Level 26 Chipist   
Tags Received

:3 ... <3 1 channel 404 7/8 action adlib adventure anything army arp arpey arpfest arps arps-galore Atari 2600 ataricore awesome aym backstreets back bass bass fishing basscore battle beat bin bleepy blippy blips bloops boogie BotBrs bounce bouncy breaks BUGS buzzy cancore capcomcore cat chainsaw channel F cheerful chibi chill chip64 chips chord chords clever cold comic computer credits cute DELICIOUS DemenTIA demostyle descriptive didnt getta vote dirt distortion dkc2 downtempo DPCM drone drunkore dungeon effort pts end credits ending theme epic exit to DOS faux nsf FauxAcoustic feedback filter fireworks fm fmk folincore follincore fun funk funky fusion future giv ze puppy air glitch glitchy groove groovy guitar guitary hand drawn happy hard hardpans hardware hardware render harmonics harmony harry potter heavy HHNNN industrial jazz joyus k.k. slider KC kulcore kulor kulor lives landscape laser bugs Le Mans 24 leady let it be link lol loopy loud lullaby mah pimpmobile mario kart mario paint melancholic microsoft gs midi minigame module monsquaz mp3 mspaint nasty noise not about trains now with one l nsf nsf+ NSFplay octave bass ohb ohc origin story ow pixel pixelcomic plaigarismbait pleasant png pokey ponponpon pwm lead random random ohb recockulous refined relaxing resonance rich rox running sad samba sap sap-master saptastic saw scratchy sega shit i roll to shna short sid silly simple singing sky small sms smw snass bass snesmod space squirrel staccato strobe sunset superfunmaximum surfing on a sin sweep synth tale threatening TIA timbaland tincan totakacore txt ui variation vgm vgp vidya VRC6 warblegarble warm waves wildcard wobble wrong platform xm YOSHI