroom nice night nightmare Ninety Nateys noir noise noisy nokia nokia 3310 nokiacore nostalgia nostalgic not centered note notebook NotePerformer notes nsf numbers ocean odd of ohbcore oink OK Old English oldschool oldskool ominous on hold oops opening opening theme openmpt orange orch hits orchestra hit orchestral orchestral hit organ outrun PabloDraw pachelbel pacifier palm trees panda monogatari pandavovacore panning pantsu parchment parking lot parody parquet party pastel pats for panda patterns peaceful pencil penis percussive periwinkle perspective petscii phonecore photo photography photomash phtography piano pie graph pig pink pirate pitch bend pitfall pixel pixelart pixelated PixelFormer PixiTracker pizzicato plagiarism planet plasma platformer playstation plumber pokemon pokey polka pollen pond pong pool pop popcorn poppy poster powerpoint pr0n princess prisoner prog proggy progressive ProTracker ps1 psychadelic psychedelic puke7 pumping pun punny pupper puppers purple quiet R&B rabbit ears racing rain rainbow rainbows ralaxing random rap rareware rave ready real red redhead reggae regular relaxing render renoise repetitive resubmitcore retrowave reverb rhinoviruscore ribbon riddim ride ringtone river rng road rock rockin rolling romantic rooster roots rpg Ruby run running rytmik studio SA-HT520 sailboat sailing sakura saloon samba samples santa savage saxophone SBES sci-fi scratchy ScreamTracker secret security guard sega sellsheet serene serious sex shadow shadows shanty shark sharpscii shia shield shine ship shop theme short sick bread sidewalk shrimp sign silhouette silly simple sine single channel skateboard skeleton sketch skiing skull sky skyline slap bass sleepy sleigh bells slogan slow small smile smw snacks snappy snare SNES snescore snow snowball snowflake snowman soaring somber Sonic soundfont space Spanish sparse spectrum speech speedy spiral spooky spoopy spray paint spring square squeak squeeze squirrel stars stars snow steak stickers still life stockings stompy storm storytelling strawberry street strings stroll strut subway succubus sumber summer sun sunglasses sunlight sunny side up sunrise sunset sunshine sunvox surf surf rock surprise ending surreal sushi swamp sweet swimming pool swing switchup sword synthcore synthesizer synthpop synthwave synthy tags tango teal techgore techno TEDzakker telephone television temple tempo change tense tension test card text textbox thanos the beatles thicc thick thief thievery thigh highs thighs third eye thonk thrash thump thumping thunder tiatracker tiatune tic-80 tile tim follin time signature tiny title screen titlecore too short touhou tower town trackcore tracker tractor train training trance trash trashy tree trees trending trianglecore trills trippy troll tropical trudging trumpet turbo two parts uh oh umbrella unce unicorn uniform unrequited unsettling untz upbeat uplifting urban urgency uwu vapor wave variety_hour vellum vgm victory video8 vine vocal vocal mixing vocal samples vocaloid vocals voice voice mixing voice sample voices vrc6 vrc7 wah wahwah walk walking walkman waltz water waterfall waves wedge western whiskers wiener wind windmill Windows windows 7 windy wink winne winter wireframe witch wobble wobbly woodchuck woods woodwinds woof world worm wrong number x-ray Yaargh yeah yellow Yeti YM2612 yo yu-gi-oh zappa Zelda ZX Spectrum zzz