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post #93436 :: 2017.12.20 12:17pm
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
Dyersburg Geekery and Cosplay. Big fan of this site. Have found lots of very enjoyable stuff here!
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post #93466 :: 2017.12.20 9:20pm
welcome! hang out in the chats with the n00bz! :D/ the linux beard who runs this site has his own person discord too, if you wanna check that out as well!
Level 21 Mixist
post #93716 :: 2017.12.29 6:01pm
Hey DGandC! Welcome! Do you have any plans on *making* music? By the looks of it so far I can't really tell it you want to, but I gotta say it's a lot of fun. Even if you have no intentions of making any music, I reckon you should give it a go.
Level 21 Mixist
post #94148 :: 2018.01.07 10:20pm
Alright DGandC! For chiptune composition, Deflemask is a great option. (http://www.deflemask.com/)

Deflemask does lots of different systems all in one. You have the NES, the Genesis, the PC engine and the Master System. If you need help, there pretty much always is a person on the IRC or discord (link available through the IRC), you can contact me (@Minerscale#9319) on discord at any time :)

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