Level 23 XHBist   
Tags Given

vocals synth latistcore arps corona sad storytelling AI epic first_submission cheerfull koshiro_vibes smooth crunchy tutorial_track fail_attempt spooky cpcm vav 56 Handwritten cheerful kleedercore adventure kirby opmcore fm funny hommcore hommcore_fx dragon EggmanOPM industrial tesla coin OPM BotBcore Eggman 1-bit Placeholder photo album cover black&white Space animated gimp authorcore duck lovecraft invalid fail empty creative orange cloudy swamp titlecore short bees piano space ship laser vombot upbeat woosh alien stars spirit mountain farawell sitar starry night badass day battle bear synthwave volcacore noob orchestral soundtrack jazzy moon pixel art earth horror ambiance spaceship cute robot beercore starry castlevaniacore tobicore spy bouncy maycore Ultimate Hum V illegal but cool grafx2 coda rain chill e-piano cutecore zencore calm sound design dialogs cover speedcore solo JD-Xi zen nes emotional galop synthy reface cs guitar present hanna burfday potatoe eating joke Jess Energetic dance lyrics spaghetti noise beepy dreamy funky tobikomicore draw pumkin you fun Strobe comics ant chaos theory pokΓ©mon pot plant voice fugue organ bluenoccore penalty pixel animation vavcorp lumby kleeder jakerson submarine boat sand party manganoid castle claffsy disco ball dancefloor collab oreo waltz hannacore hi kleeder desert humcore sorcery creature gobliins rogue dont listen! kefcore hal 9000 Escher Penrose stairs vov wendy's Fisheye burn out depression resignation despair strings nest classic description pokemon otter that lead zap tv seancore steel drums beach towncore rpg energic groovy spacey relaxing Ecco sean GoatTracker SID action nopmcore live motorcycle kleederr bluenocturne Damifortune bird hypercube neon cyberpunk wolf botbrcore robotnik-is-opm fire fearofdark undertale mirage castlenes lighting dark dungeon winter is ending snow longcatislong voice acting savestate first_track podcast intro Black and white bugs <3 lovecraftian amogus

Tags Received

sunsoft vrc7 famitracker tooty gallop percussive adventurous 1st submission 1st entry barbarian barbariancore wizard ranger warrior pixel wyvern dragon forrest night epic details rpg adventure heavy bassy crunchy synthy moody pun ^o^ boo amateur night creepy blue demon font Action Upbeat Golden Axe fm energetic short loopy deflemask shredding racing vgm botbrcore beach clouds ocean summer ableton collab voice mixing jakerson the song? dancefloor tension variety_hour classic leady groovy BIG powerful detailed dark futuristic city animated snow sign snowfall landscape cheerful happy nonhardrock artisanal lol LSDJ motivating wintery pppcore melancholic octopus sea kixel jumpy the button illegal vrc6 fight arena LOUD lofi beat river bench pantscore castle castle theme orchestral penaltycore cowbell cow moo pig pigcore spooky sudden change polka mysterious strings icy beard puke7 desk eye unsettling cute eyeball hypnotic jpeg bees sfw harp homm sadness.wav alien 56 deer voice acting ominous house cabin axe ghosts winter sewer holes purple cat hungry ambient sfx drums metal guiro drum kit mallet mechanical cave story hornet nauseous n00bcore gong chill town space camera sonic boss robot miniboss midboss stone dragon badnik horror dreamy battle theme panning christmas big boy pin tree Adventerous Knite colorcore sped speedy kgb525 telebasher bluenocturne the truth sonic clouds peaceful weird Konami SEGA Dreamcast concept art console fits name cover Pimp Walkin rythm choices subtle spaceship piano intro n163 frogcore jazzy sunrise simple palette descriptioncore relaxing Ymocore kleedercore subliminal snowy photo cloud face hannacore beepy bronze zelda vibratocore tree dithering nopmcore bouncy cinematic undertale action shot storytelling flyer triple tincansos icons botb icons blob vav skiing microphone OoO aladdin chip small space ship tracker grid cover art derp googly eyes comic botbcore atmospheric blippy catapult pirate acid rawr castlevania gusg21 googles gogglecore pink gif frog bubbles underwater jellyfish dance stay puff spoopy ghostbusters waltz emotional S5B vocals francecore laser laser gun hip hop beats boat sunset sorry i did vavcorp confusing maze Kogg Bogg Rogq road mountain cloud majestic sky flight combination pokemon pokΓ©mon hodgepodge SAX 3/4 time fun asia scawy thunder boons plane defectmask imagination bass heroic shovel timeline dig garvalfcore the ultimate ham the ultimate hum amazing beautiful nature garage corona virus marsh calm drawing amidar SIDstyle soothing motorcycle hippie warm jumanji box notes exciting tempo changes empty blank failcore goblin grave riverside fly storm minimalist snake grey owl stump whale rain pixels 0:56 sound design tavern fds dungeon temple music sad depressing glass bottle guitar orange dusk sun obfuscate element flatcolours scenery lullaby running to loop arpfest soviet dictator dungeon synth mystical shmup celesta shop tentacle present shade punchy hanna musical notes sprites robotnik-is-opm eggman robotnik toadette kitchen airplane chaos emerald lsdjcore piggy piggycore diving industrial graffiti desktop icon sid c64 playful Mega Man futurecore bottle message transparent dimension pirate flag pirates kawaii scenic silhouette mask elf glasses perfect 35 perfect 35 photograph bird black and white b&w purplecore dangerous trap ansi apples bluecore anime cowboy hat title screen HIYAA!!! sword digital bat