Level 17 Chipist   
Tags Given

^-^ ^O^ ^w^ ;) ;3 :'D :D :FIRE: :FLAME: ....... 'l00minati *hindi actually < 3 <3 # #frexit ++VITALITY ='D =o 1-bit 240 2a03 2hu 3xVRC7core 4:20 420quickscope 80s 90s a a e i o u absolute yes abstract action actual jizz actual music adhd AESTHETIC AESTHICS ハド-ゲイ Ahimsa all 1s all-out-of-gum alt universe and then they ani any day autofav aww B) b00nsaviour basektbol BEAUTIFUL beleza benjo beverly hills Bhakta big dick energy big league big loot black metal black paint blackeneddoom Blast Processing Blood Man blue waterwall blueballed boss fight brokeback bruh buggy vgm BZZ c64 certified chapeau cheney chengcore chichard d fames chill chipstyle classical closet come back conglaturationz conversioncore credit m9m critical situati Crow Man cuddlecore cute cyberpunk-ish da true storbe dadcore dank defeatistcore defeatistcore; t desu detune dickfag dither hell DJ Joltik djmaximumcore DKC2 doom DPRK drink water du ägg duane duane <3 duke nukem egg eggs egocore elections_rigged epic eroge evil boss fight exciting expand dongs plz extended yt vid fakebit fashwave fm fo.sho format tag format vulture fresh frog legs fu antonio fuck california fuck yeah funky game is done gay gettingsohigh gift go homu!! goldfinger 64 golgi golgibody golgicore good goodm8 gotham swag grass grim groovy hado gei han är 13 hank you very mu happy hearts HI hi strobe hifi hih hihi holy cow honey honne hornetmancore I am I am Skrillzyax i love u too ^o^ Ice Fields ikea im 13 u egg impressive industrial interdimensional ironic descripti it's happening Jackals Jarresque Jay jimmylogic jiyoshi's b***** jizz joltik-core joltikcore kawaii keff keffie kefir ketchup is evil keygen kezoi l0l legit link's awakening literalwow lmao lol longcatislong Loungecore louvre love lovely lovevote lovevoting lul lunatic 1cc m9m m9mcore make america g mariopant fetish martial beach Master master racer maxheartmagic meanings meddl loide Mega Chill melancholic mellow meow mind=blown minimalism mona lisa monsquaz mootstradamus mountain mspaint my ass mysterious neinballed NG nice nice sache nicer holocaust no no dark outlines NOT LOOPY not loopy not rave not undergayle o obviously OK Om Namo Narayana Onigiri oui oww oy vey paint metal panties pants paul feels PCE pedipanol pedschepanou perfect 35 piss pixel door PIZZA <3 pls pluskekvania plz prog reat again reggie rekt remove undergayl republ. feels retrofuture rip rip frantic rip golgi rip jiyoshi rofl ronaldo forever ronaldocore run the trap sad end salmon secret of mana Sega Sega Master Syst SEGAAAAAAAAAAAA sex sexy shit in pants shit undergayle short shots fired shoulda_won sidwiz sillyventure singing~ sintel Skrillzyax sm0 smooth SMS TUHU <3 sociopathy space jam spejs stupid defeatist sunny SURRENDER suwaggu swag swagga updaeit swedish comedy sweg swehg Sylveon synthfunk tagcore tatamae tekno teletext the best thick thot destroyer thx thx m 9m thx m9m titlecore tldr too real top top dogg touch shinichim touhou true true_first true_winner tune feels right turdles turnt uau usagi usagicore vic20 vocaloid water mafia water trap wau wed weeb metal weebcore why win winner winnercore winning woah WOKE wow wow.. wow............. wtf wwo xD YAY yes yiss yolo yume yummie

Tags Received

:3 =))))))))))))))) 10000mw 2A03 2Pace4ever 8-bit beast 80s 8580 aesthetic airhorn ambience anime Anime Hair anime letters animorphs.gbs anticipationcore arps atmospheric b&w beat beatbox black and white breaks buckteeth CAPS LOCK capstitle cat catcore catsndogs CAWFEE cawfee enema Chilean US chill choir clubby coffee coffee enema coffeecore comic creepy d d'n'b dat dating sim daw descriptioncore dicks disrespect DOLAN TRUMP drink coffee 👻 egocore esoteric faceslap fakebith8 famicom fast FEELS filter funny gabber ghost emoji glitch glitchy Gotham Swag great title groovy GXSCC hair hair is water hall reverb happy hardstyle hax hopefully iknowwhatyoudidc illbient industrial japanese jingle joymask KAWFEE late lol loopy loosing loud lullaby MAGA mario paint marioland matrix mature meme meowcat midibient minimal minimalistic monochrome mushroom my loony bun is no rly wtf not extended not penis oh man oh shit oh wow oh yeah ok not sanskrit paint pant lab pants pantscore participation peaceful penis percussive pew pew pixel predictable psy quake remove kebab repetitive ribbit snare sample samplingmasters sand script sand shit schallwellecore screen self-cover sfx SHIFT BUTTON short shortcatisshort silly sleepy sneaky sneventracker space spaceball spam speedy spooky strobecore switzerland telephonecore tense the best thin titlecore trash neurohardc tremolo tremolo picking troll entry uau undertale vgm vocal mixing winnercore woodblock woofdog woooo wow wow lame fo wtf schall xzone yoshi ytpcore zalgo