and another small non-allgear because why not

Σ27.125    1st/6    May 11 '20
Lost in a jungle of battles.sho
Σ25.598    2nd/6    May 11 '20
3 Left Feet.sho
Σ24.339    3rd/6    May 11 '20
just wanna make me core.sho
Σ22.761    4th/6    May 11 '20
idk they just kinda happen.sho
Σ22.385    5th/6    May 11 '20
this is what 100 allgears in 1 month feel like.sho
Σ7.221    6th/6    May 11 '20
Bit Pack

OHC_04318.txt 271 bytes

Final Pack

XHB04581 and another small non-allgear because why not 19.7kb

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post #120442 :: 2020.05.11 2:22pm
  kleeder liēkd this
Make IRC log great again!
Level 31 Chipist
post #120443 :: 2020.05.11 2:25pm
thanks for your feedback. it will be used to make your botb experience better. :)
Level 21 Criticist
post #120446 :: 2020.05.11 3:21pm
  kleeder liēkd this
This ohb killed discord
Level 31 Chipist
post #120447 :: 2020.05.11 3:24pm
heres your irc log

<vombot> [Radnyx] thx!
<vombot> [Radnyx] i like urs
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] I also 7'nd it
<kleeder> :3
<vombot> [goose] oh no
<vombot> oh yeeee \o/ 🦆 \o/ i'd devour the tg55 is mlämen
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Thanks : D
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Best format incoming
<kleeder> >:)
<kleeder> oh nice, botb forgot to take 750 boons from me
<kleeder> now i get 750 boons on top when i get 3 entries
<kleeder> muhahahaha
<vombot> [argarak] wow you figured out the exploit
<vombot> [argarak] all you have to do is host an ohb real fast right after another one
<vombot> [goose] ok nobody enter
<kleeder> yeah but the problem is sometimes botb is not giving me the 750 boons back even if my ohb has more than 3 entries
<kleeder> so its hit or miss
<vombot> [argarak] everything balances itself out eventually haha
<kleeder> seems so
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] cos you did 2 battles in a row?
<BotB> kleeder - :: mp3 now available ::
<kleeder> in the exact same moment, i ended and started
<kleeder> i guess the database read/write messed up
<vombot> wh... whaaaat, b00daw? o:? Lame... 7pm CST
<kleeder> woaaahh b00daw
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] woaahh B00daw indeed
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Even vom is confused
<kleeder> xDD
<vombot> [goose] what does the abc button do in mario pain
<BotB> Radnyx - club :: mp3 now available ::
<BotB> OminPigeonMaster - These funky guys from another :: mp3 now available (rendered by kleeder) ::
<BotB> Proximatron - :: mp3 now available (rendered by kleeder) ::
<BotB> argarak - no time to tune.xm :: mp3 now available (rendered by kleeder) ::
<kleeder> ohb started c:
<kleeder> goose: the abc are the 3 channels
<kleeder> you can select which channel you wanna use
<kleeder> if you disable it, itll just use the first available one
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] where is the list of secret pants skills again?
<kleeder> lyceum: mariopants
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] I need to paste
<vombot> [argarak] or you can check the readme file
<kleeder> oh yes
<kleeder> but who rtfm hahahaha
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] readme file?
<vombot> [argarak] uh it's readme.txt
<vombot> [argarak] in the mariopaints directory
<vombot> the genocide in dreams, was tuesday at RTS
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Ah cheers
<vombot> [goose] this is hell
<vombot> [goose] why
<vombot> [goose] i want all gear
<vombot> [goose] allgear!
<vombot> [goose] allgear!
<kleeder> lol
<vombot> [goose] allgear!
<kleeder> you know we have 67 other formats on here
<kleeder> allgear is boring after 100+ battles in a month lol
<vombot> [goose] i agree
<vombot> [goose] not mariopaint!
<vombot> [goose] not mariopaint!
<kleeder> xDD
<vombot> woooo thanks j with 3:12 PM too dj program?
<vombot> [goose] not mariopaint!
<kleeder> fuck off elitist
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] XD
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Allgear is EVERY format
<vombot> [goose] idk using trackers seems pretty elitist
<vombot> [argarak] allgear is every format but also no format
<vombot> [goose] i agree we need not-allgear ohb
<kleeder> allgear is too unlimited, its exhausting to come up with ideas everytime
<vombot> [goose] how about a vcv ohb?
<vombot> [goose] i like vcv
<kleeder> :D
<vombot> [argarak] maybs lol
<vombot> [Belicious] All-gear doesnt always force you out of the comfort zone
<vombot> [goose] i agree
<vombot> agree on,
<vombot> [goose] again
<vombot> [goose] i am all for non-allgear
<kleeder> i think the best way to achieve more non-allgear is to give opm full hosting power
<kleeder> so either 7 badges or admin
<kleeder> choose your fighter
<vombot> [goose] admin
<kleeder> hehe
<vombot> [goose] ominous pigeon master?
