Level 23 Chipist   
Tags Given

warioware genetics no-percussion repetition irregular tempo floppy disk munch.py victim oooh yeah my ears! nullcore s3xmodit superfunky super dragon headbanger hax silly metal funxlé mosquito freq descriptioncore longcatislong munch pie porpoise david la la la yah! yah! channelfest cute not bad defeatistcore SIDstyle michubells highpassed LSDJ 8bcore tarnce spooky sacred geometry YES good sap barely detuned FARTARI farts RUDE shit an idiot cynthia driveway controversial remove unwanted distasteful funky >:V( )E :()-|-< musical joke kommisarcore 23:38 forevercore haha what shit now what sociopathy one full LP side moonhorse return key of C major JOHN IS BACK stamoscore loud toiiiiiing! IKIMAAAAS~ egypt deflemask BASSDROPの術 Mexico skrillex oppan hard style c64-style drums skyclad kawaii wafflecore reverse metal DPCM strobe sorcery castlevania (*o* ) ROOF bark happy fakeout strobeout yesh sucks huesudocore optimistcore kzawavey fds fgsFDS pericynthion lasers adlib mountain opl's da horizon WHAT A THRILL antidescriptcore this is by strob (tonite) effortlesscore winding geo trova minimalism pitch fuckery nine patterns? pachelbit txt =( Sad. daveservice luney triptune low volume whargarbl circuit wubs amen sin? obscenitycore bah attack on TiTAN chuntor mario wow danmaku of arps saucy apathy short 2A03+VRC6 hardware render commentary worth it serious artform iambic 5meter Mexico? LETS-A-GO alt accounts main accounts not the waffles Phillip Marlowe ninja can RAFT Seinfeld midistep l'obe doom BEGIN HEADBANGIN max hp rpg inn dog cat man coda outrun rickroll birthdaycore tanabata? bullshit fallacy 0C0devil comma bug fodcore kfaradaycore fodfaraday muito legal not a waste oh queso REJITTERING? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ooct1 no regrets britain yeaah actually bassoon stroboe PSA gowario clubby buy buy buy fun with laser guns MEGAMANICUS TOO DAMN SLOW 7.20 BPM impressionist aji'savatarcore MAGIC seinfeld bass 2spooky teriyaki major arcana plural of prince FearOfDark thunder thighs xara 3D maker knytt guebón cmsht ياي legit

Tags Received

fire sun star hot blam burn PowerOfTheSuun! mars tuesday orange temperature summer trending science planet HAWT midistyle 5/4 love game newformat mp3 tincan tension minimal loop original vgm arpfest 7s-core nsf pretty blump&herple sap2x pokey atari jazzy stereo sap atmospheric 64kb wobbly xm dreamy loopy 8kb it moody metal snes spc xmsnes legend of zelda spooky trees grave png variety hour plottwist voice mixing percussive warioware DIY samba playful end demoscene lol kekekeke winrar laugher 6/8 swing slow dance 50s prom sho Mario Paint bassy simple breadboard electronics chips wires leds beardboard drug metaphor photo .xm funky prog rock shredding riffy SNES guitars syncopation descriptive battle theme 🎉 doom half speed A = 202.125 Hz pioneer dundundundun adventurous mellow up and down quiet glitchy sinusoidal aliascore wibbly nice plush relaxing glitch jpeg compression iceberg lettuce art very cool ice ocean defeatistcore mastadon Sad.core defeati rocks DPCM de la verga ace title angsty burritocore sudocore irony lyrics vocals punny ^o^ photography tracks train aeolian guitar sad postcommacore mashup beach bird vortex dither mother short descending NES come home smooth prog r&b sweet bass 300 cute relax musicbox charleston plants vs. zombi grandfather slinky so cool man what is this key sig major longcatislong musical piece fuuuuuuuu storycore aji'savatarcore IT'S DIGNITARY King Crimson rugar opus storytelling mood swing DoubleHeadedPony major arcana wtfland pony majestic trippy happy no expansions indie goggles cave story beat story time txt story laser punchy leady classical heavy dark magical cowboy_curtis N163 wavetablecore groovy emotional sn2 chamber music MMC5 true ohb gif comic .fon random bit beep remix can't think of anything but pixelporn beepy monster bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz buzz baroque 12k ohc fanfare trianglecore teh marios mario horror pixel desert chill super mario kart ring cowcore metallic hax bug man unsettling two face contrasts face ism 4-color diversity racism drone melancholic multitrack text boons allgear kick sinecore mysterious action klinkore wink House doctor <font color="hot guy money capitalism cash botb haiku self-reflecting asmr breakup msg thrash circus dramatic isometric 18th century prelude kefka Lost Cosmonaut he sploded phone sex Torre Bert crawl slither sneaky random battle screwy drummins Nobuo Uematsu Nobuo Final Fantasy IV interpolation illusion pun vase optical sochi protest nintendo gengar habbo hotel too big very nice pie puke7 scrub parasite microtonal pathetique loz zeldacore rad ratchet percussion percs spider_luvin seranade spidercore bass Fear Of Dark Fear FearOfSick fodcore SickOfDark