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A merchant approaches you! o__O
"Yaargh, wish I had wares to sell ya!"

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goluguiguiguiguiguigui.png kfaraday
2013-01-27 22:45:05 Σ21.474
i am rich.nsf zanzan
2013-05-19 14:58:20 Σ27.518
Apples and Lemons and Strawberries and Bananas and Cherries and Pineapples and Grapes.png MovieMovies1
2014-09-26 18:30:20 Σ30.887
Melt Banana Mesothelioma
2005-11-09 00:07:35 4.083
Jubilee Cove wongo
2019-07-27 14:50:48 Σ23.240
bananas.ans FlashyInfinitum
2019-05-07 10:20:33 Σ19.910