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The taxman brings a prediction!
"Yikes, the Omnibus Bank of BotB is in the red! Everyone will be paying 16% next May!"

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revenge.png tothejazz
2014-06-15 22:24:07 Σ26.503
boil em mash em.png gotoandplay
2015-07-19 15:11:00 Σ19.202
wikipedia_list_of_nominees_for_2011_best_IRCbot.xm zanzan
2011-10-14 11:01:44 Σ30.000
outside control of the mind is possible.nsf kfaraday
2013-12-16 22:55:36 Σ27.356
safe colours for work.rar kfaraday
2013-06-10 00:17:02 Σ30.298
me having an orchiectomy lol.nsf charlotte
2016-03-31 20:59:39 Σ31.509
Chronos Addiction Galgox
2019-07-03 02:46:39 Σ27.785