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the Old School Parking Lot Monitors

★MidiCircuits™ Pre-Order now Available
★TrippleZero™ Is $1Usd+1$2.50 shipping

Paypal Order Page will be emailed if anybody wants a CD . "000" our (-3) Negative Third album is Free with One Hidden Track Now on Our Electro-Muisic Links on this page


★MidiCircuits™ Cd Soon To Be Recorded (On A Multitrack that has MidiPorts™) Scheduled for.next upcoming weeks. Few Weeks We will announce MidiCircuits™ Shipped Out to Any Addresses on the Pre-Order List. Tripple Zero Re-Release and MidiCircuits™ Pre-Order are both $1.

"After we record Midi Circuits, we're recording "It's Always Fresh" our first album. "We wrote It's always fresh 3 or 4 years ago or so to date. We want to have some pre-release 'negative number' albums (-2) which is "Tripple Zero"

ZeroZeroZero, our first album, is available on Electro-Music.Com if you follow the links on our music download page listed on this paragraph

.Wav CDs and OldSchool.Plm's "House Music T-Shirts" Email Us Order or Size. 1 Compact Disc in-stock, 'Triple Zero (With 1 New Track!)'

The New version of Tripple Zero is ready to go to Cd. Let's see how far we can get this album after we send these CDs out. We want to generate some .Wav CDs Soon for its first pressed.

"Old School PlM has 50 albums to date. 1 has been recorded. "MidiCircuits™" is planned.

We have some .ptk and .xm templates we made for all-- email our friend in Top City, K.eparoo OldSchool.Plm@Gmail.com (That is Sample Packs of .Wav Drums and Synth) we made them for other people were not sure what to do with them. These free .wav samples will surely brighten your sample collection-- MilkyTracker or Protrekkr Chip Tunes or use the samples for other programs.

"Our .Xm Sample Packs will Provide you with samples from 4 people in Kansas and 2 from illinois" The Members of Osplm So Far.

The rest have been all written or scanned in to computer. Hope we soon get this multitrack and get layering "MidiCircuits™" our 2nd "Surprise" (pre-1st album release) Album number negative two (-2). These are 2 albums available. The rest are on Pre-Release.

"We have around 50(+) Songs Written for our Band" --Kyle Eparoo

"Tripple Zero is Album Number Negative Two(-2)"

$1 Each+ $1.50 MediaMail Shipping=$2.50 each


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This is our download page for our music and Chip Tunes:


2 pages of Mp3 .Wav .Xm and more

Thankxs from OSplm

Lots of Windows Tracker programs:


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Hay this is Kyle Eparoo, from the Old School Parking Lot Monitors. We make Chip Tunes, and we are trying to decide on what name to use for this site, so we could post some songs and level up. IDK we are gonna wait a few days and then go from there, I'm not really able to focus on making music right now because, I've got too-many-programs-itis right now, and we are trying to find the cure within focusing on OpenMPT right now, I don't know if that makes any sense to any one, but if it does, then thank-you-for-understanding. I've literally been meditating on this post for 14 hours now that's why it's so jazzy. I like all of the chips on here and if only I had them all to listen to on my ZxTune player some day that would be music to my ears; thankfully I've been told that it is quite possible to get some of this stuff on ZxTune. I like every song that I've heard on here so far, it's a phenomenal concept that you have for this site, I've got plenty of things to say about it and they're predominantly that it's a nice place to find on internet.

I've thus far had lots of fun learning these programs for Winterchip. We're gonna focus on one account from now on because, I make an artist name and new project all the time with my friends, very often. We've got 3 people posting Chips from all over the Midwest. That's why in the future you will hear so diverse Chip Tunes from us, The Old School PLM is:

Kyle Eparoo from Chicago on Precussion
Why Wou from Kansas on Keytar and Programming
Snakey from Kansas on Synthesizers and Code, editing

Several others have displayed interest in doing some guitar and drums for live shows, besides them. The Midwest is an interesting place; never thought I'd run into so many fellow electronic musicians in Kansas, there's quite a few, even chippers I found

★Update: We Arememorizing these Famitracker Fx List

★0xy Arpeggio (x=2nd) (Y=3rd)

I should probably just copy and paste this

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