Level 23 Chipist   
Tags Given

:) !princess 'scuse me & KNUCKLES =) ||) 0cc 0cc-ft 100 favorites 199 2a03 only 3-in-1 3D 4:20 40 7 808 80s 8bit poop crap 8k 909 A A new record! abrupt end abstract acid acoustic actual music actual song adventure adventurous aesthetic AHX all 7s all gold all n00bz all trap music amazing amber ambient amiga AMK ancient aliens animated anime anime letters anticipationcore antigalgoxcore arcade arpfest arps arrow Atari ST atmospheric autistic AY badass based kefie bass bbsong beardo beat beats beautiful BEE beepbox beepola BEGONE best billie jean black midi blender blippy blues boners bonfire boobiesqueezed boobs bosca ceoil botbrcore bounce bouncy break breakbeat breakcore breaks breeze bruh bubble bobble butt buzzy bytebeat c64 cakewalk callie calm CAPS LOCK cat catchy catholic chaos chaotic character select cheerful cheery cheesy chicken dinner chill chillin chip chipstyle chocolate christmas classical classy cloaca clockwork clubby cold collab colorful computer conversioncore cool cracktro credits crunchy cute d34dstep damn son dance dance floor dark defeatistcore deflemask deflemasochism demo demostyle descriptioncore detuned dial tone diatonic af disco djmaximumcore dnb dog doot doot DOS dota downtempo dpcm dreamy duel dungeon dvdplayer fetish 🅱️ 🔥 e edm eerie effort egyptian electro electropop ELEGANCE elipsis elwood empty epic experimental extended fakeout opening fancy text fantasy fast fds festive filters final fantasy fire first entry FM FM bass FoDcore follincore FORTY ONE friendshipcore fsound ftm FUCK fuck yeah full fun funk funky funny furry future bass gabber galgoxcore game gameboy gay gb genesis gif gift glitch glitchy goatse god tier good good day Good day! gospel GRAND DAD grass grim reaper groovy group picture guitar guitar lead happy happy hardcore happycore hard hardpanning hardstyle harpsichord heah hes Hi Hi-NRG hively holidays hot house how ice climbers idm illegal INCREDIBLE intense interesting intermission IRL IT IT2NSF italo jazz jazzy jezz jingle jizz jozz jrpg jungle junk juzz kawaii KAWFEE kefcore keygen kickass kicky king of town klonoa large patterns latin lewd light liveplay lofi long longcatislong loop loopy LOUD LSDJ march mario odyssey mario paint masterpiece math meaty melancholy mellow memecore MERRY CHRISTMAS metal microtonal MIDI midi entry military milkytracker minecraft mml mod MOD2PSG MOD2VIC module mono morse code moth mountains mp3 multichip musetracker mysterious nature negative score NES nes style nice nice! night club no expansions no FM noise not a game not a nsf not bad not centered not defectmask NOT HAPPY nsf nya ocean odd meter of old oldskool OpenMPT OPN outside pan flute panda paper mario party pastel pastiche pc engine PC-98 PCM peaceful perfect phaser1 piano pixel pixel art pizza playstation PMD pong poopy pop powerful powerpoint prayercore protracker pump it up pung pwm pxtone quality radical radix radixcore ragequit ragtime rainbows reggae relaxation relaxing renoise repetitive reverb reverby RITALIN RNG robyncore rock roster rpgcore runescape s3m s3xmodit sad savage savestate saws sax scene scifi scratch ScreamTracker scrubbish sega sega genesis seizure sekaiju sepsis sequelcore serene sgen shmup short shortcatisshort showercore sid sidstyle sidwiz silly simple sine waves sketch skull trumpet slap bass SleizsaTrio slow small smooth SMS SN76489 SNESMOD sneventracker sociopathy soft sonic mania sorcery space special fx speed 1 speedy spiderman splatoon spooky square lead steampunk stolen story storycore strange strobecore strobepastiche strong summit sun sunsoft bass sunsoft style sunvox super hot SuperNSF surreal swag sweet swing synth tagfest tank techno telephone tempest tempo tentacles tetris THE the end the return thick thievery thighs thrash tiatune tincan tiny tired title screen titlecore touhou town toy keyboard trance treat trees trending trianglecore tropical trumpet turtle unsettling UNTZ upbeat vacation vaporwave variety hour vast vgm VI-III-VII-i VinsCool vocaloid vocals vocoder vrc6 vrc7 VST wafflecore waltz wank warm wavetable wavy weeb WEIRD wii shop channel winner wintery won world famous wow WTF wub wubs x2 combo xm xmsnes xrns yeah years yes YM2151 YM2608 YM2612 Yomaru Kasuga yoshi your song zelda

Tags Received

[^_^] 0cc 3/4 4 tincans 4! 5/4 7/4 acidjazzcore acidjazzed action adventure Adventurous AHX ambient amiga AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA anime anime opening animu antigalgoxcore arp arpeggio arpeggios arpfest arps astonish atmospheric authentic avocado points awesome sauce ballad bass basscore battle beat beats beautiful beepola best biohazard bleep bleep bloop bloop bloopy bomb bouncy breaks bubble beam buy buzzer caev_stroy calm canon in D catchy cave story cave tory cheerful cheese cherry childishish chill chip chipstyle chirpy chords christmas clam club chords clubby cold collab cool cool breeze cool lead cowbells cracktro cramazing crunchy bass cute dance Dance Anthem deflemask demoscene demostyle descriptioncore doo doo do dooo dorian mode dreamy driving drone ear bleed easeful electro elon musk elwood empowering end credits energetic epic Euro House eurobeat eurocore excite extreme panning fakeout opening fast fl studio flying FoDcore FoDpastiche foot tap fountain friend friendly friendshipcore fun funky futurama galgoxcore genius glitchy good good title groove groovy happy hardcore hardpanning hardpans harmony haste hawt night heart heartwarming hell yeah hively hopeful hopelessromantic hoppy house hype icy imaginary friend imagination inspiration inspiring intro it it virgin it2panda jam jump & run jumpy junky keeper key change keygen kicky leady longcatislong loopy love lovely lyric m9mcore mashup masterpiece maxYMiser mellow melodic bass melody midieditor midoricore milkytracker mmc5 mml mod2vic mono mood swing mood swings moody motivational multichip music mysterious n163 NES nice niconico noise non-stop nostalgic NOT HAPPY not happy :) nsf ocean old school oldskool ooo scary oooooooooo optimistcore overcocked pachelbel paint panda pantcore peaceful percussive phaser1 planet PMD poetic pop poppy powerful pro pumpin pumping pumpkin pxtone quiet racing random notes rave relaxing retro rmt rock samples saucepans saw season sell sequel serene shmup sho short SIDstyle sight the leek simple sleizsa trio smile SMS snap sndh snesmod SnevenTracker snow sonic knuckles source space space delivery special special fx speedy spring square wave stroll strong summer sunshine Swells swing synthy team diversity techno tension thick tiatune tic-80 touhou trade tredning trending TRIANGLE underwater united states of untz upbeat uplifting uptempo very good vgm vi IV I V vibes vii° vrc6 vrc7 wafflecore weeb winter wonderful xm xmsnes xycecore YESpanning YM2608 young youth