~WELCOME~ Teletext!
  Dec 24th 2021 1:11pm
at first i thought this would be another ansi but it actually worked pretty differently - imo it was a lot more fun, too. i will probably keep doing teletext battles! for this one since it was a free prompt, i chose some simple symbology, the 4 card suits, and made it seem like an advertisement for our new format :D

Advent Diary Day 24 (Final Log):
it's time for the roundup!!! the most exciting day of advent diary... i did every format, i succeeded at my completionism goal! i mentioned this already, but this completionist run was dedicated to blue.nocturne, who very nearly achieved completionism last year in... well i'm pretty sure he had never tried the vast majority of those formats. and he did all this awesome stuff, it was so inspiring! i decided i wanted to go for it on day 2, which was the first format i'd never done... i'll just do 'em all!!

(speaking of which, shout out to Webriprob - a completionist run while being quite new to tracking is extra impressive, and i think your work will pay off :D)

list of formats that were new to me:
1. musescore -
- well i have a LOT of experience with notation software (Finale) so it wasn't too hard to get a hang of this one. enjoyable, would like to do battles where the look of the score is important (otherwise this is just another music format?).
2. turbografx16 -
- the beepy parts are whatever but the ability to load long samples and use them in all 6 channels (plus panning control that doubles as volume control), even without pitch control, is really exciting for my purposes; one of my favorite entries this time.
3. sunvox -
- lots of potential to do cool generative/destructive stuff with the effects in here, if i ever take the time to try it. i had fun with sunvox but felt like i'd progress very slowly towards actually making music in it. very fiddly (can be good or bad).
4. ay/ym -
- actually had a pretty good time with Vortex Tracker, note "ornaments" and the instrument setup make good sense to me. i liked my entry a lot.
5. snibbetracker -
- the design of the tracker and the idea behind it are very neat; and some of the nonstandard DSP effects are awesome. wish more trackers had delay effects, bitcrush, FM, PWM etc. no Undo feature was brutal though lol.
6. channelf -
- it's pretty noisy but it wasn't too hard to make something in. the idea behind the format makes it a neat format at least.
7. vcv rack -
- not sure if modular synthesis is for me, but if i can get the building blocks down, i could probably make something interesting and cool... is it worth it? i dunno.
8. ansi -
- i'd do it again but i wasn't super enamored with it; i'm equally a n00b with ascii though, it's just not something i know much about how to get good results with (what characters to use where, etc).
9. sgen -
- now that i've got the hang of how to use Genny VST, i'd gladly do more of this! let's freaking go! and check out my new lyceum article about using Genny for sgen/sms if you want to try too : )
10. pandatracker -
- can't do a whole lot in this tracker that is particularly dami-core... however there is some weird stuff with the high octaves i haven't explored yet so i'd try at least once more, and this format is thusly spared from SKULL
11. teletext -
- hey, we are here! i enjoyed doing a teletext. yes.
11.5 - these formats i hadn't entered before but i already understood how to make: 0cc, 12k, html

last year's advent was my first experience with a few formats i love now (pxtone, renoise, amigamod) and a few others too; plus i was much newer at tracking then than i am now. that aspect of being able to learn a new format without a tremendous time constraint, but with a clear purpose, is a sweet spot for me, so i really looked forward to trying out everything. i feel like i can approach pretty much any tracker now, and i learned a lot this month in general! i also made over a half hour of music which is awesome

advent calendar's my favorite event on botb, it's nice seeing everyone come together to make music/art (sometimes in solidarity over the format...) during the holidays. last year it really warmed my heart, and this year was no different. merry christmas to all

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happy happy after reading your description and the ones from the previous entries. very glad you enjoyed this event and like the idea! merry christmas to you as well!

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