<kleeder> cant wait until he reaches 7 badges and starts spamming whatever format at 6am and noone excepts him enters
<vombot> [Belicious] Just host more non-allgear until opm has the badge
<vombot> [goose] more like omnipotent pigeon master
<kleeder> lol
<kleeder> yes im trying to do that rn
<vombot> Anyways, if "allgear" than rad, it's karma of 16/39 time! c: i resubbed but +tek lives near bern?
<kleeder> xDD
<kleeder> i dont think +tek lives near bern
<BotB> and another small non-allgear because why not now has 1 entries!
<BotB> and another small non-allgear because why not now has 2 entries!
<BotB> diwides reaches Level 2 Playa with 41pnts
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] Wait is today the 15th anniversy of botb
<BotB> and another small non-allgear because why not now has 3 entries!
<BotB> and another small non-allgear because why not now has 4 entries!
* brightentayle_ ( has joined
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Hahaha, I'd certainly not be upset to be an admin 🤣
<kleeder> to amelia: yes
<kleeder> to opm: also yes
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] oooh amelia is afvkhvgvhgjvgk
<kleeder> nonono, amelia is adggfjggfafafafa
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] aaah my bad adggbuvoyboubobyblybu
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] Yeah that
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] We should host every format today in honor of BOTB
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] : D
<vombot> :
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] Wait but theres only 6 more hours
<kleeder> no problem actually
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] We should really try and make this a special thing
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] its 15 years
<kleeder> just get 65 people to host a different format
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] I mean, doesnt happen everyday
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] Just get 65 different kleeders to host a different format
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] I can't host any formats
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] haha
<kleeder> you can only host 1 ohb at a time per acc
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] Just get 65 different kleeder accs
<vombot> different direction right? why should shit hands Keepo
<kleeder> im working on it
<kleeder> i have enough badge points for at least 10 accounts worth of hosting powers i guess
<kleeder> xDD
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] If not more xD
<kleeder> maybe more xD
<kleeder> im so happy atm
<kleeder> ^o^
<kleeder> random funfact
<BotB> and another small non-allgear because why not now has 5 entries!
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] <:D_:575708657673568256>
<kleeder> lets make an ohb about how happy i am
<kleeder> no wait i cant do happy music
<hanna> minor chords ONLY
<kleeder> i can only write in minor
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Just use extended major
<kleeder> yes
<kleeder> sometimes i start songs in major key, only to switch to minor halfway through for the *effect*
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] aha understandable
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] what about sus?
<brightentayle_> Oh noes, it's a Discord bridge
<kleeder> most of the time i dont think about music theory at all tho
<vombot> Shotgun yea only found both of chibirobo
<kleeder> lol
<kleeder> yes
<BotB> and another small non-allgear because why not now has 5 entries!
<brightentayle_> also wait, why do I have an underscore in my name
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] suspended chords are useful
<BotB> and another small non-allgear because why not now has 6 entries!
<kleeder> because uhh
<kleeder> because you disconnected and reconnected?
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] LOL
<kleeder> just use /nick and change it
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] who putted an mp3
<kleeder> OOF
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] I did
<kleeder> pls resubmit as .sho
<kleeder> or savestate file
<vombot> rdna has signal on constitution and KCLK
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] lmfao
<kleeder> dont lmfao at me
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] It's not .sho
<kleeder> then prepare for all1
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] I have sinned
<kleeder> okay xD
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] LOL
<vombot> [argarak] write a pcm converter for mariopaint quick!
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] Its a 7 from me
<kleeder> oh no
