Level 20 Mixist   
Tags Received

:-( :< 32 BITS IMAGE 3D 3spooky5me 3x 44100Hz actual music ALLCAPSCORE alright alrightcore animal animals arcade arpfest authentic autofav baroque bass battle theme beat big eyes birbs blaaand blaand black bland blender blippy bug report busy buzzy c caev_stroy calm cancore carnival castle catchy channel fun cheerful chill chip chippy chipstyle chords church bells circus clarinet classical cloud clown computer concerto congration consoles counterpoint credits creepy crunchy da dark decentcore defeatistcorn deflemask depressing detuned do do da doesn't work dooooo dreamy eeeh effort egg electronics emotional enclosed enclosurecore ending ending theme endingless exclosure first channel f fm fugue fun funky funny genesis gimp gradient happy hax heaven hood classic horror I guess I love you Miner illegal improv improvisation infinity invention ionian island It's okay jazz Jingle Jangle kaneokacore leady liveplay lonely stroll long loopy loud bass lucy in the sky lullaby mail melancholic mellow melody meme minerscalecore moody mspaint mspaintcore mysterious mystic nes nice noise not a game not a nice meme not a tracker not sad not-game now we're under OH NO THE COMMEN oldschool ominous ooof! opening OPM paintcore panda panda sucks pants penis piano pizzicato plucky polyphonic positivity pro r/LegalAdvice relaxing reverse rising sad Sad. SAX saxophone SegaPCM Send Nudes sentence mixing shaky short shortpants simple singing snake sonic sp00k sp00p space spam speaking spooky spoony spoop spoopy strings surfing synth teeny tense tension Terry A. Davis the lick thick Thomas tiny town trapchurch triangle unfunny unweighted keybo usability USSR vgm vibrato vocals voice mixing vombot walkingmusic wav white wintery woo YM2151 you done it