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] sry i read the bitpack when there was 1 minute left, i didn't see it was NOT allgear
<kleeder> thanks for giving me more hostist points ho
<kleeder> *tho
<vombot> lolwut @ pic still racism; ironic isn't promoted as rooted phone better melody starting java it yani :: Analog, Poor JS.
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] I think it's still a good job for a T minus 1 minute track
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] Yeah its very spacially efficient
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Just downvote anyone it was just for a laugh
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] I haven't even played it
<kleeder> i appreciate your effort and ill giv you some boons for it
<kleeder> and ill vote 1
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] Its only 17k, amazing
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] Still too big for mod12k
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Wow
<kleeder> :3c
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] I'm getting undeserved chipist points as well
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Thank you?
<kleeder> xDD
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] It could fit on a cartridge if it was compressed
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] So it is chip
<kleeder> entry4 fav entry c:
<vombot> [adggfjggfafafafa] I mean more compressed than mp3 already is
<vombot> compressed archive that's significant?
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Yeah in my day and age amigamod was not chiptune
<kleeder> AMIGO MAD
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] But soundtrack
<kleeder> AMIGA MOD
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Yeah great bitpack gor amiga mod amigo mad
* Midoreo has quit (Ping timeout: 189 seconds)
<kleeder> yqqqqqqnnnn are u votingß??
<kleeder> o:
<kleeder> if not we slits
<kleeder> sluts
<kleeder> if yes we wait
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Nope
<kleeder> OKAY THEN
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Preparing for teh next ohb
<kleeder> allgear ohb i guess haha
<kleeder> because im not hosting again today
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Launching all trackers
<vombot> Launching all soon ill force hardware 🤔 as third of Alexander
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Aaaaaah
<vombot> [argarak] wildchip best compromise
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] ooh
* Midroid ( has joined
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] I can host!
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Aym
<kleeder> :D
<kleeder> id join aym i guess
<kleeder> id also join wildchop
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] what format is aym?
<vombot> [Jakerson] hello!
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Hello
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Hey Jakerson! : D
<vombot> [Toadette] aym is aym
<vombot> [argarak] ay sound chip, found in the atari st
<vombot> [argarak] and many others
<vombot> others where, so hooked it Rehoboth, saying, there's absolutely terrofying
<vombot> [Radnyx] hullo jaerkson
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] ooh : o
<vombot> [Toadette] RANK 6) YQN - ttsMP3.com_VoiceText_2020-5-11_23_<:56:599389975129358346>_4.mp3 - score 7.221
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Sry again guys
<vombot> [Toadette] thanks for putting a 56 in the title
<vombot> 56 :D
<kleeder> RANK 5) kleeder - this is what 100 allgears in 1 month feel like.sho - score 22.385
<vombot> [Yann YQN Guillermou] Aym is ym 2149 and corresponding ay
<kleeder> RANK 4) argarak - idk they just kinda happen.sho - score 22.761
<vombot> [hanna] COME ON BRONZE
<kleeder> and because i dont got bronze, guess who got bronze instead
<kleeder> RANK 3) hanna - just wanna make me core.sho - score 24.339
<vombot> [hanna] AWWWWWW YEAH
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Wooooo!
<vombot> [Radnyx] lol
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Nice Hanna XD
<vombot> [hanna] i do it on purpose.
<vombot> do sunvocx
<kleeder> we need to collab one day and get bronze overall in a major, hanna
<vombot> [hanna] yes
<kleeder> RANK 2) Xyz - 3 Left Feet.sho - score 25.598
<kleeder> RANK 1) OminPigeonMaster - Lost in a jungle of battles.sho - score 27.125
<vombot> [Ominous Pigeon Master] Yay! : D
Level 21 Criticist
post #120448 :: 2020.05.11 3:25pm
  kleeder liēkd this
I meant more in general. I've completely forgotten why irc logs stopped being a part of ohbs and I can't seem to find the reason in the forums
Level 31 Chipist
post #120450 :: 2020.05.11 3:46pm
  Xyz liēkd this
the old ircbot by strobe died and the new bot doesnt have the feature (yet)

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